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Mercury Retrograde, The Apple Computer “Flash Crash” & Price Points for the S&P

Mercury is still retrograde, and we’re still feeling its impact on the markets.

Last week’s “Flash Crash” in the Apple Computer stock (NASDAQ – AAPL) was a major case in point, and the S&P 500 is also feeling the impact of Mercury’s backwards action.

Those were the main topics of my conversation with Michael Yorba today during his Traders’ Network radio show.

In preparation for that program, I posted a couple of trading charts on the Yorba Media social networking page:

Mercury & S&PHere’s the price action determined by Mercury retrograde.

S&P Mercury Mars Pluto

When we add the price lines for Mars and Pluto, we can fine-tune the price projections!

You can listen to the full discussion of these phenomena in this recording of the interview with Michael Yorba that took place earlier today:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Market Astrology Gets It Right

My weekly chat with Michael Yorba was yesterday, and we had a great discussion on his Traders Network radio program.

Like most of conversations, our focus was mainly on the upcoming market trends, but this time we also did a recap of last week’s market forecast and the astonishing results it produced.

Michael seemed sincerely impressed with my pinpoint accuracy. While some forecasts tell us about general market trends and offer generic feel-good information, my preview of the S&P 500 named specific dates and specific prices.

As it turned out, those precise timing comments have proven to be highly successful throughout the trading week, with exact planetary price dynamics holding resistance in the large-cap market index.

You can listen to the whole conversation at:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

An Accurate Astro-Trading Signal

When I was talking with Michael Yorba last week during our Friday radio interview, he wanted to know what I saw coming up for the S&P 500.

I told him, as I’ve also explained to our Gold-Plus elite members at, that with the Spring Equinox and other astrological factors coming up, we could expect a pull-back in the S&P starting on Tuesday, March 20 (that’s today!).

Michael wanted to know how high I thought the S&P would go before a price decline, and I told him that I was basing my price targets on the current Mars/Pluto interactions, a significant and reliable factor in my forecasting work.

Based on Mars and Pluto, I said, I expected a high at about 1408, and added that if we got a close in the S&P above 1410 then my calculations were off and we could expect some bullish acceleration. But if we didn’t break above 1410, I was looking for a price decline starting on March 20.

As it turned out, the S&P 500 traded up on Monday, March 19, but the Mars/Pluto resistance held firm. Even though it had traded a bit higher during the day, the S&P pulled back to close the session at 1409.75 — about as close to that 1410 mark as it could be, and just one point higher than my original 1408 price target.

Then, during today’s trading, the S&P opened slightly lower. After that, it spent the entire trading day well below the 1409 mark, finishing up the session at 1405.52.

That’s hardly a market crash, but it does confirm the accuracy of the astro-trading forecast, and it especially emphasizes the importance of Mars and Pluto in the markets!

If you’d like to know more about Mars & Pluto, I’m sure you’ll want to check out my new report on Mars/Pluto Market Activations: 2012-2025. It will be available for purchase on Thursday, March 22, from Harmonic Research Associates for $197.

However, if you act fast, you can get a copy as a free gift when you get the DVD on Mars, Pluto & Big Changes in the Markets – check it out at

A Stress Point at the Equinox

We’ve got the Spring Equinox coming up next Tuesday, and it deserves our careful attention as astro-traders.

The Spring Equinox, with the Sun moving across the 0-degree Aries mark, was an especially significant calendar point for W. D. Gann, who used it as the starting point for many of his astro-trading calculations, as well as for his famous Square of Nine and Wheel of 24 timing tools.

Back-testing shows that the Spring Equinox is surprisingly powerful in triggering trend reversals in many markets, although in some cases the market impact is short-lived.

But this particular Spring Equinox is especially important, since it comes with several other astro-events that can add to the overall impact.

The transneptunians are involved– the equinox is just after a Kronos direct station, and just a day before a Cupido retrograde station.

Add to that the power of a New Moon and Mercury moving retrograde across the cardinal axis, and you’ve got a lot of force that can move the markets!

But there’s even more to reckon with.

This Spring Equinox comes hot on the heels of last week’s Grand Trine, which featured an exact alignment between Mars and Pluto. This heavy-weight planetary combination is still making its influence felt, and it will continue to gather strength as we head into the Mars and Pluto stations in April.

I talked about some of these factors on Friday when Michael Yorba interviewed me on his Traders Network radio program. You can listen to that 12-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Market Challenges: Mercury Retrograde & The Grand Trine

Friday was a wild day of dealing with various computer problems, so a lot of my scheduled projects got shuffled around massively.

Even so, I did find time to chat with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show.

During our conversation we explored some of the reasons why the Mercury retrograde station on March 12 could be an unusually challenging time.

We also discussed the specific dates during the months ahead when we are likely to see the biggest impact on the markets. Along the way, I think we were able to clear up some nagging misperceptions about the role that Mercury plays in moving the markets.

Check it out for yourself by listening to the interview right now:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Trader’s World Expo DVD

We had a great crowd for the Trader’s World Online Expo this week, and I was particularly pleased to have nearly 300 attending the webinar I offered on astro-trading the S&P.

It was a great response!

I was also glad to learn that Larry Jacobs at Trader’s World is putting together a DVD of all the webinars included in the event.

You can get the details so you order a copy of the DVD by going to:

The pre-order price is just $9.95, which is a really great value!

Lunatics, Vampires & Stock Market Profits

I got a call from Michael Yorba around lunchtime yesterday.

He wanted to know if I’d be available to double up on my interview time with him on the Traders Network program on Clear Channel Radio, doing two quarter-hour segments during the final half-hour of the program yesterday afternoon.

Of course I agreed.

I always enjoy the weekly interviews on Michael’s program– they give us a great chance to review some of the big astrological events coming up, and he always asks probing questions that help us get to the heart of the matter, resulting in better information for the traders who are tuning in to the show.

On top of that, I get the benefit of hearing the questions that the program’s listeners are asking– it’s a wonderful way to find out more about the successes and challenges that today’s traders are experiencing.

So when Michael and I got on the air together later yesterday afternoon, we had some extra time to dig into the biggest astro-trading factor for the week ahead– the Full Moon on Thursday, March 8.

You can hear the first portion of our conversation here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

After the commercial break, we got back on the air together to finish the conversation. You can listen to the second half of the interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

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