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Mercury Retrograde Replay Ahead?

I ran across some interesting historical information over the weekend.

I was researching the potential impact of the upcoming Mercury retrograde period on stock market activity.

Along the way, as is so often the case, I uncovered some other stuff as well.

Finding Stuff I Didn’t Expect

That’s one of the great pleasures of doing research. The cool stuff I find when I’m looking for something else.

At any rate, here’s the fact that I uncovered yesterday:

Mercury Retrograde Social Security

A Mercury Retrograde period had just ended when the first Social Security checks went into the mail in 1936.

On February 13, 1936, the U.S. Government starting mailing out the first-ever Social Security checks to benefit recipients in the new federal program. (At least it was part of a “New Deal” back in 1936!)

An Important Date in Mercury Retrograde History

February 13, 1936.

What’s so special about that date?

According to the Mercury retrograde research published in the Mercury, Money & The Markets book, it was an important date astrologically.

On February 13, 1936, Mercury made a direct station at 1º Aquarius.

We get three Mercury retrograde periods each year. But a direct station by that fast-moving planet at exactly 1º Aquarius is a surprisingly rare event.

It happened in 1936, on the day that Social Security checks first hit the mail.

It’s never happened since then.

At least not yet.

Next month, on February 11, 2015, Mercury will once again make a direct station at 1º Aquarius.

It’s the first time since 1936.

And before that, on January 21, 2015, we will be starting a Mercury retrograde period with a planetary station at 17º Aquarius.

That’s also a rare event.

The last time there was a Mercury retrograde station at 17º Aquarius was on January 24, 1936.

When I learned that, I did some back-testing.

I wanted to learn what happened to the stock market during the Mercury retrograde period in January and February in 1936.

The results were surprising.

Mercury Retrograde Gets A Bad Rap

I learned that Mercury retrograde doesn’t always deserve the bad rap it gets in pop astrology.

Things don’t always turn out horribly when we have a Mercury retrograde period.

Yes, our perception of the Mercury retrograde phenomenon is an illusion. It’s rooted in the ancient Ptolemaic model of a geocentric universe.

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore Mercury retrograde.

As Kristin Dombek noted last week in her thought-provoking article on “Retrograde Beliefs” in the New York Times Magazine, Mercury retrograde adds value to our human experience.

And, as the data in Mercury, Money & The Markets reveals, Mercury retrograde can also add value to the stock market.

Mercury Retrograde in 1936

So what about January and February? What about the Mercury retrograde period starting at 17º Aquarius?

In 1936, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained almost 7% during that Mercury retrograde cycle!

And that’s not all.

The market activity in January 1936 before the Mercury retrograde period began is also a match. It closely parallels the market activity we’ve seen so far this month, in January 2015.

There are even more 1936 and 2015 correspondences.  You’ll find them in the current issue of the FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter.

It’s worth reading if you’re currently trading in any market.

But even if you’re not in the markets now, pay attention to the Mercury retrograde period that’s starting on January 21.

You might be surprised to hear some good news during the following weeks.

And don’t forget February 11, when the Mercury retrograde period ends.

That date may or may not have anything to do with Social Security.

But good things could happen.

You may even learn then that a check for you is in the mail….



Cycle Trading Gets Big Results

Cycle trading really works.

During the past couple of weeks I’ve been studying our 2014 trading results for the Model Portfolio at

It was a very impressive year.

Like any trading plan, our strategy included some losing trades as well as some winners.

But the average size of our winning trades was bigger than our losers.

As a result, the trading year was a very profitable one.

In fact, we outperformed the Dow Industrials.

We also beat the S&P 500 Index.

We have our specialized strategy of short-term cycle trading to thank for that!

In our case, of course, cycle trading includes planetary dynamics.

We gain a lot by adding the astro-trading advantage to a solid cycle trading approach.

It lets us refine our timing.

We can enter trades more precisely.

And we can exit them more profitably.

And this kind of performance we saw in 2014 wasn’t an anomaly.

Cycle Trading Model Portfolio Results

Combining astro-trading techniques with short-term cycle trading gets consistently profitable results.

We’ve been beating the averages year after year after year.

Cycle Trading Bragging Rights

To highlight our success, I just put together a quick video. It reviews what went on in the Model Portfolio during the past year.

This video is a chance to brag about our great cycle trading results, of course.

But it’s meant to do more than that.

I’ve been in this business a lot of years, but I think I’ve just understood something.

When it comes to cycle trading, most people just don’t get it.

They expect market cycles to pinpoint exact market actions. Then they get disappointed when the markets don’t move precisely as they expected.

They convince themselves that cycles don’t really work at all.

A Demonstration of Cycle Trading Results

I hope the video will help put that misconception to rest.

I want to clear up some of the confusion. That’s one of the reasons I made the video in the first place.

It’s also the reason I’m working on a new mini-course. It will be available soon.

The focus for the new mini-course will be on successful cycle trading.

If you’re new to cycle trading, it will help you get up to speed really, really fast.

And if you’re a cycle trading veteran, it will boost your skills for more profitable results.

What Do You Want To Know About Cycle Trading?

As we finish up the work on this new mini-course, I’d appreciate your suggestions.

I don’t want to leave out anything important as I push to give you information fast.

That’s where you come in.

If you’ve got about four minutes, please share your ideas about what you’d like to see in the course.

Go to:



Intel – A Promising Copycat?

The week-long Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas finished up over the weekend.

Even so, there’s some remaining buzz about the event’s keynote presentation by Brian Krzanich. He’s the CEO of chipmaker Intel Corporation (NASDAQ – INTC).

You can watch the full hour-long presentation by the Intel CEO HERE.

Inside The Intel Bag of Tricks

During his time in the limelight on the CES 2015 stage, Krzanich boasted that Intel will be a global leader in “The Next Consumer Technology Wave” during 2015. He promised big breakthroughs from the company in “Computing Unleashed,” “Intelligence Everywhere,” and “The Wearable Revolution”.

His presentation featured RealSense camera technology, coming advances in 3-D printing, robotics, and games with drones.

And there was the Nixie wearable flying camera.

And the Curie computing module, a multi-purpose device the size of a shirt button. Intel hopes it will be integrated into a variety of wearable applications by the end of this year.

Krzanich closed with a pledge. His company will commit $300 million to promoting workplace diversity by hiring and promoting more women and minorities.

Visionary Innovation or Wishful Thinking?

It was certainly entertaining. But it left many industry pundits shrugging their shoulders. Krzanich was mainly talking about improvements in existing technology instead of breakthrough innovations.

Even so, INTC stock was up 1.1% for the week, with Intel advancing while the broader market lost ground.

Intel Jupiter Apollon Chart

Intel stock has seen some significant upward price moves following fifteenth-harmonic alignments of Jupiter and Apollon. The most recent one was in October; the next one is coming up on January 29.

All this comes just before the company’s next earnings announcement on Thursday, January 15, which we’ll be watching closely to see how the market responds.

Intel Earnings Horoscope

Earnings Announcement times are always significant occasions for stock traders, since they focus attention on the underlying company’s performance and become a basis for forecasting future price movements in the stock. INTC has lagged the previous year’s performance in two of its five most recent quarters, but analysts are expecting positive news this week when the numbers come out for the closing quarter of 2014. Although some of the analysts may be overly optimistic, the astrology for Thursday’s announcement by Intel supports the notion of a positive report, with the transiting Mercury/Venus conjunction aligned with the INTC First-Trade Sun and the transiting Uranus/Pluto waxing square creating a powerful T-square pattern with the INTC First-Trade Mars.

2014 was a strong year overall for Intel. So even a positive report could be considered a disappointment, given the strange logic of Wall Street.

But the astrological factors at work seem favorable, both at the time of the earnings report and for some time afterwards.

So watch Intel. You can read more about the stock in the latest issue of newsletter.

INTC may be shaping up as a potential candidate for intermediate-term investment.

So check it out.

Even if the company’s push into “The Next Wave” is more copycat behavior than genuine creativity.

Astro-Trading Resources for the New Year

Here are a few things you should be aware of as we get the New Year underway.

They’re all connections you can make to expand your astro-trading skills and improve the profitability of your trading in 2015.

How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope Class

This is an over-the-top learning experience that can help you connect with the money you deserve, whether or not you’re actively involved in the markets.

I mention it here because the registration deadline for the next class is rapidly approaching – you have until the end of the day on Tuesday, January 6, to get signed up as a class participant.

To get more details on the class, and to connect with the registration page, go to:


Trading Trends, Opinions & Attitudes Survey

This is a quick, 5-question online survey that will take you about 4 minutes to complete.

The reason we’re providing the survey is because we want to know what would be most helpful to you during the entire year ahead.

Your answers are confidential, of course.

Please take a couple of minutes now to respond at:


January Astro-Trading Webinar Replay

Earlier today we presented our special start-of-the-year webinar for our inner circle astro-trading group of Gold-Plus Elite members at

You can watch the complete replay of the entire 50-minute online event here: