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W. D. Gann, George Bayer, and the Facebook IPO

The shares for Facebook (FB) begin trading tomorrow, and there’s lots of excitement about it.

In fact, I’ve got dozens of readers and students asking about it. They all want to know– should they be buying FB right away?

With Uranus conjoining the Midheaven in the First-Trade horoscope, we can certainly expect a volatile start for this new stock’s trading career.   But does that mean buying this stock right now is a sure-fire winner? I’m not so sure.

In fact, I think some extra caution may be in order here, especially considering the Sun/Admetos conjunction, the Mars/Chiron opposition, and the fact that this stock starts trading right before a solar eclipse (right after the eclipse would have been much more favorable).

And what would the astro-trading masters of the last century have to say about the Facebook opportunity?

W. D. Gann, writing in 1950 in his book The Magic Word, made this comment about the ideal form for a Friend Request: “Enemies disappear quickly when you learn to love them,” he said. “You will then find that they become your friends.”

George Bayer was even more direct about the kind of opportunity being presented now. In his fascinating book with the cumbersome title Stock and Commodity Traders’ Hand-Book of Trend Determination: Secrets of Forecasting Values Especially Commodities including Stocks, published in 1940, Bayer offered this sage advice to the astro-traders of his day: “Select one active stock that sells between 25 and 75 dollars. Stick to this one; learn to know this stock well and the rule or rules it likes to follow. The stock you select should be listed on the Exchange for many years. It then has history behind which can be put down on chart paper. Leave new stocks to the public.”

Although they each had their own distinctive approach to the markets, I’m not sure either of these legendary astro-traders would be buying into the Facebook offering if they were alive today.

My personal choice is to watch from the sidelines as well.

Solar Eclipse Alert: Important Chinese Connections

The big solar eclipse coming up on May 20 has important connections with China, not just because of the path of eclipse visibility, but also because of an important historic connection through the Saros Series.

Here’s a video I just got posted that gives you some of the background on these connections.This information can make a huge difference in your ability to trade profitably during the coming weeks and months.

By the way, the video says that the new solar eclipse book is available at — I just checked and the book isn’t showing up there yet. I’m sure it won’t be long before hey have it processed, so check back if you don’t see it right away.

Do the Planets Support a Shift in the Markets?

I had a lively discussion with Michael Yorba when I was a guest on his Traders Network radio show Friday afternoon.

As usual, Michael and his listeners came up with some excellent questions, clearly demonstrating that there are a lot of fans of the astro-trading advantage!

Much of the conversation was about the indicators which could bring about a significant shift in the markets.

You can listen to the entire interview here:


click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Will Planetary Support become Planetary Resistance?

For the past few weeks we’ve been tracking planetary price lines for Mars and Pluto as they’ve provided guidance for key trading levels in the S&P 500, with particularly important support coming from a first-harmonic Pluto line in the 1358-1360 price range.

But during the selling pressure of the past few days, that Pluto support has been battered severely, and yesterday we got a daily close below the first-harmonic Pluto price line.

If we we see a further solid move to the downside at this point, I’ll be looking to that same first-harmonic Pluto line to become significant resistance as the bulls try to resume control– the Pluto line has been so strong in providing support lately, that it’s hard to imagine it not getting to the action as resistance when the time is right.

At present, however, we still don’t have a confirmed sell signal in place, even though the close below the Pluto line was an early indicator of bearishness. We’ll be watching for further price confirmation here, but I’m cautious about being overly bearish at this point, especially since we have an important Mars/Pluto trine on the way next week– and the last time we had a Mars/Pluto trine, as this chart illustrates, we got a quick pull-back below the first harmonic Pluto line that proved to be nothing more than a quick fake-out as we gathered momentum for a more aggressive move upward.

S&P with Mars & Pluto Lines May 2012

Super Moon Rising

Right now I’m sitting on the upstairs balcony of my penthouse condo, listening to the traffic on the bridge nearby and the growl of the jet-skis below me as they make their final frantic passes through the water before heading for shore as darkness sets in.

And, of course, there’s a stunningly gorgeous orange Moon rising above the Manatee River, full and at perigee– a Super Moon for sure!

This extra-intense lunar alignment definitely added to the size of the pull-back we saw in the stock market yesterday, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see it influencing the market action on Monday as well.

But this powerful Full Moon is just one of the cosmic factors that astro-traders need to keep an eye on during the coming weeks. In fact, I reviewed a whole series of the phenomena we’ll be watching during my conversation with Michael Yorba yesterday on his Traders Network radio show.

I also posted this trading chart on Michael’s social network page:
You can listen to the whole interview from yesterday’s show here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, during the interview I told Michael that “Super Moon” was not a term used by astronomers or astrologers, but was just something the media made up.

I was wrong.

As Roberto Garcia, one of our active Gold-Plus Elite members at, so kindly reminded me after the interview, the term “Super Moon” was coined a few years back by astrologer Richard Nolle. I had forgotten that!

My apologies to Richard, who has done some extraordinary work on lunar cycles and other phenomena. Take a look at his Table of 21st Century Super Moon Alignments to see for yourself!