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Oil, Iran & the Mayan Calendar

Oil prices were the big topic during my weekly interview with Michael Yorba on the Traders Network show earlier today, but we also had time to chat about a couple of other important items.

During the interview, a listener sent in a question via the Shout Box on Michael’s website– are there any upcoming Mars aspects that could trigger a war with Iran?

I suggested that the big factor to watch out for is the time when Mars leaves its retrograde phase and goes back to direct motion– although I didn’t mention it on the air, this is a classic astrological timing method, since kings and generals going back to ancient times would plan to attack their enemies in harmony with Mars dynamics.

On top of that, the Mars direct station on April 13 lines up precisely with the Uranus/Zeus midpoint in the horoscope for the Islamic Republic of Iran. This planetary hot spot is associated with expressions of “The Will. Sudden fire. Discharge of firearms. Bolts of lightning. Sudden outbreak of war.”

There’s obviously a lot more to look at with regard to the Mars station, but our time on the air was limited.

At any rate we also had a chance during the interview for a brief review of the Mayan Calendar date corresponding with the Winter Solstice this year– I’ve been doing some midpoint analysis, and the results are quite surprising!

You can hear the whole interview here:

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Leap Day Celebration & Sale at Harmonic Research Associates

I just got the word that my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates, is planning to do a special “Leap Day” sale on February 29th.

During the one-day event, you’ll be able to get 29% off any order placed online at the website.

I think the deal is for preferred customers only, but you can sign up as a preferred customer for free on the home page at their web site.

Here’s the run-down from the official notice:

It only happens once every 4 years, so it’s an occasion worth celebrating!

2012 is a Leap Year, and that means February is an extra day– and here at Harmonic Research Associates, we want to make Leap Day a day of extra savings for our preferred customers!

Here’s the deal: from the stroke of midnight GMT on February 29, 2012, until the following midnight EST on March 1, 2012, you get a big 29% discount on every item for sale at the Harmonic Reseach Associates web site!

Note the difference in time zones– this is actually a 29-hour sale, since we will start it in GMT and end it in EST.

During that 29-hour period, you and our other preferred customers will get a 29% discount just by entering the Coupon Code LEAP29 when you check out on-line with any sized order.

Go ahead right now and look around at the Harmonic Reseach Associates web site — then bookmark the page and mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 29 so you can come back and grab your bargains!

Anyway, I thought you might like to know about this, especially since most of my books, ebooks, and DVD products are available at the the Harmonic Reseach Associates web site, including the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course. At a 29% discount, that’s a real bargain!

And I think the suggestion to look through everything on the site is also a good idea– there are some interesting items there that don’t have anything at all to do with stock market astrology, including some books by other authors and a variety of other stuff.

Check it out.

“You really lit up a fire!”

Michael Yorba got really excited during our online radio interview on Friday.

As we talked about upcoming planetary aspects and their potential impact on the markets, questions came in from listeners around the world.

“You really lit up a fire!” Michael said. “They all over the shout box. They really want to know about this stuff!”

That reaction was wonderful, of course– and it just showed how popular astro-trading techniques are becoming. The best way to prosper in today’s markets is through the Astro-Trading Advantage.

You can listen to the complete interview from Friday’s show on the Traders Network here:

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Watching the Venus/Pluto Square

With a waxing Venus/Pluto square coming up on February 15, we have a very tight focus for our market observations– this is the meeting of money and power!

I’m anticipating an impact on Gold and on selected blue-chip stocks as well. That’s what Michael Yorba and I discussed when he interviewed me on the Traders Network radio show earlier today.

You can hear the entire interview here:

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Will this intense astro-cluster mark a trading top for stocks?

We’ve got a particularly powerful clustering of astrological dynamics coming up next week, and I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see some major reactions in geopolitics, earth changes, and market action.

There’s plenty going on that can provoke international conflict now, pushing a simmering mood of thinly-veiled hostility in sensitive areas into overt aggressive action.

Even a quick glance at some key national horoscopes, especially in the Middle East, shows the explosive potential– take a look, for example, at the national chart for Syria (September 16, 1941, 12:00 EET, Damascus) and you’ll find transiting retrograde Mars conjoining the country’s Sun and True Lunar Node as transiting Zeus conjoins the national Mercury.

Or look at the hits to the chart for Israel (May 14, 1948, 16:32 EET, Tel Aviv), with Saturn on the national Ascendant, Pluto square the national Poseidon, and the national Saturn and Lunar Nodes both activated by transiting Uranus and Hades.

The potential for earth changes is also strong, with a big recent increase in seismic activity around the Pacific Rim as big electromagnetic flares on the Sun hit new levels of intensity.

But what’s most interesting for us as astro-traders, however, is the current potential for a shift in market direction, especially as U.S. equities surge to new multi-year highs. That was the topic of my discussion with Michael Yorba during his Traders Network radio show this afternoon.

You can hear the entire interview here:

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