Every Once In A While I Bat 1000

In last week’s newsletter, the one for January 24, 2010, I said that it “seems highly unlikely that we will see anything other than a net loss for equities in the week ahead,” and that in fact turned out to be the case for all the major market averages.

On Monday, when I had called for a “bullish trading day,” the S+P was up by 0.46%. On Tuesday, with my forecast for “a fairly strong resumption of bearishness,’ the average dropped by 0.42%.

On Wednesday I was looking for an up day with a breather from Tuesday’s trading negativity due to “a little bit of moderation in the markets, with the Venus/Mars opposition and the waning heliocentric Mars/Poseidon square bringing some positive encouragement to the trading floor.” That day, in keeping with my forecast, the S+P was up 0.49%.

My forecast for Thursday was for more selling pressure, with restrictive astrological factors that “should be powerful enough to bring some serious moderation in any optimism that remains in the markets, at least for the time being.” Right in line with that prediction, the S+P lost 1.18% for the day.

On Friday, finally, we saw another big loss, with the S+P 500 dropping 0.98% for the day to finish up the week with an overall 1.64% loss. I had noted in my forecast that “The decay in bullishness should be more than evident on Friday,” with an “extremely bearish spin to the close of the trading week.”

In short, my forecast in last week’s letter was extremely accurate, not only for the week as a whole but also for each individual trading day.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always bat 1000 with my forecasts, I certainly do enjoy seeing that kind of performance. Of course all the usual caveats apply about even such spot-on past performance not guaranteeing future results, but I think this is a good example of the extra edge that astro-traders can have when they add accurate astrological insights to their market analysis.


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