Canada Hit By Solar Eclipse

The news came in from Ottawa early this afternoon.


The Canadian parliament was in lock-down. A Canadian soldier was dead, and there had been lots of gunfire in the halls of government as the political leadership was meeting in caucus sessions just before 10:00 a.m.

It was just two days after a self-anointed jihadist had mowed down two Canadian soldiers with his car, and had killed by police after a high-speed chase.

But were today’s shootings related to that event?

Was this a declaration of war, a reprisal for Canada’s support of the U.S.-led offensive against the Islamic State,  a full-scale terrorist attack by ISIL, or a classic “lone gunman” scenario?

Or was it a false flag operation, designed to drum up anti-Islamic hysteria?

For hours the news was muddled, the reports unclear. Officials said the threat was gone, but Canadian police were still swarming through the streets with weapons drawn, ordering citizens to take cover well into the afternoon.

So what was going on?

The solar eclipse in Scorpio was making its influence felt, more than 24 hours before the solar eclipse event itself.

This is the big event that is detailed in the new book on “The Solar Eclipse of October 2014: Its Impact on the Markets” – it’s coming up tomorrow, on Thursday, October 23.

It’s a partial solar eclipse that will visible throughout North America, and its path of highest impact runs close to Ottawa:


And because the effects of solar eclipses are often evident prior to the actual solar eclipse itself, and with this solar eclipse path hitting Canada, it made a lot of sense to get the news from Ottawa today.

It was enough to send me into my chart files, to take a look at the horoscope for Canada:


This  presentation of the Canada horoscope on the 90-degree dial has the red-arrow pointer at the position of the solar eclipse. It activates the Neptune/Pluto midpoint in the Canadian chart, indicating powerful changes whose true significance is only recognized in the future. So it may take a while before we really know what was going on today.

Even more noteworthy is the solar eclipse activation of the Mars/Kronos midpoint in the Canadian horoscope. This symbolizes the power of the State, especially as it’s expressed through police and military action. It also suggests, of course, acts of violence against people in power or in high governmental roles.

As is so often the case, the astrology of events does a much better job of describing the day’s events than the explanations offered by the news media….

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6 Responses to Canada Hit By Solar Eclipse

  1. Edgar G. Yohe says:

    It seems that the Canadian’s have become complacent as well as apathetic like the U.S. has become. The warnings have been there and they drug their feet to get ahead of the situation. It’s the old adage that Allow, Create or Promote.lets see what the charts say in a week.

  2. Andre says:

    Fascinating webinar. The USD has been exceptionally strong against all curencies since May. Does the current solar clipse indicate a potential reversal of this trend?

    • timbost says:

      I appreciate your kind words, Andre. There’s information on the solar eclipse and the U.S. dollar in the new report on “The Solar Eclipse of October 2014: Its Influence on the Markets” – it’s available in a paperbound edition at and as an e-book download at

  3. Martin says:

    The webinar was really great and I learned a new thing about the eclipse, something that I never saw heard or even tested but afterward was so obvious thanks a lot, Tim! It was great to meet you and your god given gift of secret or perhaps sacred knowledge. It feels great to meet people with same interest 🙂

    If you or anyone reading this is a fan or follow at least a bit F1 racing you have noticed that 2 of small teams went bankrupt just after the eclipse.

    For me it was also strange I had a “no” in every business proposition and one of my tooth started to hurt and inflammation on the day of eclipse followed. But withing 24h thanks to use of herbs and some other nature made medicines that I like to use, it was mostly gone.

    My speculation in last day’s before the eclipse was a bad joke lol. And even my closest family member had a unpleasant experience with lets call it “interaction with human beings” in the day of the eclipse.

    • timbost says:

      Thanks Martin.
      While we’re definitely interested in eclipse impacts on the markets, it’s really ultimately all about the impact on the lives of human beings, isn’t it?

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