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Another Emerald Tablet Trade for Gold

In the book Mercury, Money and the Markets: Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short-Term Astro-Trading, there’s a description of the Emerald Tablet trading technique for Gold, as well as a complete list of dates between 2012 and 2050 when this trade set-up can occur for the yellow metal.

It’s a simple technique, and one that every astro-trader in precious metals needs to know about.

As the book explains, this unique approach to Gold involves an observation of the trading range on the date of a Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction, and then watching for price excursions beyond that range to set up potential profits on the date of the next Sun/Mercury superior conjunction, when Gold is likely to return to (or at least overlap) the previous trading range.

For example, this phenomenon last occurred between February and April this year, with Gold closing at 1303.60 on April 25 in a return to the 1299.90 – 1321.50 trading range established in mid-February: We are now nearing the completion of another such cycle, with the Sun/Mercury superior conjunction on August 8 likely to see Gold touching the trading range that was established on June 19:

We’ll discuss these charts and review coming price trends during the webinar tonight:

Why Give Away A Free Astro-Trading Course?

I’ve been surprised at the number of people who’ve asked me about this.

The registration period for our new class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope is set to begin tomorrow, and the word has somehow leaked out about one of the bonuses that are being provided to the students who enroll.

It’s access to the entire course content for the high-powered program we did a couple of years ago on “The Confidential Astro-Trading Formula for Financial Independence” – all the videos, recordings, and downloads are included.

That class is a powerhouse of practical astro-trading information, and it was originally priced at $1,995.00 – by the way, that’s a good bit more than the entire tuition cost of the new How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope class!

So why am I giving it away?

Because I specifically want to encourage traders to participate in this new class, and I don’t want them to be scared away because the new class doesn’t have the word “TRADING” in the title!

This video has a few more details for you:

Join Our Live Conversation On Money Astrology Today!

We’ve got a live online chat session scheduled for Saturday evening, July 26th, starting at 6:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

You’re welcome to join the conversation then – for details on getting connected, go to:

Looking forward to talking with you then!

Another Round of Eclipse Effects

In the past few days we’ve started to see the residual effects of the April solar eclipse playing out in the markets, especially in relation to the next solar eclipse, which is coming up in October.

The 2-eclipse midpoint is an important stress period in market timing, and that eclipse effect hits a peak this weekend, with a focus on the trading action on Monday, July 28.

That means it’s appropriate to look at the price levels associated with potential resistance in the S&P based on the interactions of these two eclipses.

Here’s what that look like:


We’ll be watching these resistance zones closely during the next couple of weeks, since significant action at any of these price levels could help us more clearly define the price action we need to be keeping an eye on a little later in the year.

How Zombies Got A Big Break

I really enjoyed hearing the NPR interview with movie director George Romero while I was having coffee yesterday morning. (NPR has the replay and transcript available on their website at:

Romero was the one whose creative genius added zombies to the pantheon of classic movie monsters, thanks to his breakthrough low-budget production of “Night of the Living Dead” back in 1968.

Before that movie came out, there were plenty of vampires and werewolves on the silver screen, as well as King Kong, Godzilla, an assortment of predatory dinosaurs, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The Mummy had even put in a few spooky appearances.

But the zombies hadn’t made it to the big time yet.

George Romero’s great gift was not only one of turning zombies into scary-movie superstars, but also of using his films as fiercely satiric vehicles for social commentary – dealing with racial prejudice in “Night of the Living Dead” and rampant consumerism in “Dawn of the Dead” for example.

But the irony of hearing the NPR interview with Romero was the fact that I had just been focused on horror movies myself – in fact, I had discussed them briefly in my new video on “What’s Wrong With Astrology?”, which is now available online.

You can see it now at – take a look, and then tell me what you think by leaving a comment at: ‎

It’s information that definitely sets the astro-traders apart from the trading zombies!

Watch the video and then send me a comment to let me know if you agree.

What You May Be Missing In Your Money Strategies

I just put together a new video for active traders – it’s about what may be missing in your approach to the markets (or even in your personal money management if you’re not trading at all), and includes a simple strategy you can use right now to get better financial results in almost no time at all.

This is the first video in a new series – whether you’re an active astaro-trader in the stock or commodities markets, or whether you’re just wanting to get more leverage in paying your bills, taking care of family members, or planning vacation travel, this is solid stuff that can make a big difference in your personal wealth.

This is a series of free videos, and this one even comes with a bonus pdf file that you can download immediately.

Take a look at

When you’ve had a chance to watch this new video, please share the link with others and send me an email with your comments and suggestions – I’d love to hear from you!

Taking Our Stock Market Trading Money Off The Table

It’s always fun to get into a good conversation about stock market trading, especially when there’s a lot going on in the market environment, and even more especially when there are big trading profits along the way.

This week has been no exception. When I joined Michael Yorba for an astro-trading discussion yesterday on his Traders Network TV program, we talked about the treacherous situation in the markets now.

I explained that here at our Gold-Plus Elite members have been taking some money off the table and closing out some profitable long positions in their stock market trading in recent weeks, in anticipation of a major correction.

It gave us a good opportunity to illustrate just how profitable the astro-trading advantage can really be!

You watch the entire interview, including some sample trading charts of our successful trades, right here:

Free Astrological Stock Market Trading Video Now Available For Instant Online Viewing

The replay of the entire 50-minute webinar we presented on Friday evening is available to watch for free right now!

I put together this special presentation because I realized how much we needed to discuss how planetary price equivalents impact trading resistance zones (and can thus contribute to a stock market trading top), in order to put these core astro-trading concepts into the proper perspective for our members and students.

The webinar was also open to the public, but unfortunately our automated registration system blew up yesterday evening, so many of the people who registered ahead weren’t able to get access to the live event.

The weird thing about it is that about 25% of the people who registered before hand (using the same system) WERE able to get into the webinar without any problems!

Go figure.

As of right now, I’m still very much in the dark about exactly what happened to create the problems with the registration system.

And I’m much more concerned about not having it happen again than I am with knowing all the behind-the-scenes technical stuff that was involved in this fiasco.

That’s why I’m so pleased that we’re now able to provide this free video replay. You can connect with the video now at:

During the webinar we looked at the S&P 500, the FTSE-100, Corn, the dollar, and some individual equities as well. We also probed the relationship between price and time in the markets, and included some solid ideas on the specific trading strategies to consider as we confront the probability of a major correction in equities.

The replay site also includes links to valuable astro-trading tools and reference materials that can help speed you on your way to greater success in the markets.


You’ll definitely want to check them out.

But even if you’re not actively involved in stock market trading right now, I think you’ll find this recording interesting.

The full webinar replay is free.

Take a look at the video now at:

Yorba’s Questions About A Stock Market Trading Top

“Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the market, Tim.”

That’s what Michael Yorba said at the end of our televised interview yesterday.

He’s been getting the bugs out of his new TV production format, but the format itself is secondary to the high-quality content his show consistently delivers.

During our interview yesterday we discussed the planetary factors that are ganging up right now to make a stock market trading top a bigger probability – including the Super Moon, the Mercury Retrograde Return, the Jupiter Ingress, and of course the big Jupiter/Apollon waning square that’s already shaking things up so much.

You can watch the entire segment from yesterday’s show right here:

Why A Big Discount on This Stock Market Trading Guide?

The report I put together on 62 Stocks To Watch at the Jupiter-Apollon Alignment is practically brand new.


In fact, it was just published a couple of weeks ago – it’s the result of the research I was doing into the best trading opportunities for stocks that are specifically impacted by the current Jupiter/Apollon waning square.

So why is it on sale from the publisher right now at a 72% discount?

Because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First of all, it’s packed with practical information that can be turned into stock market trading profits, and a big part of my personal mission is to spread the word about the opportunities that await anyone who wants to apply astrology to the markets.

That includes small-scale, mom & pop investors who are up against the steam roller of the big banks, hedge funds, and behind-the-scenes market manipulators.

Secondly, I felt it was important to get this information out right now, since it specifically relates to the powerful Jupiter/Apollon alignment that’s currently driving the market action.

There will still be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this situation as other planets trigger this alignment during the coming weeks and months, but you’ll have a distinct advantage if you get involved right now.

That’s why I wanted to get rid of any price barriers.

Finally, I wanted the price to be low during this limited-time sale (it ends on Monday) because this new report is not just a guide to current trading opportunities.

It also contains comments about the big-money forces that are driving the markets now, and I wanted to make sure that you got that perspective, too, even though it may not be 100% “politially correct”.

So the bottom line is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this new report – in fact, it’s actually a bargain at the full retail price.

I just hope you’ll take advantage of the current deep discount to get a copy so you can get the full advantage for yourself.

The sale is on through midnight Monday night at: