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A Chat with Yorba about the Market’s Collision Course

I had a great time chatting with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show yesterday afternoon just before the closing bell.

During our interview, he wanted to know about the string of astrological dynamics that are set to slam the markets during the coming weeks, with a special push toward a potential trend reversal as we finish up February and move into March, with Mercury retrograde ending and Mars retrograde getting started.

It was an especially appropriate topic, since the S&P 500 closed yesterday at 1854.29, a new all-time record high for that index, dramatically setting the stage for a trading top as the aggressive planetary factors come into play.

Jupiter-Uranus Waxing Square impact on S&P-500, NASDAQ, Dow Industrials and VIX

I also posted this collection of charts on Yorba’s social media page, illustrating the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus waxing square on the S&P 500, the NASDAQ Composite, the Dow Industrials, and the VIX. On each chart, the center vertical zero point is the exact date of the Jupiter/Uranus aspect, with the graph showing the average percentage of price movement for 30 days before and 30 days after the date of the planetary alignment.

By the way, the webinar I mentioned during the interview is now available as a recorded online video to view at your convenience — I got it posted on this blog last night, so you can see it right away at

You can listen to the full 10-minute interview with Michael Yorba from yesterday’s show on the Traders Network right here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

You’ll also want to check out the new report on The Stock Market Collision Course — it provides detailed information about the historical impact of the cycle of Jupiter/Uranus waxing squares, and also features 50 horoscopes and trading charts as well as a detailed listing of the key planetary dynamics that we expect to move the markets in the immediate future. You can download a copy at or just CLICK HERE.

Here’s a Replay from Tuesday’s Special Webinar, When We Discussed “How You Can Profit from the Stock Market Collision Course”

As most of you know by now, we had some pretty big problems with our live webinar Tuesday night.

The webinar itself went great– but lots and lots of people who had registered ahead of time were locked out of this super-charged event!

It was a real pain in the butt for everyone involved, but mainly for the AWeber company, who provides the email processing service that’s hooked up to our webinar registration process.

On Monday night, their computers were attacked by hackers in a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) assault, which flooded their servers with millions and millions of bogus incoming messages all at once. It completely shut down their ability to provide service for their customers– including us, and everybody who was trying to get into the webinar.

Fortunately, though, we did get the session recorded. You can watch the entire webinar here:

By the way, you should definitely get a copy of the new report that’s mentioned in the webinar.

To connect with the web site where you can order your copy, just CLICK HERE.

This eBay Listing Looks Like The Real Deal

Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course - 3rd Edition

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions during the last couple of days about a recent listing on eBay, auctioning off a copy of The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course.

Is this the genuine article? That seems to be the biggest concern.

It’s a legitimate question, since this course is now out-of-print and is no longer available from the publisher (unless they happen to have a stray copy hidden in a closet somewhere). The authenticity is also of some concern because in the past few months pirated downloadable copies of the course have appeared on warez web sites, claiming to offer this copyrighted material.

Those pirated downloads are not only illegal (they were duplicated and distributed without my permission) but they’re also just portions of an early edition of the course, so the information you get is incomplete and at least partially inaccurate as well.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case with the copy of the course that’s appearing on eBay.

From the looks of the photo and the description, this seems to be an authentic copy of the third edition of the real Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course. That version is a CD-only edition, with 31 audio CDs and one data CD in the complete set.

How the eBay seller is able to offer it at such a low starting bid is beyond me– when the course went out of print a couple of months ago, the publisher did offer a deep-discount clearance sale on the remaining copies it had; maybe that’s where this copy came from. But even if that’s the case, the $99 opening bid is only about one-tenth of the clearance sale price.

But anyway this does look like the real deal, so if the seller guarantees the authenticity it could give you a way to pick up an inexpensive copy of this valuable astro-trading resource.

You’ll find the eBay listing at:

How To Profit from the Stock Market Collision Course

The stock market is on a cosmic collision course right now, with Mars getting ready to follow Mercury in the Retrograde Parade and the massive impact of the waxing Jupiter/Uranus square coming up in a few days.

This is important stuff for anyone interested in profitable trading in these turbulent times.

That’s why I’m putting the finishing touches on a new monograph on the role that the Jupiter/Uranus waxing square is having on the Stock Market Collision Course.

It’s also why we’re having a free webinar on Tuesday evening, February 25.

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During this Webinar you will learn:

  • The BEST way to succeed in today’s markets.
  • Why the RETROGRADE PARADE is creating big shifts in market trends.
  • The top TOOLS you can use to protect your family and secure your retirement.
  • How you can TAKE CHARGE in an uncertain trading environment!
  • When to expect a RARE PLANETARY LINEUP that can shock the markets.
  • The key MONEY-MAKING strategies of an insider astro-trading group!
  • What to do when PRICE MEETS TIME for extra market stress…
  • How you can master unique trading techniques for SPECTACULAR RESULTS!
  • And much much more…

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Great Insights From A Seasoned Mundane Astrologer

I’ve just been reviewing a new article by my old friend Jim Cummins, a veteran mundane astrologer who was on the scene when I first began publishing Financial Cycles newsletter back in 1988.

In those primitive pre-internet days, Jim helped get the fledgling publication off the ground by contributing insightful articles to the very first issues of the newsletter. He shared his perspectives on central banking and on the pioneering financial astrologers and researchers who began compiling the knowledge and insights that we rely on today for effective astro-trading.

In the intervening years, Jim has traveled the world and continued to refine his skills as an astrologer and geopolitical observer, so I’m particularly grateful that he’s agreed to contribute some new articles that we’re publishing for our members on the website.

In his first article, “Conflict with China: A Mundane Astrologer’s View”, he takes a look at the key role played by the Peoples Republic of China in global affairs, and shares his comments on that nation’s standoff with Japan, its connections to North Korea and Saudi Arabia, and the position of its currency in global trade. 

Along the way, Jim also takes note of James Clapper’s “Worldwide Threat Assessment” for 2014, the Pacific military exercises code-named “Cobra Gold”, “Foal Eagle” and “Key Resolve”, and the current powder-key situation in the Ukraine, as well as the personal involvements of Vladimir Putin, John Kerry, and Kim Jong Un.

It’s all fascinating reading, but even more importantly, it provides essential perspectives both for active astro-traders and for long-term investors.

I suggest you check it out at:

Bungled Bargains with Mercury Retrograde

Hmmm…I just got this email from my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates. It looks like Mercury retrograde is working overtime, so nobody knows about their Presidents Day Sale today.


But the good news is that I’ve been getting great feedback on my new DVD program on ASTRO-TRADING INNOVATIONS, and Harmonic Research Associates has an extra discount on it during their special sale event.


Anyway, I thought I’d pass this along, so you could take a look for yourself. Here’s what the email said:




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In fact, this email was supposed to go out 2 days ago.


But things got bungled, so we’ve ended up with a bad news/good news situation.


The bad news is that Presidents Day is already half over, and we haven’t given you the details on the Presidents Day Sale that’s going on (completely in secret, apparently).


The good news is that because of the mix-up, we’re extending the sale by 24 hours– it will finish up at midnight on Tuesday, the day after Presidents Day!


So here’s what this big sale is all about. We’ve got 2 great offers on the table:


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This power-packed set of 3 DVDs features 549 minutes of laser-focused instruction, recorded live from last fall’s $1700 online classroom experience.


With the DVDs, you’ll get all the video instruction the students in that program enjoyed, plus access to recordings of the Q&A calls shared with that class.


On top of that, this over-the-top new DVD set includes a special sampler of the Gold-Plus Elite membership program at (a $257 value) AND a $750 consultation credit that can be applied toward a personal astrology session with master astrologer Tim Bost.


It’s material you won’t find anywhere else, with a total value over $2,700, but we’ve priced it affordably at just $567 for the complete program and bonus materials.


But that’s not what you’ll pay during the Presidents Day Sale — between now and the end of the day on Tuesday, we’re offering this astonishing new program at a limited-time discount price of just $297, plus shipping & handling.


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Retrograde Parade Video – Market Analysis

When I talked with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show on Thursday afternoon, the stock market hadn’t closed for the day, but the S&P was up. As it turned out, that index not only finished the day higher, but went on Friday to hit an even higher high, bringing the S&P 500 back within range of a fresh all-time high.

This confirms the Mercury retrograde uptrend I was talking about with Michael as an effect of the Retrograde Parade we’re currently experiencing. As usual, the planets are having a big impact on the price action in the markets!

Prior to my interview with Michael on Thursday, I posted an S&P 500 trading chart that illustrated the typical effects we can experience when Mercury is retrograde. Since the close yesterday, I’ve updated that chart with current prices, and have also put together this 6-minute video that provides some additional information about the Retrograde Parade, including the recent price action during the Venus retrograde period in December and January:


Michael Yorba Raves About Astro-Trading

When I joined Michael Yorba as a special guest on his Traders Network radio show yesterday afternoon, he began our conversation with a question about the astro-trading advantage. “You cannot gain ultimate accuracy without having this advantage” in your trading, he said, and asked me to explain why it’s so important to apply astrological knowledge when we get into the market action.

When we use astrology in the markets we really do have an advantage, so I was grateful for the opportunity to comment on what planetary dynamics can offer active traders. Later in the interview, we also had a chance to talk about the current string of planetary retrogrades and their impact on the markets.

You can hear the complete 10-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

The Stock Market & The Retrograde Parade

Later today I’ll be joining Michael Yorba as a featured guest on his Traders Network radio show. We’ll be talking then about the current sequence of planetary cycle phases I’m calling “the retrograde parade.”

Right now we’re about one-third of the way through a six-month period in which we’ve got three fast-moving planets going through retrograde periods in a rapid-fire sequence– Venus was retrograde from December 21 through January 31; Mercury has been retrograde since February 6 and will stay that way through the end of the month on February 28; and then Mars will be retrograde between March 1 and May 19.

This series creates a lot of extra challenges for us as traders if we hope to add the advantage of planetary cycles and astrological insights to our activity in the markets. But retrograde periods can also be helpful, especially if we know what to expect when they happen!

Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, June 2013-March 2014As this chart of recent price history for the S&P 500 illustrates, the main impact of most retrograde periods is to create a short-term counter-trend in the market action.

The index had been in decline for about five weeks when Mercury went retrograde on June 26, 2013, triggering a rally that broke through previous resistance and lasted until Mercury’s direct station on July 30.

The S&P had been in a two-week rally with solid momentum when Mercury went retrograde on October 24, 2013, sending the index into a three-week period of trading congestion that continued until the rally resumed just after Mercury’s direct station on November 19.

The market didn’t stop its year-end rally when Venus went retrograde on December 21, 2013, but the top on December 31 ushered in a period of trading congestion that lead into the sell-off which produced the dramatic sell-off we saw in January, with the selling pressure continuing until just after Venus resumed direct motion on January 31.

Most recently, we’ve had Mercury begin another of its retrograde phases, with the retrograde station on February 6. Since that time, the S&P has rebounded sharply, erasing most of January’s losses.

If you’d like more information on the impact of Mercury cycles on the markets, there’s no better place to start than the book Mercury, Money and the Markets. It’s available at or direct from the publisher at

You’ll find in-depth information on the latest and most profitable breakthroughs in astro-trading in the new set of DVDs that’s just been published by Harmonic Research Associates. It’s called Astro-Trading Innovations – you can order it at:


Jupiter Threatens Deja Vu in Argentina

A horrific fire broke out Wednesday morning in the Barracas section of Buenos Aires, Argentina, destroying a warehouse building that housed the archived records of the Central Bank of Argentina. The blaze caused a wall to collapse, killing nine emergency workers and injuring several others.

The fire was so intense that it took hours to put out, in spite of the fact that 10 fire units had been summoned to the scene. But what was remarkable was the position of the transiting planets relative to the natal horoscope for the Central Bank:

When fire broke out at the Central Bank warehouse in the Barracas section of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, it just happened to destroy records that might have revealed international currency manipulations. The warehouse was managed by Boston-based Iron Mountain Inc., which stores information for more than 156,000 banks and other companies in 36 countries. Investigators blamed arson for fires at Iron Mountain warehouses in New Jersey in 1997 and in London in 2006. Note transiting Jupiter’s position in the outer ring at 11º Cancer-- this was the exact position of Jupiter on December 26, 2001, when Argentina defaulted on $93 billion worth of debt.

When fire broke out at the Central Bank warehouse in the Barracas section of Buenos Aires on Wednesday, it just happened to destroy records that might have revealed international currency manipulations. The warehouse was managed by Boston-based Iron Mountain Inc., which stores information for more than 156,000 banks and other companies in 36 countries. Investigators blamed arson for fires at Iron Mountain warehouses in New Jersey in 1997 and in London in 2006. Note transiting Jupiter’s position in the outer ring at 11º Cancer– this was the exact position of Jupiter on December 26, 2001, when Argentina defaulted on $93 billion worth of debt.

For more details and additional charts, see the article at