Mercury Retrograde Ends At Last

Mercury retrograde.

What a pain in the neck.

What a pain in the posterior, too.

I’ve been working with astrology for well over 50 years. But I still haven’t gotten completely used to those annoying times when we have Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Cycles

And those times aren’t  all that unusual, either.

As I noted in my book Mercury, Money & The Markets, we get a Mercury retrograde period about three times a year, for about three weeks each time.

I still get blind-sided.

I still make mistakes.

But I also get inspired to continue the Mercury research, looking for more correlations between planetary cycles and actions in the markets.

I shared some of that research during a live webinar earlier today. We focused on the impact of Mercury direct stations on a variety of market sectors.

Here’s an excerpt from that session:

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Aretha Franklin Farewell

Aretha Franklin.

For some reason I can’t get her voice out of my head.

When she died a couple of days ago, I was of course reminded of her music.

Just like everybody else.

I heard her songs being played non-stop on the radio, in stores and restaurants, wherever I went.

Just like everybody else.

And just like everybody else, I found myself remembering where I was, and who I was with, when I first heard her amazing voice caress particular songs so deliciously.

I heard the tributes on the radio. I read the stories in Rolling Stone and the daily newspapers.

Aretha Franklin Got Paid In Cash

But there was one story that really struck me in particular. I don’t remember who told it, but it was during an interview of reminiscences about the Queen of Soul.Aretha Franklin Horoscope

At any rate, this person was recounting a visit to Aretha Franklin in her dressing room, just after she had completed a performance.

She was radiant, and apparently pleased with what she had been able to share with the audience earlier that evening.

And there, on the counter in here dressing room, was a big pile of $100 bills.

Aretha Franklin, its seems, like Chuck Berry and many other performers of her day, insisted that she be paid in cash when she performed.

Before she went on stage.

In $100 bills.

Talk about R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Money In The Horoscope

Hearing that story, and imagining the huge pile of $100 bills, was a great experience.

It helped put the power of the great lady into perspective.

But it also reminded me of Aretha Franklin’s horoscope.

Her chart showed considerable musical talent, of course. She was, after all, a truly spectacular performer who never stopped honing her craft.

But her horoscope also showed a lot of money potential, too.

Making History, Music, and Money

And, it seems, she had a real knack for activating the money planets in her horoscope at just the right time for maximum financial benefit.

Like the time Jerry Wexler took her Muscle Shoals, Alabama for a history-making recording session.

It was an amazing event musically. But it was also amazing astrologically. You can read about it HERE.

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Eclipse Effects Still Coming On Strong

Eclipse effects can be amazingly long-lasting.

The last of the summer eclipses was a week ago.

It was the partial solar eclipse on August 11.

Eclipse Effects Still To Come

It may seem like that was the end of the story.

But the biggest impacts of the entire eclipse series – two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse – are still to come!

Whether you’re setting up trading strategies or just trying to keep up with world events, there’s a lot to prepare for.

That’s why we put together not one, but two special eclipse reports to review all the dimensions of these extraordinary events.

Despots & Decisions

Eclipse Effects - Despots Decisions

In the first one, Despots & Decisions, we drilled into the impact of the partial solar eclipse in July. We took a special look at the eclipse effects on leaders around the globe.

Each of these key people is experiencing the eclipse effects in some very different ways!

I guess we could say it’s just a case of Different Strokes for Different Folks – but when some of these folks have nuclear weapons and huge standing armies, it’s not quite so simple!

Irresistible Force

Eclipse Effects - Irresistible Force

In our second report, Irresistible Force, the focus was mainly on the impact of the partial solar eclipse in August.

What was noteworthy about that most recent solar eclipse was the Saros series it was a part of.

Prior to this August event, there had only been five previous eclipses in that series – and all of them took place at at times when we have stock market data for back-testing!

That’s a remarkable event as far as studying eclipse effects goes. So we took a deep-dive look into all those previous solar eclipses.

Double Eclipse Bundle

As I was saying, there’s a lot to prepare for during the coming months. And there are a lot of resources in these two in-depth reports.

Eclipse Effects - Double Eclipse Bundle

That’s why I’m glad my publisher has combined the e-book versions of these two publications into a special offer of a Double Eclipse Bundle.

You can get both e-books as an instant download – and save about 60 percent off the regular price of buying them individually.

It’s something you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. These are vital tools for getting the full advantage out of the eclipse effects that are still ahead!

For more information on the Double Eclipse Bundle, go to:

Be sure to take a look to get the full advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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Dale Pinkert Interviews Tim Bost

Dale Pinkert, host of Forex Analytix, interviewed Financial Cycles Weekly editor Tim Bost on August 8, 2018.

They talked about the recent recognition in Timer Digest, bitcoin trading, eclipse cycles and more.

Here’s the complete interview:


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Timer Digest Features Financial Cycles Weekly

I’m excited about this new article – thought I’d share the news with you!

Timer Digest has just featured Tim Bost and Financial Cycles Weekly with a cover story and an in-depth article.

The cover features a portrait of Tim Bost, editor and publiher.

The article appears on page 5 in the August 6, 2018 issue.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the publication.

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Mars Retrograde Antiscion Secrets

Mars Retrograde Impact

On its own or as a trigger, Mars can have a big impact on market dynamics.

We’ve got the Mars retrograde station coming up in just a couple of days.

Mars impacts are always worth checking out, whether it’s the action of the planet directly or whether it’s translating other energies.

The Mars translation of the Uranus/Pluto square provided a dramatic example.

In this case, though, we’re just dealing with Mars retrograde.

That one should be easy, right?

Actually, maybe not.

I’ve been digging into it, and have found that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Take the Mars antiscion, for example:

You can connect with the webinar at:

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Cycle Trend Analysis Reveals Trading Opportunities

Cycle Trend Analysis for S&P

Here’s our current cycle trend analysis for the S&P 500 Indes.

We focus most of our forecasting and analysis efforts on the identification of high-probability swing trades that can be implemented by our Gold-Plus Elite members.  But we also like to use cycle trend analysis.

It lets us pull back from time to time to consider longer-term market perspectives.

We can spot upcoming trading opportunities.

Where’s the market going from here?

The longer-term picture helps keep current opportunities in focus.

Cycle Trend Analysis Shows Short-Term Bearishness

Take a look at the forecast chart on the top of this page. It show our current projections based on planetary cycle trend analysis suggest that we can expect to see congested trading with a bearish bias for the next few weeks.

The exact amplitude of the move remains to be seen.

It could be a big or small move down.

And if it is bearish? What happens then?

We are likely to see this culminating in a short-term trading bottom during the upcoming summer eclipse sequence.

Those eclipses are in July and August.

A Possible Rally In August?

By mid-August, we expect a rally in the equities market. It will most likely start topping with planetary stations by Saturn and some transneptunians in September and October.

Here’s the complete key to our expectations of major market turns during the coming months.

Astro Triggers for Cycle Trend Analysis

Here’s what our astrological look at the results of our cycle trend analysis shows as potential triggers for turns in the market. The planets provide important signals.

Specific planetary events may trigger trading turns.

Market Probabilities

Remember that our cycle trend analysis only shows market probabilities.

The actual market performance may differ, of course.

We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen next.

Trading Strategies

We augment this long-term picture regularly. Our Gold-Plus Elite members get details on week-to-week opportunities.

As always, our strategy is to pay attention. We watch what the market tells us!

That’s what gives us the best results.

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Larry Pesavento Talks Bitcoin

I was honored to be Larry Pesavento’s guest on his Trade What You See show today.

We discussed Donald Trump, Korea, and my new book on Bitcoin Astrology as well.

Here’s our conversation:

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New Book Arrival

Our new book has arrived!

Bitcoin Astrology is now officially in print.

The first copies have just arrived from the printing company, and I must say I’m impressed with the way the new book looks.

And it feels good to have a physical copy in my hands!

A New Book With New Ideas

Of course, the new book is also packed with great information. You’ll find plenty of great new ideas, too!

I’m particularly grateful for the contributions made by my co-authors – Bill Meridian, Goncalo Moreira, Christeen Skinner and Wendy Stacey.

Bill takes a look at a key transneptunian factor in bitcoin price trends. He’s also shared some his sunspot cycle perspectives on this blog in the past.

Goncalo is an expert at technical analysis. He uses Elliott Wave analysis and point-and-figure charting to add some keen forecasting perspectives.

Christeen brings her considerable expertise as a mundane astrologer to bear in looking at outer planet cycles and development of this new cryptocurrency.

And Wendy adds a long-term perspective with specific dates she’s looking for as critical points in future bitcoin trading action.

Trading Strategies and Key Horoscope Charts

You’ll also find tips on five astrological strategies for trading bitcoin. On top of that, you’ll get the facts on key solar cycles and planetary signals for bitcoin highs and lows.

This new book also features more than fifty horoscope charts for key events in the history and development of bitcoin.

You’ll find the charts for major events within the blockchain itself, of course.

But you’ll also find records of arrests and court decisions, magazine articles and bankruptcies, and a whole lot more.

You’ll get an important sense of the historical flow of bitcoin when you look at these remarkable horoscopes.

I think you’ll really be surprised at some of them!

In short, Bitcoin Astrology is truly an incredible value. You’ll want to have it handy if you’re looking at trading bitcoin

You’ll also want a copy if you just want to explore alternative economic realities in the 21st century.

You can get your copy now on – or you can go directly to the publisher and order there.

When you read it, be sure to post a review on Amazon. Then leave your comments here!

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Larry Pesavento Talks Astrology

Larry Pesavento is a remarkable guy.

He’s a top-performing commodities trader and market analyst.

He’s also a trainer of traders.

And a few decades ago, Larry Pesavento wrote a couple of extraordinary books detailing his explorations into the application of astrology in trading.

But even though he’s incredibly knowledgeable in astro-trading, he doesn’t claim to be an astrologer.

In fact, he emphatically denies it!

Larry Pesavento On The Radio

So I was particularly delighted when Larry Pesavento invited me too be his guest on his syndicated radio program, Trade What You See.

I joined him there last Monday, on April 9.

And thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve been able to get a copy of that interview – along with the video feed that accompanied it.

Here’s the segment of Larry’s show that includes the interview:

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