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Neptune in the Market Spotlight

When I got together with Michael Yorba on Friday for our weekly radio interview, we talked about the potential astrological triggers for a trend change in the markets.

There’s lots of action coming up in the next few weeks, so we didn’t actually have enough time to cover all the factors at work.

Even so, we did manage to focus on some important heliocentric action and on the big shift going on with Neptune.

Listen to the whole 15-minute conversation here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Watch this new video on successful astro-trading strategies for the S&P 500

I’ve just put together a new video on successful astro-trading strategies for the S&P 500.

It features a step-by-step process along with a trade example.

You can watch it now by clicking here.

A New Mars Cycle

I had a great conversation with Michael Yorba yesterday on his Traders Network radio show, highlighting some of the astrological action coming up that we can expect to see impacting the markets.

One of the big players right now is Mars, which will be going into retrograde motion on January 23. I did a bunch of back-testing, and learned some interesting facts about the red planet’s influence on price action in the S&P.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

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New Online Course in Advanced Astro-Trading Techniques

Our new online course on “The Confidential Astro–Trading Formula for Financial Independence” launches next week, and I’m really excited about the new material that’s been developed especially for this new program!

This course is all about boosting your personal astro-trading performance, getting into rallies at the right time, avoiding holding on to losing positions, using astrology to understand yourself as a trader, setting stops on the basis of planetary dynamics, and avoiding the kind of self-sabotage that can make your trading life miserable.

I also love the new format for teaching this course– a combination of online videos that can be played back on demand as often as the students like, plus live conference calls for feedback and Q&A sessions. There are also plenty of downloadable pdf files and links to additonal resources, so it’s a really robust learning format.

The course officially launches on Monday, January 23, with new material being added over the next six weeks,  but because of the online format we’re using you can join us at any time and plug into the learning process.

You can click here to link to the course description and registration form at

By the way, if you register for the class by Friday, January 27, you’ll qualify for a $500 discount off the regular tuition price.

I’m looking forward to having you join us for the course!

Sun-Jupiter Cycles in the S&P

Whenever we want to step back and get a fresh perspective on trading in the S&P 500, it’s typically worthwhile to take a look at the twelfth-harmonic Sun/Jupiter interactions at work behind the scenes. Here’s a chart that shows these dynamics from a couple of perspectives:

The planetary price lines on the chart are for 12th-harmonic Jupiter (the blue lines) and the Sun (the green lines), with the Sun often showing the dominant S&P trend while Jupiter nails significant support and resistance areas. The crossing points of the green and blue lines coincide with 12th-harmonic angular relationships between the Sun and Jupiter; the corresponding daily price bars for the S&P have been colored red for easy identification.

While not every Sun/Jupiter line-up marks a key turning point in the S&P, it happens often enough to make it worth our attention, especially when we want clarification about current market trends. The next alignment, a Sun/Jupiter square, comes up on Sunday, January 22, reinforcing the notion that we could see a significant trend change (in this case a trading top) on Monday, January 23.

I’ll be discussing these Sun/Jupiter factors with Michael Yorba later today on his Traders Network radio show. Be sure to join us then!

The Truth About Friday’s “No-Brainer” Market Pull-Back

When I joined Michael Yorba on his Clear Channel radio show yesterday, we talked about how accurate my forecast had been in calling for a positive week in stocks, culminating on Friday the 13th with a short-term reversal.

As I explained the astrological reasoning behind that market call, I commented that the evidence had been so overwhelming that my forecast had essentially been a “no-brainer”.

Michael took exception to that statement, saying that what had really been at work was my 40-plus years of astrological experience, with decades of astro-trading under my belt.

Maybe he was right. It’s just that when you study the planetary influences on the markets, it doesn’t take long for you to see things that other traders miss.

While I don’t doubt my own expertise, I honestly believe that anyone can use astro-trading tools to find success in the markets– just as long as they’re willing to do the work that’s involved!

At any rate, my conversation with Michael was a memorable one. You can listen to all of it here:

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Will Friday the 13th be Unlucky for the Market Bulls?

Friday the 13th is a traditionally unlucky day, and it looks like the one coming up next week will be no exception.

That’s what Michael Yorba and I talked about on his Traders Network radio show today.

You can listen to a recording of the interview here:

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Great Astro-Trading Results in 2011

With a New Year underway, it’s time to review our trading results for 2011.

The Financial Cycles Model Portfolio did very well, bringing in a 33.65% ROI for the year.

We had a total of 179 completed trades, with 103 winners and 76 losers. The largest profit for a single trade during the year was $3,900.00.

While I’m happy with those numbers, what’s even more important is how much the astro-trading advantage created better results than any market index or even any top-performing stock on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

My New Year’s Resolution is to create even more outstanding astro-trading results in 2012, and to help more traders discover the astro-trading advantage for themselves– not just from the standpoint of intellectual curiosity, but with a significant financial return that can be measured in their portfolios and piggy banks!