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A Rare Daily Horoscope

Every day brings its own planetary configurations.The daily horoscope that gets created for all of us brings the potential for celebrations or challenges, depending on how our individual natal charts are impacted by current celestial events.

That’s what draws so many of us to the daily horoscope column in their newspaper or favorite website. We all want to know what makes us special. We want to know what we can do to align ourselves more effectively with today’s planetary weather, so that we can succeed in love, money, career, or other endeavors.

A lot of the timing factors that influence a daily horoscope are pretty bold and hard to overlook – big planetary conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses, Mercury going retrograde, or an intense Full Moon.

What Makes This Daily Horoscope Different

But there are days, like today, when the key features in a daily horoscope get overlooked by many astrologers. That’s because there’s not quite as much drama involved. This chart shows you what I’m talking about:


November 2014 Daily Horoscope Cluster

There are only three tight planetary clusters in 2014, with five or more planets within a 20-degree span. This cluster began on November 21, with the Moon at 15 Scorpio; it ends on November 23, with Mercury at 22 degrees Scorpio. Note that this chart is set for New York City, but the time is GMT.

What’s interesting about this daily horoscope chart is the fact that includes at least five planets within a span of just 20 degrees of celestial longitude. Again, that’s not something that jumps out in astrology textbooks. But it’s worth paying attention to since it’s a fairly rare phenomenon.

What do I mean by rare? Well, the last time this happened was in January. We’ll get another alignment of this sort in late December. But after that we’ll only get one of them in all of 2015, and one each in 2017 and 2018. We won’t have one at all in 2016, and we didn’t get one in 1975 or 2008, either.

What Does It Mean For You?

So what does all this signify for your daily horoscope?

The answer goes beyond your Sun sign. This planetary cluster actually began on November 21, with the Moon at 15°51′ Scorpio. That means you should examine your own personal natal chart. Focus on everything that’s positioned between 15°51′ Scorpio and 22°37′ Scorpio.

That’s especially important if any of the money planets in your chart are in that degree range. But no matter what your daily horoscope has to say on a good day or a bad day, it always pays to know how to find the money in your horoscope!

Southwest Airlines Trade Nets 16%

Our Gold-Plus Elite members here at closed out a very successful trade on Thursday, when we got stopped out of our position in Southwest Airlines (LUV) stock trade.

We had originally discussed this trade during our members conference call on Sunday evening, October 19, when we talked about the planetary harmonics influencing the price action in this stock. That day we also published this trading chart in the Gold-Plus Elite members area of our website, showing the planetary price lines that helped structure the price action for this stock.

LUV 02

During that conference call, we discussed some of the upcoming planetary transits which could add some trading volatility to the stock during the coming week, and suggested that an entry point on Friday, October 24  might allow for a more advantageous purchase price in a long position in Southwest Airlines stock.

Our Gold-Plus Elite members entered the trade on Friday, October 24 at a purchase price of 33.40, and we put 300 shares at that price in our Model Portfolio on that date. After that, our Gold-Plus Elite members got specific trade management instructions, and repeatedly raised the stop-loss level on the trade to lock in profits as the stock for Southwest Airlines advanced.

LUV 03

When we got stopped out of the trade on Thursday, November 20, we had been in the position for 19 trading days, and netted a profit of $1,605 on our 300-share position.

This was a profitable return of 16.02 percent with just 19 days of market exposure, a vivid demonstration of the astro-trading advantage.

Congratulations to our Gold-Plus Elite members!

Islamic State Dinar – Threat or Joke?

The new money on the world scene, the Islamic State dinar, has gotten only cursory attention from the mainstream media since its introduction last week.

Most news outlets have treated it as a curiosity, worthy of a few oblique comments or ham-fisted wisecracks at best.

But as I looked at the astrology behind this bit of news from the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, depending on your source) I realized that there may be more here than meets the eye.

That ‘s why I pulled together my research to present a special webinar last night on “The Hidden Side of the New Money” – my hope was that we could open up a discussion about the potentially very serious implications of this latest salvo from the Islamic State in the ongoing global currency wars.

If you missed the webinar, or want to review the information, you can watch the full recording here:

Take a look, and be sure to leave me a comment – I’d really like to know what you think about this new development, no matter what your feelings about the Islamic State may be!

Astro-Trading The Neptune Station

Neptune made its annual Direct Station during the weekend, and right now it looks like the response in the equities market is exactly what we were expecting to see.

S&P at Neptune Direct

Back-testing the price action for the S&P 500 at previous Neptune Direct Stations helps us formulate an astro-trading strategy. The S&P typically starts topping out of an uptrend about three days before the station, and then begins a strong uptrend a couple of days after the Neptune event.

We did extensive back-testing of the impact that previous Neptune Direct Stations have had on the price action in the S&P 500 during past years, to see what kind of astro-trading assumptions might be reasonable this time around.

As the chart showing the research results indicates, it’s typical for the market to be in a sustained uptrend during the period leading up to the station, with some topping action and price consolidation getting underway a few days prior to the exact date that Neptune changes course. Then a fresh uptrend gets underway just two calendar days after the Direct Station.


Price Action in the SPX from November 4 - 18, 2014

Price Action in the SPX from November 4 – 18, 2014

Here’s the price action in the SPX during the current Direct Station period. As you can see, prices were indeed in a sustained uptrend for well over a week prior to the event, and then topped out on Thursday, November 13. (Note that this was actually three calendar days prior to the station, which took place on Sunday, November 16.

In this case the overall bullishness in the market was more than enough to prevent a major market pull-back, but we did in fact see some trading congestion on Friday and Monday, just before and after the Neptune Station.

The markets are still open today, but from the looks of things so far we seem to be getting exactly the kind of action that our astro-trading research has led us to expect – the SPX has gotten off to an aggressively bullish start, exactly two days after the date of the Neptune Direct Station!

Should FOREX Traders Be Worried?



You don’t have to be a FOREX trader to know that something big is brewing in global currencies.

The Japanese yen has been in the spotlight as the Bank of Japan cranks up the printing presses and the economic news  continues to be turbulent.

The euro has been fighting hard to keep its head above water, but there’s still plenty of doubt about its longer-term stability.

Meanwhile, the US dollar has been looking pretty good. But just how long will that last, especially with China lurking in the background?

And just last week, some brand-new money hit the world stage, emerging from a completely unexpected source.

It’s obviously not an active factor in FOREX trading yet, but the astrology behind the event suggests that we need to take this newcomer very seriously!

I’ve been digging into the relevant horoscopes, and have really been amazed by what I’ve been seeing – this could wind up going far beyond FOREX, with a ripple effect that could be felt for years to come!

I’ll be sharing the details in a special webinar on Wednesday evening – hope you can join me for that free event:

The Home Depot Identity Theft & The April Eclipse

Back in September The Home Depot admitted that the company’s customer record database had been hacked, apparently starting in April and continuing until early September of this year.

It was big news, of course, but it somehow didn’t seem all that shocking, since The Home Depot was just the latest big company to reveal massive problems with data breaches and major identity theft impacting its customers — other firms include Target, Neiman Marcus, Dairy Queen and JPMorgan Chase.

The shattering of privacy has become widespread and seems to be well orchestrated, with the government security apparatus providing little defense — mainly because government agencies seem just as intent on grabbing citizens’ private data.

But now things have escalated even more.


Just yesterday The Home Depot admitted that its big identity theft invasion had resulted in the theft of more than 53 million email addresses. The company insisted, of course, that no really important information about its customers had been stolen, like passwords for store accounts. But in spite of its reassurances, there’s little doubt about the seriousness of the attack.


That’s where some astrological insights are helpful. Remember that the security breach and identity theft took place in April, when there was a powerful solar eclipse. As this presentation of the 90-degree dial version of the Home Depot First-Trade horoscope illustrates, that eclipse activated the Neptune/Kronos midpoint in the HD chart.

That planetary picture represents a situation in which there is large-scale deception going on, with big misunderstandings about consequences. It’s also the astrological signature of incompetent management.

This is a grim reminder of the power of eclipses, of course, but it’s also a warning — even if you haven’t used a credit card at Target or The Home Depot during the past year, you’re very much at risk of identity theft and the total loss of privacy.

As Brian Mills and others have pointed out, this is tantamount to a state of war — but it’s a war directed against civilians, very much in keeping with the continuing atmosphere of dangerous confrontation that characterizes this time of Uranus/Pluto squares.