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Mercury Metrics Discount Coupon at Harmonic Research Associates

Here’s an email message from my Publisher, Harmonic Research Associates:

March is coming to a close, and with the end of the month and the calendar quarter, Harmonic Research Associates is having a special sale on the hottest astro-trading item for the second quarter in the markets.
On Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31, you can save $20 off the retail price of the latest edition of Mercury Metrics, the quarterly publication by Tim Bost that highlights upcoming Mercury activations that have the potential for moving the markets in April, May, and June.
Based on the research in his groundbreaking book Mercury, Money and the Markets, the timing signals you’ll find in Mercury Metrics can give you the profitable edge of the astro-trading advantage, making market decisions easier and giving you expert results without your having to be an expert yourself!
This one-of-a-kind publication is truly a great value, especially if you’re serious about applying planetary timing to the markets to improve the timing and effectiveness of your trades. You can get all the details on the latest issue of Mercury Metrics at:
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Best wishes for your trading success!
Harmonic Research Associates
P.S. – While we only offer single-copy issues of Mercury Metrics on our website, you may be interested to know that subscriptions are also available, offering you a substantial discount and regular delivery. You can find details at

How To Get Lots of Astro-Trading Benefits Without Doing Lots of Hard Work

One of the most exciting things about having written and published the book on Mercury, Money and the Markets is seeing the astro-trading principles it describes actually playing out in the markets.

That’s what happened to me a few days ago.

I was reviewing some of the book’s information on Mercury Aspects and Angles. One of the configurations is a Moon/Mercury 54-degree angle of arc opening, which has a correlation with trading tops in the S&P.

I took a close look at that alignment and put what I discovered into the this video. It’s about 14 minutes long, but if you stick with it through the end you’ll find out about a special offer on an exciting new astro-trading tool that I’m realy proud of.

It’s called MERCURY METRICS, and it’s designed to make it easier for you to use Mercury Angel Activations in your own trading without having to do all the intense brainwork and calculations that are involved in figuring out when these activations will occur.

Hopefully this video doesn’t come off as being too much like a sales pitch. But hey, it probably really is a sales pitch to some extent, since I really do want everybody to take advantage of the great market timing information in MERCURY METRICS, our new astro-trading quarterly.

Anyway, make sure you check it out!


Moon/Mercury Market Activations

I’ve just been reviewing some of the latest planetary action that’s been impacting the markets.

What’s caught my attention is the way that Mercury and the Moon have been connecting in a way that’s described in the Mercury, Money and the Markets book. This stuff really works!

Right now I’m putting together a video presentation describing this effect. It will also share some information about the new Mercury Metrics quarterly, which simplifies the process of using Mercury activations as a part of a trading plan.

Things Not Working Out As Expected

When there’s a void-of-course Moon, things typically don’t work out as we expect them to. What may seem like a really good thing can turn out to be a dud, and our choices in activities, political candidates, and major purchases usually fail to deliver what we had hoped for.

That’s certainly what happened in the stock market yesterday, with a void-of-course Moon in effect for the entire trading day.

The action in the S&P 500 got off to an enthusiastic start, with stock prices rallying as traders celebrated the news that an eleventh-hour settlement had been reached to avert a financial collapse in Cyprus.

The rally was strong enough, in fact, to push the S&P up to within a hair’s breadth of an all-time record high in the early hours of the trading session.

But then everybody sobered up.

Traders started thinking about the real implications of the deal in Cyprus, which, as we’ve pointed out already in articles and blog posts, is totally bogus in terms of providing a workable long-term solution to the country’s economic woes. And, as traders began to realize yesterday, the crisis in Cyprus can still have a very impact on the economic stability of other nations, both in Europe and throughout the rest of the world.

So the selling in the stock market began.

What had started out as an enticing flirtation with an all-time high finished up as a net loss for the day, with the S&P dropping by 0.33% to close at 1551.69 at the closing bell.

It was a perfect example of why we’re very, very cautious in our trading whenever there’s a void-of-course Moon!

A View From Greece

A lot of people have been checking out the video I linked to here on the banking crisis in Cyprus and its impacts on global finance, along with the astrological perspectives on the situation. You can see it for yourself at

One of the strongest comments has come from Dionisis Panagopoulos in Greece, who wrote to say that “The only solution for European union is Germany out of Euro and devaluation of euro currency 50% down.

“Otherwise,” he said, “the fascism is coming.

“Greece was yesterday – Cyprus today. Who is next?

“Germany is the problem for EU. Not the other nations.

“FRANCE – ITALY – SPAIN YOU HAVE THE POWER . YOU ARE ALMOST 300,000,000 PEOPLE. How your factory will begin again producing? Only after devaluation of euro and only if Germany has got other currency in order to buy yours product. Not euro.”

While Angela Merkel isn’t likely to agree with Dionisis, his comment certainly underscores the big potential impact of the events in Cyprus. Remember that the astrological picture that lies ahead doesn’t look particularly promising.

Remember, too, that astrological indicators have given us advance warning all along about the emerging European crisis. In fact, it’s been more than three years since I posted this video about how the deteriorating financial circumstances in Greece had been triggered by a solar eclipse in 2009:

Astro-Hazards in the Trading Week Ahead

One of our rules for astro-trading is that we avoid entering new trades whenever there’s a void-of-course Moon.

The lunar void is a time when things don’t work out as expected, so we tend to get diminished returns when we ignore this astrological factor and jump into the markets. The void-of-course Moon is a much better time for taking care of unfinished business, for relaxing and meditationg, and for having parties, enjoying a few drinks, and taking a long bath.

Not every trading week is impacted by a void-of-course Moon, but when it does occur I like to pay attetion to the market action as an observer rather than as an active trader. I use the time to catch up on my trading charts, review my portfolio strategies, and read some of the books and articles that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

While the lunar void typically provides some refreshing breaks from the work and trading routine, this week is an exception.

To start with, we have a short trading week because of the Good Frday holiday on March 29, when the markets will be closed. But on top of that, we void-of-couse Moon periods throughout the entire trading day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week as well!

And just for good measure, there will also be a lunar void during the last couple of hours of the trading day on Wednesday, too.

In other words, this is not a particularly auspicious week for trading. We’ll be entering some new trades, but only during the first part of the trading day on Wednesday, March 27.

Cyprus Banks Get Whacked by the Mercury Direct Station & the W. D. Gann New Year

The government in Cyprus is scrambling to try hammer out a deal with European Unit ministers so they can arrange for a $13 billion bailout for the country before the EU’s Monday deadline.

If the deadline isn’t met, the country’s financial system could collapse, dragging much of Europe and even other parts of the world down with it.

As things stand now we’re highly likely to see the Forces of Reason and Make-Nice Public Relations prevail, so I fully expect to see some kind of settlement announced before tomorrow morning.

But whatever the settlement details are, it’s likely to wind up being a bogus deal, since the astrology that’s active behind the scenes doesn’t favor long-term resolutions right now. Even so, this is a critical situation to keep an eye on, since it could establish a precedent that allows governments around the world to confiscate wealth from depositors’ bank accounts, undoing 80 years’ worth of formal and informal banking policies that protect deposits in times of financial crisis.

It’s also important to realize that this is not a short-term crisis that we’ve encountered here; it’s implications are likely to play out for the next several years at least.

Here’s a video that provides some additional background and reveals the most critical dates to watch over the next 18 months:

Trading Secrets of the London Whale

Bruno Iksil, who became famous last year as the “London Whale” whose disastrous derivatives trading resulted in a $6.2 billion loss for JPMorgan Chase, wasn’t available recently to testify before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

But the Subcommittee’s 307-page report released on March 15 reveals some amazing facts about Iksil’s trading strategies in his Synthetic Credit Portfolio (SCP) and the gross incompetence of the company’s Internal Senior Management Group (ISMG) of its Chief Investment Office (CIO), which apparently approved Iksil’s plans, as well as the negligence of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the regulatory agency that supposedly overseeing the trading operations.

As the trading losses continued to mount on a scale that jeopardized the stability of the “too big to fail” bank and blind-sided JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Bruno Iksil made a presentation to the bank, outlining his latest trading strategy. According to the Subcomittee Report, he “proposed executing ‘the trades that make sense,’ which the report detailed in this way:

“Specifically, it proposed:

“‘Trades that make sense:
• sell the forward spread and buy protection on the tightening move
o Use indices and add to existing position
o Go long risk on some belly tranches especially where defaults may realize
o Buy protection on HY and Xover in rallies and turn the positionover to monetize volatility’

“This proposal encompassed multiple, complex credit trading strategies, using jargon that even the relevant actors and regulators could not understand. Because the traders themselves declined the Subcommittee’s request for interviews and were outside of the Subcommittee’s subpoena authority, the Subcommittee asked other current and former CIO personnel to explain the proposal.

“Ina Drew, CIO head, told the Subcommittee that the presentation was unclear, and she could not explain exactly what it meant.

“Irvin Goldman, then the CIO’s Chief Risk Officer, told the Subcommittee that the presentation did not provide enough information to clarify its meaning.

“Peter Weiland, the CIO Market Risk Officer, offered the explanation that Mr. Iksil was basically describing a strategy of buying low and selling high.

“The OCC told the Subcommittee that while it agreed the presentation was confusing, senior CIO management should have understood exactly what was being proposed before allowing billions of dollars in trades, and should have been able to explain the presentation.”

The Subcommittee Report goes on to say that “In addition to advocating those particular trading strategies, the presentation contained a warning about possible losses. In a section entitled, ‘Adverse scenarios and possible drawdowns,’ the proposal stated that if unanticipated defaults occurred, they could impose costs of $200 million “upfront,” and if prices failed to behave as expected, additional losses of $300 million were possible.”

The Report added that “The Subcommittee has not identified any formal approval document, but the ISMG apparently approved the proposed trading strategies, since the CIO traders immediately began implementing them in late January, in particular by buying substantial amounts of the IG9 credit derivative index on the long side.

“In other words, the proposal warned from the beginning that its trading strategies could result in losses totaling $500 million. This trading strategy would prove, however, in the words of Mr. Dimon, to have been ‘poorly conceived and vetted.'”

“Poorly conceived” is an understatement to say the least, since the London Whale’s trading strategy was basically gibberish, and nobody seemed to be able to figure out exactly what he was doing.

But even so, it’s difficult to challenge expensive expertise. The Subcommittee Report also revealed that Bruno Iksil was paid $6.76 million in 2011 for his trading skills, and Ina Drew was paid $14 million for making sure that Iksil was doing his job.

Maybe there’s something to be said for being too big to fail after all!


Scrambled Coupon Codes on My Publisher’s Website

My publisher, Harmonic Research Associates, ran a special Spring Equinox Sale on their website yesterday, offering a 30% discount on all items available on the site.

To get the discount, customers who logged in needed to use the special Coupon Code EQUINOX30 when they placed their orders.

The only problem was that the Coupon Code didn’t work!

Customers who tried to order got an error message saying that the code was invalid, and it took the publisher’s computer guys most of the evening to figure out exactly what was going on. In fact, they got the problem corrected around midnight last night, just as the sale was coming to a close.

That was no fun.

So to make nice to all the customers who couldn’t get the discount pricing yesterday, the company has decided to run the sale again, extending the 30% discount through the end of the day Friday.

That way anybody who unsuccessfully tried to order will have a second chance.

I mention all this not only because of the emails Ive gotten from several of you about the Coupon Code problem, but also because it’s such a great opportunity for you to pick up some top astro-trading items like the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course and the Beyond The Basics DVD set at an excellent price.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to fill in some of the gaps in your astro-trading library, you’ll want to check things out at before midnight Friday night, March 22nd.

Be sure to use Coupon Code EQUINOX30 when you check out to get your full discount!

Flesh Juice Delayed Due To Some Reasons

With or without Mercury Retrograde, travel can be a challenge.

But it can also be entertaining and educational, which is often why we travel in the first place– and the entertainment value is enormously enhanced when instructions for foreign travelers manage to get mangled in translation!

A new article in The Daily Mail from the U.K. has some great photos of examples, including:

Flesh Juice

A glass of fresh juice may be delightfully refreshing, but “flesh juice”?


Some Reason for Flight Delay

Keeping on schedule can be pretty tough when you’re rushing to make airline connections, so as an international traveler it’s especially comforting to know that there’s really a very good explanation when things get slowed down.

Enjoy Sanitary Sweets

A true romance can make travel much easier, especially if you keep things sanitary.

You’ll find more photos and a video with the article on The Daily Mail website.

Keep these examples in mind the next time you travel, especially if Mercury happens to be retrograde!