Cycle Trend Analysis Reveals Trading Opportunities

Cycle Trend Analysis for S&P

Here’s our current cycle trend analysis for the S&P 500 Indes.

We focus most of our forecasting and analysis efforts on the identification of high-probability swing trades that can be implemented by our Gold-Plus Elite members.  But we also like to use cycle trend analysis.

It lets us pull back from time to time to consider longer-term market perspectives.

We can spot upcoming trading opportunities.

Where’s the market going from here?

The longer-term picture helps keep current opportunities in focus.

Cycle Trend Analysis Shows Short-Term Bearishness

Take a look at the forecast chart on the top of this page. It show our current projections based on planetary cycle trend analysis suggest that we can expect to see congested trading with a bearish bias for the next few weeks.

The exact amplitude of the move remains to be seen.

It could be a big or small move down.

And if it is bearish? What happens then?

We are likely to see this culminating in a short-term trading bottom during the upcoming summer eclipse sequence.

Those eclipses are in July and August.

A Possible Rally In August?

By mid-August, we expect a rally in the equities market. It will most likely start topping with planetary stations by Saturn and some transneptunians in September and October.

Here’s the complete key to our expectations of major market turns during the coming months.

Astro Triggers for Cycle Trend Analysis

Here’s what our astrological look at the results of our cycle trend analysis shows as potential triggers for turns in the market. The planets provide important signals.

Specific planetary events may trigger trading turns.

Market Probabilities

Remember that our cycle trend analysis only shows market probabilities.

The actual market performance may differ, of course.

We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen next.

Trading Strategies

We augment this long-term picture regularly. Our Gold-Plus Elite members get details on week-to-week opportunities.

As always, our strategy is to pay attention. We watch what the market tells us!

That’s what gives us the best results.

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