Beginner’s Luck vs. Beginner’s Benefits

Maybe you’re one of those rare individuals who has had beginner’s luck in the markets.

You’ve put on a few trades.

You risked some of your hard-earned money.

You took a chance.

And, amazingly enough, that chance paid off!

You actually took more money out of the trade than you put in to start with.

But at the same time, you basically didn’t know hat you were doing.

So what happened was a classic case of beginner’s luck.

The Downside of Beginner’s Luck

But the truth is, beginner’s luck isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, it can actually be pretty treacherous.

Here’s what happens.

You have a big win in the markets, and maybe back it up with a couple more modest gains.

And then you convince yourself that you’re invincible.

You’re bullet-proof. You can do no wrong.

And so you start taking even bigger risks.

You trade more boldly. You take bigger positions in the hope of scoring bigger profits.

And that’s when the Law of 90 kicks in.

Before you know it, you’ve lost a lot of money.

Maybe not all of your trading capital, but enough to make a significant difference.

Enough to really hurt.

Your head is spinning.

So you pull back. You decide to take a break.

Maybe you stop trading altogether.

But in any case, you’ve not so sure that you’re really lucky after all.

Better Than Beginner’s Luck

Fortunately, though, there’s an alternative to relying on beginner’s luck.

It’s getting clear about really being a beginner – and understanding exactly what kind of beginner you are.

That process is an essential part to getting a solid start in astro-trading.

It’s all about being willing to have a beginner’s mind.

And the fact is, it’s even easier when you decide to go for the astro-trading advantage.

You can still be a beginner, even if you’ve already had years of experience in the markets.

For more information on how this works, take a look at this quick video:

What Kind of a Beginner Are You?

To help clarify this process of becoming an astro-trading beginner, and to tune into the beginner’s benefits you can take advantage of, be sure to get our new infographic.

Beginner's Luck Alternative

You can get it as a free pdf at:

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And then decide what kind of a beginner you really are, so you can start to move ahead toward enjoying all the benefits of the astro-trading advantage!


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