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Labor Day and Prosperity Consciousness – 2 Gifts for You to ATTRACT MONEY NOW

Monday is the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S., an end-of-the-summer ritual that offers opportunities for picnics, family gatherings, and one last trip to the beach.

Officially, of course, Labor Day is set aside to honor the workforce, but that sometimes gets overlooked, especially in the face of soaring unemployment.

The fact is, this Labor Day sees a lot of people without jobs or worrying about losing the jobs they’ve got. The levels of financial stress are high.

The irony is that being in financial stress, or in any kind of worried or depressed state for that matter, is itself one of the biggest blocks to allowing a bigger flow of money into your life.

If you’re upset or fretful about money, then money tends to stay away.

Whether you’re looking for a job, starting your own business, or trying to succeed in the stock market, an adjustment of your own emotional attitude is often the most important step you can take in creating a positive change in your financial picture.

As I’ve explored this principle in my own life, I’ve been amazed again and again at the big changes that can come with a small shift in attitude. I’ve written about some of those principles and practices in several of my publications, including “Astrology and the Law of Attraction”, “Plan 9 for Inner Space”, and “Finding Super Riches in Every Zodiac Sign”.

These three books are particularly powerful because together they can jump-start a change in your financial attitude and in the money results you see in your life. They’ve also been bundled together in a special ATTRACT MONEY NOW package, which you can see at

When you get these three e-books together in the ATTRACT MONEY NOW package, you save more than 63% off the regular cover price, so it’s a great value.

But because it’s Labor Day, you deserve even more!

That’s why I’m giving you two gifts in honor of the occasion:

1) A special Coupon Code worth $20 off the purchase price of the ATTRACT MONEY NOW package. To redeem the code, just go to , enter your ordering information, and then enter the Coupon Code LABORDAY when you check out to save an additional $20.

2) A bonus gift of “Three Prosperity Classics” — this is a special compilation of three additional e-books to help you use the power of your mind and emotions to attract true wealth. As soon as your order for the ATTRACT MONEY NOW is received, I’ll send you a separate email with the “Three Prosperity Classics” gift attached. (By the way, this gift is yours whether or not you purchase the ATTRACT MONEY NOW package–just ask for your copy by sending a private email directly to me at with “Labor Day Gift” in the subject line!)

Have a great holiday–and keep thinking prosperous thoughts!