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Gold Mining Stocks To Consider

Whether or not you’re a gold bug, it’s worth considering the yellow metal in one form or another as a part of a diversified portfolio.

I’ve just published an article in the newsletter, reviewing some gold mining stocks that have promising transits to First-Trade charts during the coming months.

CLICK HERE to see the article.

A Novelist Who Tracks Planetary Influences in the Markets

Robert Gover is an interesting individual, to say the least.

To start with, he’s a first-rate novelist, with a dozen widely-acclaimed books to his credit.

His fiction has earned praise from the likes of Henry Miller and Gore Vidal.

More than 50 years ago, he created a literary sensation with his first novel, One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding, a satire on American racism which first became a European hit in French translation and then developed a cult following in the U.S. after it was published by Grove Press.

Bob Dylan, when he was interviewed by Studs Terkel, recalled Gover’s book as an important influence: “I well remember how a dogeared copy of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding made the rounds of my college dorm when I was a freshman in 1962,” he said.

Gover also struck up a friendship with rock superstar Jim Morrison of The Doors, and he and Morrison were arrested together after a fracas at the Pussycat Club in Las Vegas in 1968.

In short, Robert Gover has had an extremely colorful life, both in and out of the public spotlight.

But what many people don’t realize is that Robert Gover is also an accomplished astrologer. In 2005 his book Time and Money: The Economy and the Planets mapped out correlations between planetary cycles and rhythms of depression and economic downturn, demonstrating a rare understanding of the importance of astrology as a tool for economic analysis.

That’s why it was especially pleasing to read Robert Gover’s review of my own most recent financial astrology book, Mercury, Money and the Markets: Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short-Term Astro-Trading.

“Bost is unique among market astrologers,” he says. “he avoids over-simplifying and deals with the complexities of astrology in a step-by-step way that enlightens both novices and other astrologers. It’s clear from his careful working of astrological data as influences, not absolute dictates, that he has probed this subject like a deep-sea diver exploring areas others have avoided.

“What he has to say about Mercury stations, retrogrades and forward movements is itself worth the price of this book.”

I truly appreciate Robert Gover’s keen understanding of what Mercury, Money and the Markets is all about, and am delighted that he had so many good things to say about it!

You can can read his complete review HERE.

Solar Eclipse Sets Up Big Trading Opportunities

The solar eclipse earlier this week clearly had a major impact on the stock market, but it also set up some excellent trading opportunities, too!

Since 2007 I’ve put a lot of work into studying the effects of solar eclipses.

With each solar eclipse that has taken place I’ve looked into the historical eclipses which have had connections or similarities to the current event, doing extensive research to get a better perspective on the kind of economic and political trends that have been associated with these precursor eclipses, as well as some insights into the potential impact on the markets.

The by-product of that research has been a series of monographs, an Eclipse Report on each individual eclipse, published as a downloadable e-book by Harmonic Research Associates. (You can find a complete listing of these monographs by clicking HERE).

As a part of those Eclipse Report monographs, I’ve developed a specific strategy for trading with eclipses, and it’s been enormously successful in setting up profitable equities trades.

In fact, over 93% of the trades we’ve taken using the Eclipse Astro-Trading Strategy have been profitable!

Take a look at this new 9-minute YouTube video, which describes this trading strategy in some detail:

As you can see, trading with eclipses can be quite worthwhile. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get your copy of the latest monograph, “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012:  Its Impact on the Markets” at

The potential profits from the current eclipse trades are all ready and waiting for you!

Kindle Book Breaks the Amazon Speed Limit

Trading is obviously a hot topic!

In my last blog post, which just went up a few hours ago, I described the offer for free downloads of the new Kindle book,Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading.

The giveaway was supposed to last for 24 hours, but it’s already come to an end.

Apparently got such a huge volume of free downloads that it blew past the limits they had put on their own system, so they decided to pull the plug on the whole deal.

Sorry if you missed getting a free copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading — but if you did miss out, it’s still a really good deal at the regular $2.99 price. It not only features my article on astro-trading, but also a good selection of other pieces on trading strategy, market analysis, money management, and other skills that can add up to your personal trading success.

Just a Few Hours Left to Get a Free Download of this Best-Selling Kindle Book on Successful Trading

I just got word from Larry Jacobs, the editor of the newly-published Kindle book Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading, that this new anthology has just hit the #1 spot on the Amazon best-seller list in books on commodities trading!

That’s personally pretty exciting, since I’m one of the authors featured in the book, and since it means that an even wider audience is getting an opportunity to learn about the astro-trading advantage.

But what’s even more exciting is the other news that Larry shared– for a limited time, you can get a download of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading absolutely FREE!

According to Larry, this special free offer has been created to get the book into the hands of a huge number of additional people, with the idea that they’ll read it, like it, and then graciously post rave reviews of the book on the web page for the book. That will help drive even greater interest and ultimately promote even wider distribution of the anthology.

There’s also a bunch of special offers and promotional discounts stuck into the final pages of this Kindle e-book, and Larry’s obviously interested in having a lot more people see this marketing material.

Of course, even if you completely ignore all the marketing stuff, the information in the main part of the book is extremely valuable– especially if you can get it for free!

But there’s just one catch.

This special offer for a free Kindle download of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading is only good for 24 hours – and the 24-hour clock started ticking almost 12 hours ago!

That means you’ve just until about 9:00 p.m. EST tonight (November 17) to get a free copy downloaded to your Kindle.

If you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to get the book for free.

Instead, you’ll have to pay a whopping $2.99 for the Kindle download!

Either way, though, I think you’ll find it worthwhile to take a look at Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading – go to to check it out.

Financial Astrology at

The website asked me to contribute an article on financial astrology for their site, and it appeared there yesterday.

I’ve really been pleased with the positive response it’s been getting!

In the article, I discuss the basic strategies behind using astrology in trading, and explain why it’s so important to have the astro-trading advantage if you’re active in the markets.

Since the article was scheduled for publication just after this week’s solar eclipse, I also included some specific information about the ways that eclipses can move the markets.

I even added a couple of charts that illustrate just how dramatic the effects of eclipses can be!

You can read the article by going to

Take a look– and when you visit the site, be sure to “like” the article and leave a comment!

We want to do all we can to encourage mainstream trading sits like this to pay more attention to the power of financial astrology and the astro-trading advantage!

Solar Eclipse Smashes the Stock Market

If anybody ever tells you that astrological events don’t influence the market, just point out what happened in equities trading yesterday.

The Dow took a 185-point nosedive, down 1.45%.

The Russell 2000 lost 2%, and the NASDAQ lost 1.29%, dropping down to test support levels dating back to last July.

The S&P 500 plunged by 1.39% and finished the session below its 200-day moving average, a very bearish signal.

Of course there’s been a good bit of weakness in the markets recently, so a day of big losses should have come as no surprise. And there were war worries, European nervousness, and Fiscal Cliff anxiety. . .

. . . and a big impact from a major solar eclipse!

As I pointed out recently in my monograph on The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets, “eclipses are the single most significant  celestial phenomena that we need to reckon with in financial forecasting and market timing.”

This week’s solar eclipse wasn’t even visible in the U.S., but it still slammed the stock market.

The eclipse reached totality about an hour after the closing bell on Tuesday, and as I watched the market action that day it was easy to see its gathering influence.

Stocks had traded in positive territory for most of the day, but about an hour before the close things began to go south and the major indices all ended up with losses by the time the closing bell rang.

In yesterday’s trading session, the force of the eclipse was in full effect, and stock prices struggled to stay afloat to no avail, then sold off with a vengeance.

So yes, astrological events do have an effect on the markets! But that’s only part of the story.

The other part is this: the effects of the November 13 solar eclipse aren’t over yet!

We’re likely to see more downside action today, of course, but the solar eclipse will continue to make its influence felt, no just for days, but for months to come, well into the first half of 2013.

That’s one of the key lessons discussed in the monograph on The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets. It lists the exact dates to look for activations of the eclipse in the markets, and suggest some specific stocks to trade so you can get the eclipse energy working for you instead of against you.

This would be a really good time to review your copy and make some trading plans in the light of what’s coming up. If you’ve haven’t gotten a copy yet, it’s still available at


Astro-Trading Featured in New Kindle Anthology

The audience for financial astrology and astro-trading continues to grow!

I’ve just gotten word that one of my articles has been published in a new Kindle book from

It’s called Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading and it features brief articles by a bunch of different experts on making money in the markets, including yours truly.

I’m glad to be reaching a wider audience, and I’m honored to be rubbing shoulders in print with some of the top names in the trading business, too!

By the way, this Kindle book also super-affordable. You can download your copy directly from for less than three bucks!

Once you’ve gotten your copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading
take a minute to add your comment here, and post a review of the book on the Amazon site as well!

Was It the Election, or Was It Mercury?

Stocks sold off sharply today, right in line with our forecast in the newsletter, where I told readers to watch for “some significant consolidation in stock prices, if not a more decisive move into negative territory as the trading week comes to an end.”

According to the financial press, today’s market plunge was a reaction to President Barack Obama’s successful bid for reelection.

Or to general weakness in the economy.

Or to the looming fiscal cliff.

Take your pick.

If you’re watching the planetary influences on the markets, however, you understand that there’s additional insight to be found in the cosmic influence on the emotions that drive the markets.

The current waxing heliocentric Jupiter/Pluto quincunx is one potential culprit– this planetary alignment has a track record of driving stock prices lower 75% of the time. But more importantly, we had Mercury making its retrograde station yesterday evening a couple of hours after the closing bell in the markets, just as the election returns started coming in.

Mercury is extremely important to watch in our day-to-day astro-trading, and Mercury stations are particularly critical in defining key market movements.

That’s one of the key topics in my new book on Mercury, Money and the Markets. You can get a copy at, or directly from the publisher at

Dealing with Disclaimers– And Real Trading Results

One of the inconvenient things associated with sharing public information about trading and the markets is that so many disclaimers are required.

There are legal restrictions on what you can and cannot say.

You have to remind people constantly that they can lose money, that just because something has happened in the past doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again in the future, and that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all pretty much common-sense stuff.

It’s the kind of thing that any grown-up should know and remember, without having to be reminded of it every five minutes or so.

But like it or not, disclaimers are required, so you’ll see them popping up in the newsletter, in our webinars, on the website, and in other odd places from time to time.

As a matter of fact, you could consider this entire blog post some kind of elaborate disclaimer, because I’m telling you a bunch of stuff you probably already know, as a way of introducing a new video that’s jut been posted on YouTube.

It describes some of last week’s trading action by our Gold-Plus Elite members, so remember that last week isn’t typical.

What happened last week doesn’t happen every week.

But when it does, we’re all pretty happy around here.

So take a look:

Leave me your comments, and share this video with others. Send them to this blog post, or give them a direct link to the YouTube video at