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Practical Mercury Retrograde Strategy #1 – Re-Energize

Mercury retrograde periods can really be exhausting.

Everything can wear us out. Chores that should take minutes take hours instead. Communications that should be easy turn into convoluted exercises in phone tag, misunderstandings, and hard feelings. Ordinary everyday travel gets tangled up in delays, missed directions, and traffic jams.

Since each Mercury retrograde period lasts about three weeks, the extra effort involved can take an enormous toll. It’s easy to get bone-tired, stressed out, and completely fatigued mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If we aren’t careful, we can get sick, or even worse, we can become accident-prone and suffer debilitating injuries.

But even if we don’t suffer physically, we still confront a major problem– we just don’t have the energy we need to get everything accomplished. We don’t even have the will to try.

Vince Lombardi understood this when he said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

That’s why it’s so important to have a proactive strategy of re-energizing whenever Mercury is retrograde. We can do all the things that help us keep our energy and attentiveness high– giving ourselves time for recreational activities that reduce our stress levels, giving ourselves the right diet and exercise, making sure that our schedules include time for naps and meditation, and taking breaks whenever the circumstances get too overwhelming.

This is especially vital if we’re involved in managing a business, if our livelihood depends on making clear and resourceful decisions, or if we’re involved in astro-trading or other investment or trading activities.

Best of all, we can use the re-energizing strategy ahead of time.

After all, if we do our astrological homework we can identify and anticipate the times that Mercury will be going retrograde.

Since we know about Mercury retrograde periods in advance, we can take extra steps to build up our energy reserves before Mercury reverses its direction.

We can get some extra rest, make sure we’re in tip-top physical shape, and organize our schedules to accommodate the additional stress we’re likely to encounter.

When we use our astrological knowledge intelligently in this way, we can avoid becoming victims of Mercury Retrograde.

Instead, we can use Mercury retrograde periods to get more accomplished than we ever imagined possible!


Not Much Of A Surprise

Patty and I were out and about this afternoon, and since we’d missed lunch we stopped into a restaurant to get something to eat at about 3:45.

The waiter was very apologetic that he couldn’t offer us Happy Hour prices since it wasn’t quite 4:00 p.m. yet, but that didn’t bother me very much. What really caught my attention was the TV behind the bar that was tuned to a business channel.

The talking heads were discussing the market close, with the Dow Industrials finishing up the day down more than 215 points and the other indices following suit. A commentator was protesting that the Dow had started the day on a bullish note, and had been “just 86 points away from a new all-time record high” before selling off sharply and taking a big loss for the session.

What was curious to me was not just the fact that this pundit was trying to turn the day’s nose-dive into optimistic news, but also the obvious degree of surprise he was expressing that equities prices had retreated at all. In fact, the headline on the screen announced a “Surprise Sell-Off in Stocks After Strong Start”.

It all just provided evidence for what should have been obvious all along– these TV commentators hadn’t been looking at the market through astrological eyes!

From an astro-trading perspective, it had been clear in advance that we could expect a market downturn today. I had specifically forecast it in this week’s FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, and had warned our Gold-Plus Elite members about the likelihood of a bearish start to the trading week during our conference call last night.

That’s what the astro-trading is all about– not just knowing ahead of time what to expect, so you can be on the right side of the market at the right time, but also having market insights that set you apart from the media madness and the blind impulses of the herd.

How To Get Past the Stress of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde now.

The planet of communication, commerce, and transportation started its backward motion yesterday, and it will continue its apparent retrograde course through March17th.

Mercury Retrograde is a challenging time, to say the least. We can expect things to go wrong at a lot of levels.

There are computer problems to deal with. Web sites stop working properly, and emails vanish mysteriously into the ether of cyberspace.

Telephone calls don’t get returned. Cars break down, airline flights are cancelled, and hotel reservations get scrambled. Even our one-on-one communications with colleagues and loved ones can suffer, and we may find ourselves sharing hard feelings or getting into arguments or misunderstandings that add to our stress enormously.

It can be a real nuisance!

But in the 46 years that I’ve een working with astrology, I’ve learned that Mercury retrograde periods aren’t all bad. In fact there are some specific strategies you can use when Mercury is retrograde to add clarity and confidence to your life.

These strategies are rooted in the unique characteristics of Mercury retrograde periods. They’re based on the notion that when you work with the flow of cosmic energies in an informed and intelligent way, instead of fighting against the current, you get better results.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something special with this Mercury Retrograde.

I’m going to be sharing these high-octane Mercury Retrograde strategies in a series of blog posts during the coming weeks, so you can be more knowledgeable and resourceful in dealing with the unique opportunities that are available for you now.

Check in with me here every 2 or 3 days, and you’ll get all the details on what these Mercury Retrograde strategies are and how you put them to work for you.

Better yet, subscribe to this blog right now. If you do, you’ll get immediate notification each time I’ve posted a new Mercury Retrograde strategy for you to use.

I know you’ll find them helpful, and I also think you’ll have a lot of fun applying them for yourself!

Putting Mercury Retrograde Into Perspective

Mercury goes into retrograde motion this weekend, and we’ll be getting ready to watch its effects on the market action.

The markets don’t react in uniform ways to this planetary phenomenon, however. It’s important to back-test the Mercury retrograde effects in the specific market you are trading.

It’s also important to set aside some of the myths about Mercury retrograde’s market effects.

A good place to start is with my article on “Five Myths About Trading With Mercury Retrograde” – it’s just been published at the TraderPlanet website.

Check it out!