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Sneak Peek At Webinar Today

When we get together at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time this afternoon for a special live webinar, we’ll be opening up some doors that are usually locked shut so you can get a special sneak peek inside our astro-trading lab.

You’ll discover what my latest research has been revealing, and what our members and students have been sharing about their own challenges and successes in astro-trading. 

It’s a rare opportunity to get an insider’s glimpse at some work in progress.

That means there may be some unanswered questions, but also an unusual opportunity to see a brand-new program in its earliest stages of development.

You Could Be a Key Member of Our R&D Team

And if you decide to connect with me for this live event online, you’ll also learn about how you can become a part of our research and development team yourself – if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of the latest breakthroughs in financial astrology!


The whole plan for this webinar is going to be pretty spontaneous and a little bit experimental, too – I am currently trying out different webinar services to see what can give us the best ways of staying connected. 

That means that things could get a little glitchy technically – but if you’re willing to bear with me, I think you’ll be pretty excited by the information we’ll be discussing. 

To make matters easy for this event, there’s no pre-registration required  – just go online at 4:00 p.m. Eastern (1:00 p.m. Pacific) this afternoon (Wednesday, April 29) and connect with the event using this link:

I hope you can join us then!

Co-Create Our New Money Astrology Product

If you’re interested in using astrology to improve your financial outcomes (whether it’s in or out of the markets), I hope you can spare just a couple of minutes to give me some quick feedback.

Magician with Rabbit

What’s coming up next in money astrology is still a surprise, but it’s sure to entertain you! Please share your suggestions – with your comments, we can make the next new thing useful as well as fun!

Right now I’m planning to create a brand-new money astrology information product just for you – without any hype or hoopla attached, and without your having to pay a penny for it!

I’m eager to get started on this new project – but before I do, I’d like to get your suggestions first.

I want to make sure that before I invest several days of effort in putting this new thing together, that I’m actually creating something you’ll find useful and enjoyable.

To make it easy for you to share your ideas, I’ve put up a quick questionnaire form on our website at

You can use it to respond in just a couple of minutes. (You can take that time estimate literally, since there are only 3 questions to answer).

I do hope you’ll take those couple of minutes now to share your ideas with me at – getting your personal perspective really means a lot to me!

I truly appreciate your sharing with me on this, and I’m looking forward to getting your response!