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Talking Transneptunian Stock Market Trading with Michael Yorba

It’s been quite a challenge keeping up with all my regular market analysis while I’ve been on the road during the past few weeks.

Fortunately, though, I’ve been able to connect with Michael Yorba each Thursday via my cell phone, so that we can spend a few minutes together on the air, talking about the astro-trading dynamics that represent the biggest immediate opportunities for profitable stock market trading.

I always enjoy our conversations, and it’s always helpful to spend a little time preparing for those radio interviews, since I have an opportunity to review what’s happening in the heavens and determine which planetary factors are the most likely to move the markets.

Earlier this week, for example, we talked about the potential impact that the Mercury/Hades conjunction next Wednesday may have on price resistance for the S&P 500. Our session really helped sharpen my thinking, and it set the stage for more detailed analysis and research after the interview was over.

You can hear the entire segment from Thursday’s program on the Traders Network right here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

A Reversal for Stock Market Trading, or Just Resistance?

The S&P 500 has been in a solid rally for the past two weeks, since the May 15 Venus/Uranus conjunction.

But for the past couple of days, with the index hitting new record highs again, some additional planetary factors have come into play for stock market trading which could signal a trend reversal, or at least some significant resistance that could result in the rally running out of steam.

This chart shows the planetary price lines for Mercury and Hades in the sixteenth harmonic, with the S&P currently trying to push throuhg that planetary combination in the 1914-1916 range.

We’ll be watching the action there during the coming trading days, and will be paying particular attention to the Mercury retrograde station coming up in early June, which can amplify the strength of this resistance zone.

Don’t underestimate the power of Mercury in key trading dynamics. Be sure to check out the information on Mercury and Hades in the book Mercury, Money, and the Markets (available from or direct from the publisher at


Is This Just The Pause Before the Coming Stock Market Trading Storm?

I’m currently in the midst of a couple of weeks of travel, combining the business of helping astro-traders in various parts of the country with the pleasure of participating in a couple of family weddings on back-to-back weekends.

Right now I’m in the mountains of western North Carolina, preparing for an outdoor wedding ceremony and an evening of festivities to follow. We’ve got great weather, which has the blushing bride breathing a big sigh of relief!

But even during a holiday weekend and a great occasion like this one, the opportunities in the markets don’t disappear completely. That’s why I’ve been grabbing a few spare moments this afternoon to review the planetary trends that are likely to dominate the market action next week.

As I told Michael Yorba during my weekly radio interview with him on his Traders Network radio program on Thursday, the week ahead of us brings the Moon into sharp focus as we look for potential shifts in stock market trading trends.

We’ve got a lunar return to the recent Solar Eclipse, an entire trading day with a void-of-course Moon, and then a New Moon to top it all off.

You can get the details and hear the complete conversation from Thursday’s interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, near the end of the interview I mention the fact that the special e-book on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets is available now at a 25% discount if you use the Coupon Code YORBA when you place your order. That Coupon Code is good through the end of the day on Monday, so to take advantage of the savings you’ll want to to go to to place your order while there’s still time.

Looking for More Eclipse Effects in a Short Trading Week

Next week will give us only four trading days thanks to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, which will keep U.S. markets closed that day.

But even if the week is short, it could still pack a pretty big punch, thanks to a Lunar Return to the April 29 Solar Eclipse combining its energies with the New Moon next Wednesday.

It’s important to remember that Solar Eclipses have long-term market effects. Some newcomers to astro-trading get confused if they don’t see an instant dramatic effect on the exact date of an eclipse, but once you become more experienced with applying astrological dynamics and planetary cycles to the markets you can see that eclipses have results for many, many months after the actual event.

For a detailed discussion of the May 26 Lunar Return to this most recent eclipse, be sure to read pages 80-81 in the e-book on “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets“.

A New Look at the Venus Stock Market Trading Top

During my interview with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show yesterday, we had a chance to talk about the role that Venus has been playing in defining price levels for this week’s stock market trading top.

In our previous conversation I had identified Venus-based price resistance as potentially stopping the advance in the S&P 500 at 1903.35, based on the work I had done using techniques developed by W. D. Gann to analyze the Venus/Pluto waxing square on May 14. (You’ll find more details on that forecast on my May 8 Blog Post.)

As it turned out, however, the exact time for the stock market trading top was at 10:44 Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, May 13, with the S&P turning at 1902.17 instead.

S&P 500 Stock Market Trading at Venus Top

A look at the one-minute price bars for the S&P 500 shows the way that planetary price action can influence stock market trading opportunities. The trading top came at 10:44 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

When Michael and I discussed this yesterday, he was quick to praise the accuracy of my forecast, and I talked about the role that the upcoming Mars station is already playing in speeding up some of the planetary phenomena that we’re looking at as potential movers of the price action in stock market trading right now.

After the radio interview, however, I did some more thinking about what had happened in the markets earlier in the week.

Why had the resistance point been hit on Tuesday instead of Wednesday?

And why was the top at 1902 instead of 1903? I was a little puzzled.

Then it dawned on me.

Venus moves pretty fast, so on May 13 it wasn’t yet in a position that corresponded with 1903 in the S&P!

I took a look at the horoscope for the actual trading top, and calculated the S&P price level that corresponded with the position of Venus when the stock market trading top occurred:

Venus Position at Trading Top

The red arrow here points to the position of Venus at the precise time that the action in stock market trading with the S&P 500 hit its high of 1902.17 (the exact Venus location corresponded to 1902.05).

Obviously, 1902.05 is a lot closer to 1902.17 than 1903.35 is– so close, in fact, that it unequivocally confirms the role Venus has been playing in articulating active price resistance this week.

But what was Venus doing that made the market turn on May 13 instead of May 14?

The 90-degree dial for the stock market trading top answered that question fast:

Venus Trading Top 90-degree Dial

The position of Venus (at the red pointer) on the 90-degree dial for the moment of the trading top in stock market trading on May 13, 2014 shows its activation of the Mars/Zeus midpoint (indicating decision action and a technical turning point) and the Jupiter/Kronos midpoint (growth to the highest possible level) – a combination that clearly signals the potential for a trading top at that time, with Venus defining the exact price level.

This unique combination of midpoint structures provides a startling definition of a trading top. And these specific planetary signals also gave us a dramatic reminder of just how important it is for us to use transneptunian factors like Zeus and Kronos in our astro-trading forecasts!

The bottom line here is this– not all of our forecasts are correct, but when they miss the mark (even very slightly), it’s sometimes worth the extra effort to take another look to see what we can learn in retrospect.

That’s how the art and science of astro-trading keep moving ahead!

By the way, if you missed hearing the interview with Michael Yorba yesterday, you can listen to it right here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

Mars Stations and Stock Market Trading

“Does this stuff really work?”

That’s a question I get a lot from people who haven’t experienced the astro-trading advantage for themselves.

The answer, of course, is Absolutely YES!

But that response doesn’t really tell us much, mainly because the question itself is so limited.

A far better question would be “HOW does this stuff work?” or “What kinds of effects do the planets actually have on the markets?”

The Mars direct station coming up next week is a case in point.

Mars stations are definitely market accelerators, and sometimes they trigger trend reversals. But each Mars station brings its own unique characteristics to the circumstances surrounding stock market trading.

If you take a look at these trading charts for the S&P you’ll see what I mean:

Stock Market Trading - Mars Stations 2007 and 2008

Prices fell in the stock market trading that took place while Mars was retrograde in late 2007 and early 2008. A brief bounce immediately after the Mars direct station on January 30, 2008 was followed with price congestion and a fresh price decline.


Mars Stations and S&P 2009-2010

The Mars stations in late 2009 and early 2010 defined a profitable period in stock market trading, with the direct station on March 10, 2010 signaling a break above previous resistance.

Mars station Impact on the S&P in 2012

A rising price trend in stock market trading during much of the time while Mars was retrograde in 2012 culminated with a pull-back just prior to the direct station on April 13, which was following by trading congestion prior to a steep decline.

The Stock Market Trading Environment Feels The Effect As The Venus Translation Gets Underway

The big Cardinal Grand Cross hit its peak on April 22-23, giving us a real focal point in the Stock Market Collision Course we’ve been experiencing during the past few months.

But even though that powerful planetary alignment is behind us now, it’s still making its influence felt, thanks to some assistance from other planets.

Venus/Pluto Waxing Square and Stock Market Trading at the Full Moon

The intra-day trading action for the S&P 500 on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 reveals the sharp break from trading congestion that coincided with the Venus/Pluto waxing square, an event that begins a Venus translation of the powerful Cardinal Grand Cross that took place last month. Along with the Full Moon which came along just a couple of hours after the precise Venus/Pluto alignment, this event marked an important inflection point for stock market trading.

Right now, for example, transiting Venus is forming alignments with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter, reactivating the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross from last month. Although Venus alignments with these three planets are not rare events by any stretch of the imagination, the combination of all these trigger points in rapid-fire sequence is really an unusual occurrence

As I’ve noted before in previous blog posts and elsewhere, this Venus translation of the Cardinal Grand Cross has the potential for signaling a trading top in the equities markets. Based on the trading chart on this page, showing the intra-day price action for the S&P throughout the trading day today, we may already be seeing the first phase of just such a trading top.

What seems more likely at this point, however, is a strong bounce upward from the trading lows established today, with a push toward higher prices in equities as we move into the Mars direct station on May 19, with consequences that may be more unpredictable than expected as we head for a big leg downward after that.

Either way, I think it’s appropriate to emphasize the incredible insights that we benefit from as astro-traders, getting glimpses of future astrological patterns, market dynamics, and geopoliitcal events beofe they had an opportunity to make their full influence felt.


What Really Works in Stock Market Trading with Astrology – Consistent Astro-Trading Results

We call it the Astro-Trading Advantage.

It’s the powerful edge you get as a trader when you combine the tools of technical analysis and solid fundamental perspectives with the unique insights provided by a connection with planetary cycles.

It’s what really works when you apply astrology to stock market trading.

Using the techniques of astrology in a consistent trading plan has produced annual returns that have out-performed the major market averages in stock market trading year after year after year.

Using the techniques of astrology in a consistent trading plan has produced annual returns that have out-performed the major market averages in stock market trading year after year after year.

It’s also what has empowered us to get such consistently profitable trading results with our Model Portfolio at

And it’s the focus of the day-long intensive I’ll be presenting next Sunday, May 18, in Miami.

We’ll have an intimate group gathering for an up-close-and-personal look at what goes on behind the scenes as we prepare a weekly market analysis, fine-tune high-potential stock selections, and work out the details of specific trading strategies, including trade entry times and initial stop-loss levels.

We’ll not only discuss the concepts involved, we’ll also put them to practical use as the group refines the trading plan that will be shared later that evening with our inner circle group of Gold-Plus Elite members at

This is unlike any other astro-trading workshop you’ve ever attended, and if you’re in the Miami area next Sunday (or if you can get there!) it’s definitely an experience that you won’t want to miss.

To get connected with the event, please RSVP to Lynne Hyde at 305-759-2202 (or email her at — the workshop will be held at her home, and she’ll be glad to provide you with directions.

Lynne’s home is a great location, by the way. For more information, see the blog post from earlier today at:

We’ve Been Offered A Great Location for Our Astro-Trading Intensive Workshop in Miami Next Sunday


Yesterday I had a wonderful phone conversation with Lynne Hyde in Miami.

Lynne is an avid supporter of astrological activities in south Florida, as well as being an accomplished astrologer herself.

She will also be the hostess for our Astro-Trading Intensive in Miami with the NCGR group next Sunday, May 18.

We’ll be meeting at her home overlooking Biscayne Bay from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. that day to explore  “What Really Works in Astro-Trading” – the unique advantages that come to traders who add an understanding of planetary cycles to their stock market trading.

“There have been a lot of world-class astrologers who have come to my home over the years and shared some fabulous knowledge here,” she told me. “We’ve got plenty of space to handle a big crowd, and I know you’ll find it to be a great place to get together for the workshop.”

I can’t wait.

I also hope you’ll be able to join us there!

If you’re in south Florida, or will be anywhere near Miami this weekend, it will really be worth the effort to attend.

The fee for the full-day session is just $90, and it will be an incredible opportunity to look over my shoulder as I work through a weekly market analysis and forecast.

There will also be plenty of time for questions, answers, and in-depth discussion of the tools and techniques that make the astro-trading experience so rewarding.

Lynne’s home is at 9011 North Bayshore Drive, Miami Florida 33138. She suggests that you give her a call if you’re thinking about coming on Sunday, since “sometimes the GPS directions get a little confusng” in getting to the location.

To RSVP, or to get the easiest driving directions, give Lynne a call at 305-759-2202 or send her an email at

Hope to see you there!

NYSE Solar Return: Fraud, Deception & Emotion in Stock Market Trading During the Next 12 Months

It’s really a powerful chart, but it’s not necessarily a pretty picture.

As part of my preparation for the celebration of the birthday of the New York Stock Exchange next weekend, I’ve just taken time to do a detailed study of the solar return horoscope for that venerable institution.

It’s calculated for the exact time this year that the Sun comes back to the zodiacal position it was in on Thursday morning, May 17, 1792, when a group of traders got together under a buttonwood tree at the foot of Wall Street in New York City to tell lies and swap securities.

Along the way, they laid the foundation for stock market trading for centuries to come.

Here’s what the solar return horoscope looks like:

Stock Market Trading - NYSE Solar Return 2014

This solar return horoscope is calculated from the exact time that the Sun comes back to the position it was in at 8:52 a.m. LMT on May 17, 1792, when trading first began for the group that eventually became the New York Stock Exchange. The chart can tell us about stock market trading during the coming twelve months.

Pay attention here to the conjunction of Neptune with the Ascendant on the left side of the wheel, as well as the Sun/Admetos conjunction, the Moon/Pluto conjunction, and the conjunction of Apollon with the True Lunar Node.

Those factors suggest fresh limitations on the NYSE (probably from ICE deliberately cutting back on the number of issues available for trading), a highly-charged emotional atmosphere driving plenty of wild price speculation, and a high potential for outright fraud and deception.

And, with Venus finishing up its translation of the Grand Cross in Cardinal zodiac signs, there’s also a big potential a widespread global impact from shifts in the NYSE during the next twelve months. (That Venus translation is also likely to have a short-term impact in setting up a shift in market trend; check out the recent blog post here at:

This solar return chart just underscores the importance of understanding the implications of New York Stock Exchange astrology in getting an accurate overview of the markets as a whole. That’s the subject of an article in the current issue of newsletter, which is distributed weekly to our members to provide tools and tips to enhance their stock market trading performance as astro-traders– you’ll find it at:

It’s also what I’ll be talking about with the NCGR chapter in Ft. Lauderdale next weekend during my presentation on “The NYSE at 222” – I hope you can join us then!

You’ll find more details on next weekend’s activities on the blog post from May 8, including contact information for the event. Take a look at: