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Chicago Cubs Winning Astrology

I have to admit that I’m not particularly obsessed with the Chicago Cubs.

The fact is, I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I always enjoy watching a game wherever I have an opportunity.

Typically I get involved late in the season, and by the time the playoff games are underway and we’re leading up to the World Series, I’m thoroughly engaged.

So Patty and I took time out last night to watch the Chicago Cubs clinch the National League pennant.

They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in a game that featured a lot more drama than the lop-sided final score might suggest. (“The Dodgers are from Los Angeles?” Patty asked. “Where did they used to be before that?”)

Chicago Cubs Astrology

And when the game was over, I of course wanted to take a look at the planetary alignments. Here’s what I found:

Chicago Cubs 2016

Chicago Cubs Win National League Pennant in 2016


As the game came to a conclusion, Neptune was prominent near the Midheaven. The Sun had just moved into Scorpio during the course of the game, and was thus disposited by Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of Scorpio, which were in a conjunction in the seventh house of open adversaries. It’s also worth noting the transneptunian factor Hades conjoining the Ascendant and square Jupiter, highlighting the 6 – 9 degree area of the cardinal signs.

History-Making Sports

It was a pretty dramatic lineup to say the least, and very fitting for such an historic occasion. After all, the win by the Chicago Cubs marked the first time in 71 years that the team had captured a National League title to get a trip to the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs made quite a splash back in 1945, the last time the team had won the pennant. Here’s the spread from the Chicago Tribune on September 30, 1945, the day after the Chicago Cubs had won the title by beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-4 in the first game of a double header in Pittsburgh:


The Chicago Cubs got a big headline with their win at the end of September 1945.


It was quite a celebration in 1945. At that time it had been 7 years since the Chicago Cubs had taken the league title, and that 7 years had seemed like a long dry spell.

Nobody imagined then that the next drought for the Chicago Cubs would last ten times as long!

It’s interesting to note that the winning game for the Chicago Cubs on September 29, 1945 took 2 hours and 36 minutes to play. That was exactly the same duration as the winning game on October 22, 2016, which also took 2 hours and 36 minutes to play.

But a look at the horoscope for the end of the game in 1945 is even more intriguing:

The horoscope for the end of the winning game by the Chicago Clubs in 1945.

The horoscope for the end of the winning game by the Chicago Clubs in 1945.


The overall distribution of the planets in this chart is strikingly different than the winning chart in 2016. But nevertheless there are some noteworthy parallels.

Neptune had a position of prominence in the chart, since it was conjunct the Sun at the time. The Midheaven was in Scorpio, with its planetary ruler Pluto in the seventh house of open competitors. And thanks to an impressive stellium in Libra, this chart also has a strong emphasis on the 6 – 9 degree area in the cardinal signs of the zodiac.

On To The World Series

Without or without these astrological perspectives, Chicago Cubs fans clearly have a lot to celebrate.

But whether that celebration can extend into the upcoming World Series remains to be seen. After all, after the the Chicago Cubs won the pennant in 1945 they went down to defeat in that year’s World Series against Detroit.

But with any luck this year’s World Series should at least give us some interesting horoscopes to look at!


Expanding Money Consciousness

Money Consciousness.

It was the unexpected takeaway from our recent over-the-top Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium in Bradenton, Florida.

If we’re going to be successful in the markets – or in any other financial area – we need to cultivate a stronger, more coherent money consciousness.

In some cases hat need was unspoken by different participants in the symposium.

For the most part, though (in fact, without any exception that I was aware of!) the astro-traders who attended were very clear that a higher level of money consciousness is a key part of opening up the vast possibilities of profitable astro-trading.

Money Consciousness – What Is It?

Oddly enough, our money consciousness is all too often defined by its absence in our lives, or at least by its weakness when we’re under financial stress.

But the fact is, there are some specific areas of concern that we have to address if we’e going to turbo-charge the expansion of our Money Consciousness, with the inevitable result of opening up a stronger and more abundant flow of wealth in our personal and professional lives.

We have to get rid of negative thinking, of course. And in many cases we also have to expand our ability to conceive of the potential for large amounts of money flowing our way – the bottom line is, if we can’t imagine our personal ability to receive big sums of money effortlessly, the we’re quite unlikely to bring that kind of cash flow into real-world manifestation.

There are lots of other specific strategies and concerns along the way as we explore our ability to open up abundant wealth and ample amounts of money in our lives.

In using them, we can take the first small steps toward expanding our own money consciousness.

Tools For Expanding Money Consciousness

I’ve personally worked with pretty sophisticated tools and strategies throughout the past four or five decades, ones that can be extremely useful in expanding money consciousness.

There’s the use of natal astrology, of course, especially in the context of helping astro-traders understand themselves better, so that they can reap bigger and more satisfying rewards through their engagement in the markets.

I’ve also been certified as a practitioner of Energetic Life Balancing, which is a hands-on amalgam of applied kinesiology, oriental acupressure, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, energy medicine, Touch For Health, and the Law of Attraction.

They can both facilitate transformations in money consciousness, which is why I often use them in my one-on-one work wth consulting clients and in my personal coaching services for astro-traders. Even so, these specific approaches to transforming money consciousness don’t resonate well with everyone in the same way. There are some individuals who need a much more private, internally-focused approach to working on their personal experience of money consciousness.

Meditation For Richer Money Consciousness

Dan McCarthy, who came from Kentucky to join us for the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium, is an exceptionally keen student, not only of money consciousness in specific, but of the our broader ability to become more self-aware in order to transform our experiences in more positive ways.


Dan McCarthy has explored many tools for developing money consciousness.

During a follow-up session right after the Symposium, Dan suggested that we share the experience of the 10-Day Money Accelerator program of guided meditation and sonic stimulation of the centers of money consciousness in the brain.

This program is both powerful and essentially private. Even so, I personally want to encourage you to participate in it – there’s no cost and no obligation, but you’ll definitely get the best results if you commit to working with the videos and meditation exercises on a regular basis.

By the way, just because this is called the 10-Day Money Accelerator program, you’re not required to complete it within a 10-day period. You can take as much time as you like, but you should be aware that the best results come when you do the meditation exercises regularly (preferably at approximately the same time each day). If you want to work with a Significant Other or with one of your business partners, you can provide encouragement and accountability for each other along the way.

We will be opening up that program, not only to the participants in the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium and to the individuals who are committed to coming together in an astro-trading mastermind group, but also to our readers here as well.

You’ll find the key videos for the 10-Day Money Accelerator by CLICKING HERE.

As you review the videos and engage in the meditations, please return to this page to share your comments, observations, and suggestions!