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These Markets Got Whacked By The Solar Eclipse

As we looked at the U.S. stock market in the weeks prior to yesterday’s solar eclipse, my analysis indicated that we were likely to see a sell-off between the peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 and the solar eclipse on April 29, followed by a rebound into a modest rally right after the eclipse.

As it turned out, the pre-eclipse selling wasn’t quite as intense or as sustained as I had anticipated, but it did help define a support zone for the S&P 500, providing a springboard for a lively upward move. That bullish impulse is currently at play in the equities market — at least in U.S. stocks, where the Dow Jones Industrials closed at a new record high again today.

It’s important to note, however, that not all markets respond to eclipses in the same way.

In this case the Taurus solar eclipse actually brought some markets down fairly sharply, instead of giving them a boost like U.S. equities got recently.

What’s interesting to note is that the markets that started selling off instead of going into rally mode were in the part of the world that’s under the partial area of the shadow of the solar eclipse– Australia and Indonesia.

April 2014 Eclipse Path

The Path of the Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014

Here are the trading charts that show these strong alignments at work in altering the market action just prior to and after the Solar Eclipse.

2014 April 29 Solar Eclipse Effect on All Ordinaries

The Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 had a strong impact on the All Ordinaries Index in Sydney, Australia.


2014 April 29 solar eclipse impact on Jakarta Stock Exchange

The Indonesian Composite Index on the Jakarta Stock Exchange started its sell-out as the April 29, 2014 solar eclipse approched.

Here’s The Solar Eclipse Webinar Recording!

We had an incredible string of technical glitches, broken links, and other snags in getting our Solar Eclipse Webinar up and running today, but at least we did manage to get a reasonably good video recording of the event.

The webinar focused on the April 29 solar eclipse, of course, but we also touched on the S&P 500, Apple Computer (AAPL), Gold, BitCoin, the Yen, the geopolitical situation, successful trades, and a whole lot more, including a specific trading strategy that can be applied to any solar eclipse.

We also highlighted the huge amount of information that’s just been published in the new e-book on “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”, and gave away a great free gift– if you watch the recording, you can get the gift, too.

When you check out the recording, be sure to have a pen and paper handy. There’s a lot here that you’ll want to remember!

The entire recording runs about an hour and 10 minutes.

You can watch the video for our webinar on  “Profits in the Shadows – How You Can Prepare for the April 29 Solar Eclipse” right here:


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Right now I expected to be in the middle of our special webinar on the solar eclipse next week, reviewing the big trading opportunities that lie just ahead of us.

But a weird thing happened.

We got a great response to the webinar.

It was so good, in fact, that we were faced with having to turn people away because we were on the brink of running out of the room we had reserved for the event.

But instead of doing that, I made the call to open up more slots for participants, effectively expanding the size of the webinar meeting space.

That proved to be a little complicated. And as it turned out, our efforts to add more space crashed the webinar function altogether, with bizarre results.

Some people logged on and got a blank screen, and some got cryptic error messages.

Still others seeing a recording of an old webinar that was originally presented about 18 months ago– how THAT happened I’m sure I’ll never know!

At any rate the tech people are getting things put back together now, and we plan to try again at 6:00 p.m. EDT, four hours after our original starting time. By then Uranus will be below the horizon, so maybe everything will go more smoothly then.

In the meantime, though, anyone logging in to check out the webinar that’s supposed to be already in process is seeing this notice posted on the webinar site:



Great Questions About The Solar Eclipse

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael Yorba for a number of years now, initially when he first got started with his “Commodity Classics” TV show (he was a pioneer in online broadcasting, back in the pre-Neflix days when there was still net neutrality and there was barely enough bandwidth to get a signal through), and more recently as a regular commentator on his Traders Network radio show, which is broadcast live KFXR-1190 AM radio in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas and streamed to listeners around the world via the internet.

One of the great things about Michael is that he’s a trader himself, so he really knows what he’s talking about when he discusses the markets on the radio.

He’s also worked hard to become knowledgeable about astro-trading.

When Michael Yorba and I first started working together, he didn’t know anything at all about planetary influences in the markets. But he got a copy of one of the early editions of The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course from me, and diligently worked through all the lessons. He’s considerably expanded his astro-trading expertise since then.

That’s why it was no surprise to me during our interview time on his Traders Network show yesterday, when he asked me some probing, to-the-point questions about the impact of the big solar eclipse we’ve got coming up next Tuesday.

He had me on for two segments of the program, so we had plenty of time to get into depth about the time and location of the eclipse, the connections it has with current geopolitical strife, the effects we’re expecting in the markets, our trading philosophy here at, the new monograph on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets, and a whole lot more.

Along the way, we even got in some conversation about Apple Computer (AAPL) and the S&P 500, referring to charts that I had posted on his social network page as well as on this blog. To take a look at them now, just CLICK HERE.

The recording of this interview is in two segments:

Here’s the first one:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

And here’s the second part:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, if you haven’t signed up yet for the webinar that’s mentioned in the interview, you need to do that right away. It’s a free event, but you need to register ahead of time. You can do that at:


Will The Apple Magic Survive The Solar Eclipse?

Apple Computer (AAPL) defied gravity after the closing bell yesterday and posted some surprisingly solid earnings for its fiscal second quarter, with 15% EPS growth. In trading today, on April 24, 2014, the stock gapped upward on the opening bell and then soared up aggressively to finish the trading day with an 8.20% gain in a single session.

The mainstream “experts” gave the credit to Apple’s solid earnings, of course. And Wall Street is gaga about the company’s plans for a 7-to-1 stock split.

From the astro-trading perspective, a glance at the AAPL First-Trade horoscope reveals that the earnings announcement yesterday afternoon came on a Lunar Return for the stock, with the incredibly powerful Cardinal Grand Cross activating the First-Trade Mars/Apollon square (“successful actions and expansion; a rising of the market”).

But will AAPL do so well as the next big Solar Eclipse hits?

That significant event is coming up next Tuesday, setting the stage for major action in geopolitics, in personal relationships, and in the markets.

Just to provide some perspective, here’s what’s happened with the S&P 500 when Solar Eclipses have occurred during the past few years:

As you can see from the chart, Solar Eclipses don’t coincide with every major market top or bottom, but they do connect with key inflection points in the trading dynamic to make it worth our time to pay attention to them when they occur.

And since AAPL is in the news today, here’s another example of the kind of effect Solar Eclipses can have:

This weekly chart for Apple Computer (AAPL) shows how sensitive this stock is to the effect of Solar Eclipses. This is true for many individual equities, which is why they are a core part of our trading strategy at

The great thing about Solar Eclipses is that by using the tools of astro-trading we can learn about them in advance, and forecast their potential impact on the markets.

That impact varies from eclipse to eclipse, so it’s important to have up-to-date information based on the most recent eclipse research. To meet that need, we’re currently providing these resources:


It’s called “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”:. This new publication contains state-of-the art analysis and research, along with detailed forecasts, suggested trading strategies, specific eclipse activation dates, and a whole lot more. You can get more information and get your copy as an instant download at:


We’ll be getting together online for this special event at 1:00 p.m. Central Time on Saturday, April 26. It’s totally free to attend, but you need to register in advance to reserve your seat. It’s sure to be a fun time, and we’ll also make sure that you get plenty of solid insights and information you can put to work in your own trading right away. Get registered for this free webinar right now at:

The Planets Signal More Strife in Ukraine, Arctic Contests, A Possible EuroZone Collapse, and Even Some Big News for the U.S. Stock Market

My colleague Jim Cummins has just contributed a new article for our “Big Picture Perspectives” section in the members area of our website at

It’s titled “Bookends of Time“, referring to the pivotal role that solar eclipses play in world events and economic trends. That’s a fitting subject, since the next big solar eclipse is just a few days away.

As usual, Jim is full of insights on global actions and personalities, using his vast knowledge of mundane astrology to bring out perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else.

In this piece, he tells us that “It is now a certainty that Vladimir Putin will send his forces into Ukraine before this month is out – most likely before the Solar Eclipse of April 29, fulfilling my forecast from March 19, which is cited later in this article.”

Jim has a lot to say about what’s coming up in the coming weeks, in the light of (or should we say the shadow of?) the Apirl 29 solar eclipse. And he goes beyond that as well, extending his forecast well into the next six months and beyond.

“The big issue going from the summer to the fall of this year,” he says, “will be the contests over who has what control in the Arctic regions, as the Fall eclipses highlight those regions…meanwhile, the next several weeks will be back-peddling for some, while Mars is still retrograde, through May 19, and continued brazen violence by others, such as the horrifically vicious Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the social eruptions through much of South America, and the continuing saga of Europe’s collapsing economies, paving the way for a forthcoming soaring American stock market.”

You can read Jim’s complete article on “Bookends of Time” at the website. Go to:

My Grand Cross Conversation with Arch Crawford

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from Arch Crawford.

He’s probably the world’s most widely-known financial astrologer, and through his many years of newsletter writing as well as his frequent appearances on TV and radio and at investment conferences, he’s done a wonderful job of introducing the benefits of astro-trading to a global audience.

His monthly newsletter, Crawford Perspectives, offers “quintessential market timing by planetary timing and technical analysis” — it’s well worth checking out. You’ll find it at:

Arch and I have been colleagues and great friends for years, but it had been about 8 months since the last time we’d had a chance to chat at length, so we had a little catching up to do when he called.

After getting connected on personal matters like health and family circumstances, we of course turned to our common interests of astrology and the markets.

Arch had a birthday last week, and I had taken a few minutes away from my W. D. Gann studies then to send him a message wishing him a “pleasant solar return.”

That got his attention.

“How is it possible to have a ‘pleasant solar return’ with THESE kind of planetary aspects?” he wanted to know, referring, of course, to the super-stressful Cardinal Grand Cross that’s now underway.

“I’m not sure how,” I confessed. “Unless it’s just surviving what’s going on right now, and then living to tell the tale. That may be enough of a celebration.”

He chuckled.

“Actually,” he said, “this is pretty serious stuff. The way the Grand Cross hits my personal chart isn’t good at all, and I’m really worried about the impact on the U.S. horoscope.”

The opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 23, comes just 9 minutes before the square between transiting Mars and Pluto, which brings the Grand Cross pattern into its tightest alignment. The chart for the Opening Bell is shown here in the outer wheel; the inner wheel is one of the popular USA horoscopes. Note the connections between the Grand Cross and the square between Saturn and the Sun/Poseidon conjunction in the USA chart, as well as the conjunctions between transiting Venus and the USA Vulcanus and between transiting Hades and the USA Venus.

The opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 23, comes just 9 minutes before the square between transiting Mars and Pluto, which brings the Grand Cross pattern into its tightest alignment. The chart for the Opening Bell is shown here in the outer wheel; the inner wheel is one of the popular USA horoscopes. Note the connections between the Grand Cross and the square between Saturn and the Sun/Poseidon conjunction in the USA chart, as well as the conjunctions between transiting Venus and the USA Vulcanus and between transiting Hades and the USA Venus.

As experienced astrologers know, there’s a lot of disagreement in the astrological community about the correct birth chart for the U.S.A. Most of the arguments, however, are about the best time of day to use for that horoscope– there seems to be general agreement that July 4, 1776 was an important date in U.S. history, even among those who argue that a different date entirely should be used as the true inception date for the country.

Arch and I didn’t get into any of that controversy. We both agreed that the trigger of the Grand Cross, with transiting Jupiter conjoining the natal Sun and transiting Mars conjoining natal Saturn in any chart for July 4, 1776, could prove to be more than enough to trigger some big challenges for the country as a whole.

While the precision of this alignment seems to be unprecedented in modern history, have been some Jupiter/Uranus waxing squares over the past couple of centuries who effects are worth studying as a clue to what we might have facing us in the coming months. You’ll find a detailed analysis in the e-book on The Stock Market Collision Course at

And what about the markets? Arch Crawford said that he’s currently looking at three time frames that have a high potential for a major pull-back in the equities markets: from now until the early Summer; during the month of October, 2014; and then in January, 2015.

While I agreed with that general outlook, I told him that I’m looking for the Grand Cross pattern this week to light the fuse for some intensified selling action in the equities markets, with prices declining into the solar eclipse on April 29.

Whether or not that will be a major crash remains to be seen, however. I think a more likely scenario is a correction instead of a crash, with the potential for a rebound as we move into May.

And, as I reminded Arch, he and I have both been at this market forecasting game long enough to recognize one thing: if we ever feel absolutely certain about what’s coming up in the markets, then it’s a pretty good signal that we’re wrong.

He laughed and agreed with me. Essentially, we are our own strongest contrary indicators.

He also reminded me of the famous quote from Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip (Arch and I are both old enough to remember reading Pogo in the Sunday funnies): “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

Silver & The Cycles of the Moon

I always enjoy my radio interviews with Michael Yorba.

The guests on his Traders Network program bring a variety of perspectives on the markets to the show, and our chats about the astro-trading advantage fit in nicely with the other experts on technical analysis, market timing, and trading techniques. So I always feel like I’m in great company.

On top of that, Michael really asks great questions. His skill as an interviewer always helps pull more relevant facts and details to the surface, and our conversations often go in directions that help us explore key dynamics in astro-trading that many of Michael’s listeners have never heard about before.

For example, during my interview with him on Thursday, we reviewed the impact of the recent lunar eclipse on equities and Gold. We discussed the upcoming Stock Market Collision Course and the Grand Cross that’s just ahead, as well as the new monograph on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets.

Then Michael asked me about using astrology for trading Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Copper.

It gave me a great opportunity to talk about the correlations between short-term Silver cycles and the various lunar dynamics that connect with Silver so strongly.

You can listen to the whole conversation here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Gold Gets Whacked by the Blood Moon Eclipse

COMEX Gold chart at Lunar Eclipse

June Gold on the COMEX reacted sharply to the Lunar Eclipse.


Gold sure hasn’t liked the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse very much!

The yellow metal started a nose-dive at exactly the time that the Sun and Moon lined up for the spectacular lunar eclipse about 24 hours ago, sending a lot of bullish traders looking for the exits.

The price has briefly dipped well below the 1300 mark a couple of times since then, adding to the jitters on the trading floor. Right now the latest tick for the June contract on the COMEX is at 1299.80, but the 1300 price zone still seems magnetic enough to hold up as support.

We’ll see what happens as the trading unfolds later today and for the remainder of this trading week– a big move below that 1300 level could signal much more bearishness ahead.

Most importantly, though, Gold’s reaction here is a reminder of just how powerful the impact of eclipses can be.

And if you think this lunar eclipse effect is worth watching, just wait until you see the big solar eclipse in a couple of weeks!

By the way, the new monograph on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets includes a section on Gold and Silver, as well as other commodities, currencies, and financial markets.

It takes a look at the eclipse astrology impacting the chart for London Gold as well as the one for COMEX Gold.

You’ll definitely want to read that section right away if you haven’t done so already– I think the forecast there will excite you, especially in the light of Gold’s reaction to the Blood Moon Eclipse!

Blood Moon Beauty

I got a call a couple of hours ago from one of clients. He’s consulted with me for a number of years to get astrological perspectives on business and personal matters, and we’ve become good friends along the way.

“I was thinking about you last night,” he said.


“Yeah. The dog wanted to go out, and woke me up at about four o’clock in the morning. So I walked outside with the dog, and saw the Moon. It was really an incredible sight! And I had heard that it was some kind of eclipse, so naturally I thought of you.”

I told him I was glad that he was remembering to make astrological connections, and that he was able to experience the beauty of the eclipse, even if it did mean getting up in the middle of the night.

Lunar Eclipse April 15 2014

The “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014 – NASA Ames Research Center/Brian Day

His experience was fairly typical– just about everyone who was able to see the lunar eclipse last night was awestruck by how magnificent it looked, even though not everyone got to witness the blood-red color that had given it the Blood Moon designation.

What some people saw was dark orange instead. Depending on the local weather conditions, others saw the eclipse as dirty brown, or even a greyish tint.

But everybody was impressed.

The next lunar eclipse will come in October. But in the meantime, of course, we’ve got the big solar eclipse coming up in just two weeks. We can expect it to have a major influence on global affairs and on the financial markets as well.

That’s the subject of our newly-published e-book on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets.

April 2014 Eclipse Report

Download this 111-page e-book at

You can order a copy of this important new money-making report today as an instant download at