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Surviving the Coming Stressful Period — Let’s Stick Together!

I was just wondering. . . . how well will you– and your money– survive the stress at the start of August?

You’ve heard the rumors and the scary news stories.

You’ve seen the glazed eyes and the fearful expressions of others as darker and darker worries sweep over their faces.

You’ve probably even felt it in the pit of your own stomach–a nagging uncertainty about what’s coming next and just how bad it will be.

The rumors you’ve heard are true.

There really is something to worry about.


In this case, it’s not just the underhanded dealings and arrogant corporate stupidity of a Goldman Sachs, a Halliburton, or a BP threatening to bring the markets down.

It’s not just idiotic governmental policies and international currency manipulators sucking jobs out of the economy, putting your next-door neighbor out of work (and maybe even you, too!). . .

. . . and making it harder every day to keep the lights on and put groceries on the table.

It’s not just the threat that some of the hothead countries in the world will suddenly let things get totally out of hand, step over the line, and start lobbing nuclear weapons at each other.

Or that some unknown terrorist group will decide to blow up the shopping center in your neighborhood, or attack the amusement park you were planning to take the kids to next weekend.


All that stuff is real, of course.

Just take a look at the boarded-up storefronts in the places where you used to shop, or flip on the TV and catch the news, and you’ll be reminded just how real it actually is.

Even if you close your eyes and make a wish, you can’t make it go away.


But what’s coming up next is even bigger than all that.

It’s something building up stress and anxiety to levels of intensity that are only seen once every couple of hundred years.

And it’s something that’s ready to whack every place on the entire planet all at the same time.

No exceptions.


Interplanetary forces are at work right now, setting up what amounts to a massive assault on your peace of mind, your physical and emotional security, and above all, your ability to survive financially.

And no, I’m not talking about a UFO invasion.

In fact, the interplanetary forces you have to reckon with right now are the actual planets themselves.

For about a year now, some of the outer planets in our solar system have been lining up to square off in a powerful combination that’s unlike anything else ever seen in our lifetimes.

This is very unusual, very perilous stuff.

The exact line-up is getting closer and closer–in fact, it will reach one of its most threatening points during the first week in August.

We are all feeling the tension from that cosmic stand-off already, and we can expect it to get even more intense as we move into August.

And that’s not all.

Along the way, there’s another complication–the planet Mars, associated with violence, conflict, and aggressive action, is moving rapidly into the picture.

It’s Mars that has the ability to trigger some big explosions during the weeks ahead–ones that can impact your personal security, your business or employment prospects, and the value of your money and investments in some very serious ways!


Lots of people are already getting prepared for what’s just ahead.

Hundreds of people joined me for a special webinar last Friday to review some of the challenges that the Mars triggers are creating for all of us. We shared some very serious, extremely sobering information.

But during that session we did more than talk about the dangers ahead–we also looked at some of the big opportunities to profit in the markets during these high-stress times.

In fact, times of massive stress are also times of massive opportunities.

You just need the right information and the right tools so you can take advantage of those opportunities.

You also need the courage to take action now.


If you attended the webinar, you learned about how urgent this situation really is.

You also learned that we’ve put together some extra materials to provide the tools and information you need to act rapidly and effectively.

The goal is to help you make the best out of this very challenging situation, so the information we’ve put together gives you more than just a general overview of the crisis that’s unfolding.

It also gives you tools for making decisions now that can help you survive financially, including a special report on the expected impact from the Mars triggers on markets around the world.

You heard about that if you joined us for the webinar.

But even if you didn’t make the webinar on Friday, you don’t need to be left behind at this critical juncture.

You can still get access to the tools that reveal the dangers (and the opportunities) ahead–including a complete online video recording of the entire webinar session, personal strategies outlined on a special DVD, and more.

You’ll find all the details at

I would personally suggest that you go there now and get the facts immediately–Mars is charging ahead right now, and it’s not going to wait around before it starts setting off the powder kegs that have been stacked up by the outer planets.


Mars won’t wait; you shouldn’t either.

Take a look at — then decide if you’ve got the courage it takes to change this high-tension time into a truly life-changing opportunity.

I certainly hope you do!

Oh yeah. Just one more thing. Sorry for being so long-winded.

Obviously I think this is a critical situation. It calls for stamina, resourcefulness, and a lot of creative and courageous thinking.

That’s why it’s important to go to and take a look for yourself at the resources that are available.

But whatever action you take right now, please keep in touch.

Please share your insights, ideas, and experiences as we go through the challenging times ahead.

As we all share, we all increase our ability to move past “survival mode”. We can also discover new ways of expanding our possibilities in what is likely to be a very different world from the one we know today.

I’m looking forward to sharing that world with you!


A Very Intense Webinar on Astro-Trades for the Solar Eclipse

“All the participants were hanging on every word you said,” the webinar administrator told me after our VIP online session last Friday night on How You Can Survive the July Eclipse and Tap into Profitable Eclipse-Trade Timing.

“Everybody seemed to be really interested in the trades you were describing, and they were obviously taking a lot of notes on the planetary activations and price levels for each of the stocks you covered.”

It had indeed been an intense, jam-packed review of the stock trades coming up after the solar eclipse on July 11– opportunities for astro-trading profits in the midst of a very challenging market environment.

These were the trades described in the newly-published monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of July 2010: Its Impact on the Markets” (which is available now at )– but there was one big difference. During the webinar session, we went into a very detailed analysis of each of the stocks under consideration, reviewing the astrological picture, looking at the optimum time for every individual trade, determining specific entry points, and examining the planetary price lines that best reveal optimum entry points and stop-loss levels.

Personally I was quite pleasantly surprised by the big turn-out we had for the event. After all, it wasn’t really the most convenient time to get together for an intensive study session– Friday evening is a time when many people have social engagements– and on top of that there was a fee charged for attending the webinar, which limited the enrollment to traders who are serious about their commitment the profiting from astrology in the markets. So it was great to see that we filled up all the available seats for the event!

Because of the highly confidential nature of the material we covered during the webinar, we decided not to record it for later play-back. I know this was a disappointment to some of our participants (I personally love to download videos and then watch them later at my own convenience), but it was the only way we could be sure that the astro-trading information remained proprietary.

Anyway, it was probably a good thing that we didn’t try to record the session, since there were a couple of times when we got interrupted with mysterious audio problems– feedback and echoes that made it difficult to hear everything that was going on. We got through them all okay, but it just added some extra challenges to contend with.

I have to say, though, that the quality of the analysis and information we shared during the session was really extraordinary. We covered six different trade setups with enough detail that the participants left with specific market signals to look for and astro-trading strategies to use during the coming weeks, setting them up for the maximum possible profits in the post-eclipse trading period.

As we all take these trades and continue to play them out during the next month or so, I think we’ll be even more convinced of the huge value that astrology can bring to the markets. And this intense webinar session was the perfect way to kick it off!

One more quick note– I just got a voicemail message from Michael Yorba of Yorba.TV, who brought me on as a frequent guest on his Commodity Classics show when that program was active. Michael is a big fan of astro-trading, and I was glad that he was able to join the webinar last night.

“Nice show, Tim” he said on this message. “Good job. Audio’s always a problem– just ask me; I know! But anyway it was a really good show.”