AstroCrypto Training Highlights Bitcoin

It’s bitcoin tme!

It’s official. Our new AstroCrypto Connection training program is now underway!

It’s not just about achieving success in the cryptocurrency space. It’s also focused on how to stay safe along the way.

AstroCrypto Connection Bitcoin Training

The students enrolled in this pilot program are participating in live webinars. We get together every Saturday.

And they’re not just guinea pigs!

Lots of questions are getting asked and answered. And we’re having lots of fun, too!

We’re recording the webinar sessions. Those recordings – along with the accompanying presentation slides and course hand-outs – will become the final version of this special training program.

Astrological Bitcoin Connections

I’m finding it fascinating to explore the ins and outs of bitcoin with this group. Our discussions have taken us in a lot of directions.

Some of the students and complete crypto newbies.

Others have had a lot more experience.

The combination is creating plenty of positibe synergy.

We’re breaking new ground, and the insights just keep coming.

But what makes it really rewarding is discovering all the astrological connections!

They’ll pay off over and over again in the future, both in understanding cryptocurrency dynamics and in identifying big trading opportunities for bitcoin.

I really think it’s the Next Big Thing!

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