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FinancialCyclesWeekly Gold-Plus Elite Members Got Important Early Information with Astrology One Year Ago (and, of course, They’re Still Getting It Today!)

It’s hard to believe that it all happened a year ago.

To put what I’m talking about into perspective, take 3 minutes to watch this YouTube video now:

That video was a quick recap of the dramatic events that played out in Pakistan just days after we had identified a specific astrological pressure point that we expected to have a big impact on the markets and on the geopolitical scene as well.

That forecast came during one of our regular astro-trading webinars. We provide them each month to our Gold-Plus Elite members at, so they can get vital information in advance that they can use in their own trading and in their ability to understand events in the world around them.

In other words, our Gold-Plus Elite Membership Program is designed to help our members get the most from the astro-trading advantage!

In this particular case, when we got together for the webinar during the final days of April, 2011, we said that we expected May to start with a bang!

And as the YouTube video plainly shows, those words turned out to be true quite literally!

If you’re eager to improve your astro-trading, or if you just want to get important information in advance, I’d encourage you to take a look at Gold-Plus Elite membership for yourself.


Looking for the Next Planetary Resistance Zones

With the S&P 500 breaking through Mars resistance this week, we have strong astrological confirmation of an equities rally.

That leaves us with an important set of questions: where will the next astrological resistance zone be, and when are we likely to see a significant shift in market trend?

Those concerns were just some of the questions I discussed with Michael Yorba yesterday during our weekly interview session on his Traders Network radio show on the Clear Channel network.

Here’s the trading chart for the S&P that I posted on Michael’s social network page– it gave us some key insights into the price action we can expect during the coming weeks:

You can listen to the complete interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Mars and Pluto are Still in Play for the Price Action in the S&P

We got a good strong down day in the S&P today, right in line with my forecasts.

However, this index did close below the critical 1369 mark, which means we’ll need to keep a close eye on the trading action tomorrow.

If the S&P closes back above the 1369 level, our recent astro-trading assessment is still in effect; look for the trading range to continue.

But if we get another close below 1369, it’s a strongly bearish signal from the astro-trading perspective, so we’ll be looking for more downside action to come, with fresh support on lower planetary price lines.

For more information on the trading action that’s triggered by Mars and Pluto, be sure to check the white paper on “Mars/Pluto Market Activations 2012-2025”.

To hear my latest comments on the current S&P action, check out this recording of my interview last Friday with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network show on Clear Channel Radio:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

More Astro-Trading Forecasts with Planetary Price Precision

I had a lively interview with Michael Yorba earlier today as we were closing out the trading week.

There were some great questions from listeners in Singapore and Canada, and Michael and I had a chance to focus on the impact of current planetary dynamics, especially the series of planetary stations and the reactivation of the Cardinal Climax coming up next week.

You can hear the entire interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

As you listen to to the recording, you may also want to check out the specific support lines on the S&P trading chart I posted earlier today!

Mars Price Support on the Mars Station

Mars will be hitting its Direct Station in a few hours, so we were particularly interested in the planetary price support provided by the Mars line in our S&P chart today.

The chart we produced a couple of weeks ago featured a Mars line providing price support at 1369 on April 13, 2012. I mentioned that support zone in my interview with Michael Yorba then, and it was highlighted in the updated trading chart I posted on the Yorba social networking page and in an earlier blog post here.

As it turned out, today’s trading brought in a precise low on the Mars line, with the S&P hitting an intraday low point of 1369.85. This validates the Mars line projection and sets the stage for higher prices to come, though we may see a further brief pull-back on Monday and Tuesday.


Charting Planetary Support and Resistance

Planetary Price Lines for the S&P 500

Recent planetary stations have hit the projected support and resistance levels determined by planetary price lines almost exactly! Note here the Mercury Direct Station (blue bar); our projected resistance zone was between the Mercury line at 1411.50 and the Mars line at 1414.00 - the actual high associated with the station was 1413.09. Then, with the Pluto Retrograde Station this week (red bar), we had forecast potential support on a Pluto line at 1360.00 - the actual closing price for that event was 1358.59. This is close enough to a "correct planetary low" to be a VERY bullish indicator!


Transcontinental Transneptunians

I’m still not quite unpacked and fully functioning following my trip to Seattle, Washington.

I flew to the west coast on Wednesday last week, departing just a couple of hours after Mercury went direct.

The trip included some one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions with private clients, a half-day workshop for a group of astrology students meeting in Tacoma, and a couple of lectures at NORWAC, the Northwest Astrology Conference in Seattle.

I made some great new contacts, had a wonderful time sharing information, and got a clearer perspective on the kind of directions and interactions that are most helpful for astro-traders and advanced astrology students today.

Above all, I learned about how strong the interest is in the Uranian symmetrical approach to astrology. I use the tools from that system, including the transneptunian hypotheitical planets, regularly in my work with the financial markets, and was particularly happy to be able to share some of what I’ve learned from applying Uranian perspectives to active trading.