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An Overwhelming Response

I’ve really been amazed at the huge response to the Teleseminar call last Thursday evening, and to the download site for the recording of the call.

We filled up all the available phone lines for the call on Thursday, when we were scheduled to discuss “Planetary Patterns and Market Crisis Opportunities” with Gold Members and guests. There were great questions on the call, and a lot of excitement about the upcoming workshop in Orlando, Florida on October 16 and 17.

After the call I worked to get the recording posted on our membership site so Gold Members who missed the call could listen to it at their convenience and profit from the trading information revealed in the call. I posted the recording in the Download section.

I also put the recording on a free public access site so other people could get download it as well. I figured that there might be a few individuals who hadn’t yet become Gold Members and who would like to learn more about what kind of market analysis and trading planning we do here.

That’s where I was in for a big surprise. Within hours of posting the recording at the public site, all the available downloads had been scooped up! I’ve been getting emails all day from people wanting to grab a recording of our Teleseminar!

Of course Mercury is retrograde right now, so we can expect a few challenges. But this isn’t a “technical difficulties” kind of situation– there’s really an overwhelming demand for astro-trading information!