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Reviewing a Gold Forecast

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Gold prices lately, as the price of the yellow metal continues to soar to unprecedented levels.

As I’ve watched the trends in the metal itself, I’ve taken some action as well. Because I want to profit from the astro-trading advantage, I’ve also written some options and have been pleased with the results of some gold mining shares in a personal portfolio.

In particular, though, because I’m a market astrologer and an active astro-trader, I’ve been fascinated by the correlations between the trend in Gold and key astrological dynamics with the Transneptunian factors, and with the way that harmonic and sub-harmonic patterns reveal the way that the Law of Vibration is driving this metal’s advance.

I’ve also gone back and reviewed some of my earlier forecasts on Gold, in particular the analysis that appeared in the section on Gold in my monograph that was published four months ago on “The Solar Eclipse of July 2010: Its Impact on the Markets”. (It was published by Harmonic Research Associates and is still available at )

Because I’m constantly up to my eyeballs in current market analysis and forecasts of upcoming astrological events and market trends, I don’t spend a lot of time going back to re-read previous forecasts.

But the monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of July 2010: Its Impact on the Markets” is a noteworthy exception, mainly because it’s packed with lots of eclipse-trigger dates that are still in the future, and I refer to that information pretty frequently as I look ahead to the market trends that are yet to come.

So I keep a copy of this monograph handy, on the bookshelf beside my desk, but I hadn’t looked at the part on Gold in awhile.

Earlier today I did, however, and I’m glad I took that action, because I was pleasantly surprised.

I was particularly fascinated by what I found there, not just because the Gold forecast itself has proven accurate (“we will see even higher prices for Gold ahead”), but also because of the specific comments about the impact of July’s Solar Eclipse on the COMEX Gold horoscope, and its implications for future trends in this precious metal.

Because of the action we’re seeing in Gold right now, this is a great time to review your copy of “The Solar Eclipse of July 2010: Its Impact on the Markets.”

Once you do, I think you’ll agree that it demonstrates just how powerful the astro-trading advantage can really be!