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Mastering Gann Can Take Some Time

Here’s a quick question for you about the process of mastering Gann trading.

If you really want to become a Gann expert, how long does it take?

Could you do it in six months?


But you’d probably do much better if you allowed a few years at least for the process of mastering Gann and his ideas.

Mastering Gann 6 to Life

Exactly how long will you spend mastering Gann?

After all, it’s kind of complicated stuff.

Mastering Gann definitely isn’t something you can run through in a weekend.

It could even take a lifetime.

A Realistic Goal For Mastering Gann

But the amount of time that really makes sense is totally up to you.

A lot depends on how actively you’re working toward mastering Gann by using his ideas and techniques in your own trading.

If you use Gann frequently, the path toward mastery can get a lot shorter.

But even then, it can take a while.

In my personal experience, for example, I’ve used Gann concepts on an almost daily basis for the past 30 years.

And during that time I’ve also spent a lot of time reading and studying Gann material of one sort or another.

Some of it has been enormously helpful as I’ve refined my own approach to the markets and worked toward creating reliable astro-trading techniques.

At other times I’ve felt like I’ve been spinning my wheels as I struggled with mastering Gann concepts and their practical application.

Deciding To Make Changes

That varied experience over the past three decades has led me to develop the new training program in Gann Plan Trading Success.

It’s a clear break from my previous patterns – although I’ve written about Gann from time to time in the past, I’ve basically kept my Gann studies to myself.

But the new class in Gann Plan Trading Success changes all that.

It’s an effort to clarify and communicate what I’ve learned during 30 years of Gann study.

And, as this video explains, it’s also designed to provide an intense experience that lays a solid Gann foundation in a hurry.

The aim here, of course, is to inspire and encourage you to dig into the process of mastering Gann more completely.

And our new class in Gann Plan Trading Success is meant to support that process in a way that gives you a firm footing as you explore new territory.

That may seem a little scary, but it’s also incredibly rewarding, and I’m truly delighted and excited to be sharing the adventure.

I hope you’ll join us for the class. You’ll find information at:


How You Can Get Quick Gann Results

One of the great things about the new course in Gann Plan Trading Success is how fast it can help you get real results.

The whole class is just four weeks. You can get the unique information from the course, get your key questions answered, and get right down to applying the W. D. Gann methods so you can see the results in your own trading without delay.

Will this class make you a Gann expert?

Of course not.

But it will help you get up to speed very rapidly, so you can using W. D. Gann techniques in your forecasting and trading without any time wasted.

You’ll love the results you see.

You’re going to experience rapid progress.

It will probably stretch your imagination so much that you’ll start to see the opportunities in the markets in a totally new and different way.

You’re going to love the excitement of seeing unlimited possibilities for your life.

And yeah, you’ll probably wind up wanting to know even more about W. D. Gann and his remarkable approach to the markets.

You’re going to love that, too!

Double Retrograde New York Battle

Things are really heating up in the New York battle.

It’s a scramble for hearts and minds.

It’s a no-holds-barred street fight.

And it’s definitely superb theater.

Voters Picking Sides In The New York Battle

Yes, it’s hard to ignore the political dynamics right now.

The primary elections in New York are scheduled for April 19, and that’s the most obvious arena in the current New York battle.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz looks like he may have a hard time gaining much affection, especially after his repeated criticisms of “New York values”.

Trump's New York Battle

Donald Trump’s celebrity status has given him plenty of publicity in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the New York battle and elsewhere.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has been a big player on the New York scene for quite some time.

But in many cases his own unique personal version of New York Values has created enemies as well as friends and admirers.

On the Democratic side, New York native Bernie Sanders is going toe-to-toe with New York transplant Hillary Clinton, and their rhetoric has been getting surprisingly nasty.

The New York Battle Is More Than Just Politics

In many respects, the current New York battle is just another over-the-top expression of New York exuberance at its finest and most extravagant.

After all, in New York who needs an election to have an excuse for opinionated bluster?

There are always battle lines to be drawn.

There are always heroes and villains to designated.

There’s always a home team to root for, no matter who you might think the home team is.

The Planetary Difference

But this time, however, there’s an interesting distinction in the current New York battle.

The New York primaries come on April 19.

That’s the date the Sun moves into Taurus.

It also comes on the heels of a surprisingly rare planetary event – nearly simultaneous retrograde stations by Mars and Pluto.

Mars goes retrograde on April 17, and Pluto goes retrograde on April 18.

It’s the kind of one-two punch that could have a major impact, not just on the New York battle on election day, but in other realms as well.

You’ll find a quick recap on the double retrograde, along with some intriguing historical connections, in this 4-minute video:

Check it out.

And then make up your own mind about probable outcomes in the New York battle!

What Is It About Gann Trading?

Whenever you mention Gann trading, it inevitably raises some eyebrows.

W. D. Gann and his work in the markets are controversial, to say the least.

W. D. Gann Trading

W. D. Gann and his unique approach to the markets became the basis for modern Gann trading.

Some people think that W. D. Gann was a world-class genius.

They point to his incredible success in the markets, not only in providing pin-point forecasts that specifically nailed exact prices at exact future times, but also in managing to to a considerable stake in the markets in a relatively short period of time.

But there are others who don’t agree.

They are the ones who insist that Gann was nothing but a fraud and a charlatan.

They’ll point out that because W. D. Gann didn’t leave a fortune to his heirs, his claims to success in the markets should be viewed with a lot of suspicion.

They’ll tell you to stay far, far away from Gann trading.

In fact, they’ll tell you that Gann trading techniques are completely bogus.

The claims and counter-claims never seem to end.

Getting to the Bottom of Gann Trading

It’s true.

Sometimes just mentioning W. D. Gann and the methods and philosophies of Gann trading can be enough to get you into an argument.

But even so, Gann’s influence and methodologies are nevertheless important, especially in the world of astro-trading.

That’s why I’ve made up my mind to do my best to ignore all the arguments and endless pros and cons.

Instead, I’ve decided to respond to the many requests I’ve been getting for clear, easy-to-understand information about how Gann trading really works.

I figure that if you learn a little bit about what makes Gann trading tick, you’ll be in a much better position to make up your own mind.

So I’m getting down to work in putting together some new training tools for Gann trading.

And to help move the process along, I’ve put together a quick survey.

You can play a part in the development process – and take a definitive step toward getting the Gann information you want and need – by responding right now:

Create your own user feedback survey

America 1956 vs. America 2016

W. D. Gann paid a lot of attention to 60-year cycles.

They matter in the markets.

They also matter in social and economic trends.

And they matter in our personal lives as well.

Remember that 60 years is a triple synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn – very potent indeed!

But now it’s been over 60 years since W. D. Gann died.

What Would W. D. Gann Think About America 2016?

It’s kind of hard to imagine.

After all, there have been some pretty big changes in the last six decades.


But is America a better place today than it was back in 1956?

Of course many people living in America 2016 couldn’t even imagine a world without cell phones, FaceBook or cable television, but was life really so bad back then?

And there are plenty of other interesting contrasts, too.

Michael Snyder describes some of them in his recent blog post – America 1956 vs. America 2016

Mars and Pluto Are Ready To Rumble

We’ve known for a long time that interactions of Mars and Pluto can move the markets in significant ways.

But the situation coming up a little later this month is really quite different.


Sure, Mars and Pluto are definitely both involved.

But what’s going on is not a super-powerful angular alignment between these two action-oriented planets.

That’s what we’re typically looking for when we search for potentially profitable opportunities as astro-traders.

This Time It’s Different

This time, however, it’s the speed and direction of Mars and Pluto that are important.

Mars will be going retrograde on April 17, and then, only 19 hours later, Pluto will be making its retrograde station as well.

Needless to say, that’s an extremely rare event.

It also has the potential to deliver a powerful one-two punch on the markets!

Exactly What Will Mars and Pluto Do?

Figuring out the exact implications for the markets is surprisingly complex.

In order to do that, I’ve been engaged in extensive research and back-testing.

I’ve also referred back to some of the previous studies on Mars/Pluto dynamics that we’ve done in past years here at – including our ground-breaking white paper on “Mars/Pluto Market Activations 2012-2025” (which has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource since it was published).

I’ve compiled the results, and will be sharing it all during a special webinar on Wednesday, April 6.

Enrollment for this in-depth conversation is limited, but because this is such important information for traders we’re discounting the tuition fee by 83%.

It’s also going to be a live, interactive session, which means you can get your specific questions answered in real time during this exclusive online event.

You’ll definitely want to register right away to reserve your seat for the webinar on How Mars and Pluto Could Devastate The Markets.

Hope to see you there!

Webinar Update – April 7, 2016

We had a great crowd at the event, with some excellent questions during the session.

You can get the full-length video recording of this important conversation by CLICKING HERE.