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Putting Together a Thank You Project

I’ve been putting together the finishing touches on a special Thank You offer I’ll be sending out this week.

I wanted to do something for Thanksgiving, and I originally came up with the idea of creating a brief e-book of gratitude quotations, observations, etc. to refocus the mind on being thankful– it’s not just a great way to improve your mood; it’s also a great strategy when you’re actively trading, too!

I’ll have that ready to go out by Thursday, but I decided that I wanted to do something a little more substantial, too.

I got to thinking about what would be the most helpful for a newbie trying to learn to be an astro-trader, and came up with the notion of combining three of our best introductory materials– the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course, the Beyond the Basics in Stock Market Astrology program, and the Creating Personal Wealth with Astrology program– into one bundle.

Of course anybody wanting to get started in astro-trading could just order all three of these and dive right in, but to offer a little encouragement (and to say Thank You at the same time) I figured we could put them all together at a discount price during Thanksgiving week.

You can see the results at

Let me know what you think.


Technology, Technology

Just got back from almost a week in Baltimore, where Patty & I were attending a marketing conference. The main focus there was on ways to serve members and customers more effectively, and to say that we learned a lot is a major understatement!

More than anything else, I became painfully aware of all the missed opportunities that have come my way for connecting with you, for sharing important information with you, and for giving you higher levels of assistance in accomplishing your goals. A good example of that was our botched webinar last week, in which a malfunction on the computer here in my office made the entire presentation impossible to hear! Unfortunately, I was flying solo for that webinar, and thought that I had gotten the problems corrected along the way, but that was far from the case.

The weird thing about the experience was that over 53% of the people who had joined the webinar stayed through the whole event, even though they couldn’t hear anything intelligible for the entire time. It was weird, but also very humbling– I realized just how much you want the information we are providing (or at least trying to provide!) – and it helped bring a fresh focus to what we are doing.

After all, the entire enterprise here at Financial Cycles Weekly is designed to accomplish one big thing– I want you to have the best tools, resources, information and support to help you succeed as an astro-trader– so that through that success you can accomplish what’s personally the most important to you, in your finances, with your family and relationships, in your personal fitness and well-being, and in your spiritual and intellectual growth.

My goal, and my personal commitment to you, is to make that happen.