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A New Year

Here we are with a Lunar Eclipse and a New Year ready to start.

New beginnings are always exciting, hopeful, intimidating.

It’s time to measure the past year’s performance, to review the lessons that need to be learned, and to set fresh goals for the year ahead.

As I look back through 2009, I’m personally amazed at all the innovations and improvements we’ve been able to share through our focus on website expansion designed to provide better services and a more solid support system for astro-trading to our members throughout the world. It’s been very impressive, but it’s only the beginning.

Thanks to all of you who have offered ideas, observations, and insights. I’m personally grateful for your feedback, since it’s only through your communications that we can get more closely targeted on providing you with genuine value in supporting your astro-trading efforts. Please continue to share your requests, your frustrations, your accomplishments, and your dreams.

I’m also tremendously grateful for your friendship. Financial astrology is a real passion for me, and not a day goes by that I’m not eagerly exploring new concepts or sharing the results of my research and experiments. It’s truly exciting, but it’s even more worthwhile because through our membership program I’m able to share such fine personal connections with such remarkable people. It’s truly a gift!

My New Years Resolution, and my personal pledge to you, is to make 2010 even more remarkable, more productive, and more fun than the previous year has been. Look for new membership enhancements in the months to come, and look for new opportunities to enjoy the world of financial astrology and the profits of astro-trading together.

Happy New Year!