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Profitable Eclipse Trading with a NASDAQ Stock

One of the stocks featured in last year’s special report on “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets” was Charels & Colvard Ltd. (NASDAQ – CTHR).

CTHR was identified as a potential trading candidate because of the alignment the solar eclipse made with the company’s first-trade horoscope. The firm is a jewelry manufacturer and distributor based in North Carolina, and even though it’s not a heavily-traded issue it provided a great opportunity for astro-traders seeking short-term profits with minimal risk.

I’ve just been looking at the record of the trade in this stock that got underway after the eclipse in November, along with the other stocks covered in the November report. The results are pretty impressive!

You can get a review of how this trade was structured, including the use of stop-loss levels in the trade as it progressed in a new video I’ve just posted on YouTube. Take a look at:

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The Astrology Behind the Twitter Panic

Today's Trading Action in the S&P

Today’s Trading Action in the S&P

It was a wild day on Wall Street, to say the least!

At 1:07 p.m. EDT stock prices began to plunge as traders reacted to a news headline that had just appeared on the Associated Press Twitter feed, reporting that there had been two explosions at the White House and that President Barack Obama had been injured.

In the ensuing market chaos, U.S. Equities lost about $140 billion in total value, at least for a few minutes.

When it became apparent that the AP tweet was a fake, stock prices quickly rebounded. The S&P 500 finished the trading session up a little more than 1% for the day as a whole.

In keeping with my typical behavior whenever unusual events like this occur, I decided to take a look at what was going astrologically at the time of the Twitter Panic. I thought that perhaps the planets could provide some useful insights.

Neptune Triggering Planetary Midpoint Durng The Twiter Panic

Neptune Triggering Planetary Midpoints Durng The Twiter Panic

As it turned out, there was an astonishing array of planetary pictures that were active when the Twitter rumor swept through the trading floor and prices went into free-fall. Here are some of the major ones, along with brief notes about their significance.

Neptune, the planet associated with illusion and deception, was extremely dominant at the time, activating these planetary midpoints:

  • Sun/Moon – lies, deception, and misunderstandings
  • Mars/Kronos – ineffectiveness in the power of the state
  • Ascendant/Cupido – changing circumstances whose real nature is revealed after the fact
  • Pluto/Zeus – wasted efforts and actions taken in vain
  • Uranus/Apollon – rapid increase in tension because of uncertainty
  • Aries/Saturn – quarantines, suspected illness or injury
  • Saturn/Hades – severe losses and a dismal fate
  • Chiron/Admetos – problematical obstacles
  • Pluto/Apollon – big transformations that are hidden from view
  • Sun/Kronos – confusion in authority; deceit from independent sources
  • Node/Cupido – the liquidation of corporations

Mercury, with all its strong connections to communications and market action, triggered

  • Saturn/Cupido – thoughts about major separations
  • Node/Chiron – information spread through inconvenient connections

Uranus, which is associated with the electronic flow of information and with high-frequency trading, was plugged into the midpoint structures of

  • Sun/Jupiter – a sudden forced change in luck
  • Moon/Zeus – the sudden incitement of extreme emotions
  • Cupido/Vulcanus – an entire community faces a test of strength
  • Midheaven/Chiron – an inconvenient state of tension and excitement

And the fast-moving Moon, the primary planetary driver of emotions in the markets, spent just a couple of minutes triggering the midpoints of

  • Midheaven/Neptune – being swept away by extreme fantasy
  • Chiron/Apollon – lots of people having a problematical emotional experience
  • Aries/Pluto – widespread changes in a large group of people
  • Uranus/Hades – loathing and apprehensions about evil deeds and assassinations

In aggregate, then, the planetary configurations associated with the Twitter Panic paint a pretty clear picture of exactly what was going on. We can count on astrology to give us an in-depth look behind the scenes whenever the markets make sudden moves, which is what gives astro-traders such an extraordinary advantage!

Pluto in Action: Trauma, Drama, and Even Some Good News, Too!

It’s been 10 days now since Pluto’s retrograde station on April 12, so we’re starting to put that big event into perspective.

There was a lot that happened in the news to remind us of Pluto’s powerful and often deadly influence, including the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, the rejection of new gun control laws by the U.S. Senate, and of course the Boston Marathon bombing followed by the imposition of martial law on the entire Boston metropolitan area with a total lockdown by police and military authorities after officers had killed one bombing suspect and tried to capture the remaining individual suspected of involvement, a gravely wounded teenager weakened by loss of blood who had hidden in a backyard in a suburban residential neighborhood.

There was a big reaction in the markets, too, with all the major indices in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Pacific hitting trading tops and selling off sharply. The precious metals also plunged, with Gold going into its biggest two-day drop since 1980.

With the effect of the Pluto station amplified by the waxing Uranus/Pluto square, it’s been a time that’s brought a lot of grief, frustration, and suffering. But not all the news has been negative.

In Mumbai, India, for example the SENSEX average on the Bombay Stock Exchange responded to the Pluto station by breaking free from a 10-week decline and setting a trading bottom. As you can see in this article on the reaction of the SENSEX to the Pluto station at, it’s possible for Pluto triggers to send prices higher instead of lower.

In this case, Pluto’s power for transformation made the Indian bulls and the SENSEX watchers happy. Since the SENSEX article includes an astro-trading chart for the index that specifically shows the impact of the outer planet on the trading action, it’s worth taking a look at. Note, too, that it illustrates the role that Pluto plays in the ongoing trading action for this market index.

Solar Explosion Adds Intensity To Pluto Power Play

We have a big astrological event coming up tomorrow, with Pluto making its annual retrograde station.

From the astrological perspective, this is a top-level phenomenon. Planetary stations are always important, since they are they times that planets slow down as seen from the Earth’s perspective and get ready to reverse direction in their path through the zodiac.

When a planet makes a retrograde station, its apparent forward motion ceases and it starts to move backwards. As it does so, it spends a lot of extra time at a specific point in the zodiac, energizing that point enormously and amplifying its impact on other planets and on an entities (including countries, organizations, stocks, and individual people) who have strong connections to that zodiac point.

In the case of Pluto, the stations are particularly powerful. As an outer planet, Pluto carries a lot of extra weight.

In this case, with Pluto’s retrograde station on April 12, we also have a strong potential impact on global affairs and the markets. You can find out why by reading THIS ARTICLE at

And Pluto isn’t the only thing getting ready to hit the markets right now. Early this morning we got word from NASA that the magnetic field of sunspot AR1719 had just erupted, creating the colossal events shown here:

This huge solar storm and big eruption is currently sending a massive geomagnetic pulse heading toward Earth. The full effects of this coronal mass ejection won’ be known until sometime on Saturday, but the leading edge of the blast could be enough to impact the markets as early as tomorrow, adding an extra punch to the Pluto retrograde station.

How Behind-the-Scenes Astrology Helped Monsanto Beat Earnings Estimates

Monsanto (MON) released its quarterly earnings report this morning, and it knocked the ball out of the park.

Monsanto’s fiscal Q2 earnings rose by an amazing 22%, decimating even the most optimistic earnings estimates from market analysts. The jump in earnings was driven largely by strength in Monsanto’s global corn and herbicide business as well as increasing demand for the company’s products from emerging markets.

But lurking behind the scenes was the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, a new law in the U.S. that gives the company extraordinary legal protection. While it didn’t directly impact the company’s Q2 earnings, it certainly plays into the longer-term profit picture for Monsanto, and it definitely helps boost the revision in the firm’s annual guidance, which has just been boosted by $10 a share.

The Monsanto Protection Act is especially interesting because of the astrological dynamics at work when the bill was signed into law.

You’ll find an article about it, including a horoscope chart showing the transits to the MON First-Trade chart when the bill was signed, at

Another Void-of-Course Moon

Today we have another void-of-course Moon in effect throughout the trading day.

By itself, the void-of-course Moon isn’t a particularly rare phenomenon. It happens approximately every other day.

What is unusual is having a lunar void impacting an entire trading day, completely overriding our best intentions and all the normal responses that we have to changing market conditions.

That’s what happened on Monday, and it’s also the case today.

Our best strategy when the Moon is void-of-course is to back away from active trading altogether. We don’t initiate any new trades during this period.

Instead, we use these times to review our trading strategies, to do research on the astrological factors that drive the markets, and to evaluate the results we are getting from our trading.

By using these unique periods in this way, we strengthen our knowledge of the markets and our trading confidence as well. After all, the markets provide us with a never-ending stream of opportunities, so if we abstain from trading when the Moon is void-of-course, we still have plenty of chances to enter trades with potential profits waiting for us.