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TTC – A Big Win For Our Members

Our Gold-Plus Elite members at scored a big win a few days ago when they closed out a very profitable trade in The Toro Company (listed under the ticker symbol TTC on the New York Stock Exchange).

We had featured TTC during our members-only conference call on Sunday, May 15, when we discussed our trading plans for the week ahead.

The call was one of the weekly live sessions that are a regular benefit for our Gold-Plus Elite members.

We get together with the group prior to the start of each trading week.

During that time we share our astro-trading market forecasts.

We discuss the specific planetary actions that have the highest probability of moving the markets.

Then we go over all the specifics of our trading plans for the coming week, including the days we plan to enter trades, the times that we want to avoid trading altogether, and the specific stop-loss orders we’ll be putting in place.

Favorable Planetary Prospects for TTC

But why did we include TTC as one of the potential stock trades that we discussed during our conference call on May 15?

Because the planetary forces lining up with this stock’s First-Trade horoscope¬†indicated that it would be a strong opportunity for our unique approach to astro-trading!

TTC May 2016

With transiting Jupiter conjoining the TTC First-Trade Sun, this stock was a logical choice to consider as a short-term trading candidate.

This was a powerful combination to be sure, but the positive potential for TTC went beyond the transits to the First-Trade horoscope.

When we examined the trading record for this stock, we also got a picture of potentially higher prices ahead:

TTC Price Action

This trading chart for TTC shows the stock moving in a Venus channel (the green diagonal lines) as it tests resistance on an orange Uranus line.

Entering The Trade

Based on these planetary interactions, we made the decision to buy TTC on Thursday, May 19.

We added 200 shares at 82.50 to the Financial Cycles Model Portfolio on that date. We placed an initial protective stop-loss order on the trade at 77.50.

Something To Celebrate

By the end of that trading week, TTC had closed at 84.72 a share, so we raised our stop on the trade to 83.10.

Further trading action brought the price even higher, and we adjusted our stop accordingly.

Then, on Wednesday, June 1, we were stopped out of our position. We sold our 200 shares of TTC at 88.25, taking a profit of $1,150.00 on the trade.

This was a net gain of 6.73% in just 8 trading days.

And it was something for our Gold-Plus Elite members to celebrate!