Joe’s Comments On The Solar Eclipse

Got an email from Joe, with his note on the possible impact of the August 21 solar eclipse:


I do think this up coming solar eclipse will have an impact on the stock market .
I’ll explain my thoughts:
mercury retrograde I find also moves the market yet I tend to look at with a 10 day lag, mercury goes retrograde August 12th which is just after the lunar eclipse on August 7 th . If I add 10 days to the mercury retrograde start point I get Aug 22 which is just 1 day after the solar eclipse .
Normally I would consider that Aug 21-22 time period a low of sorts but when I also include the decinial pattern I have noticed that many years ending in 7 have had highs the week of August 11 th .
While it’s to soon to conclude the solar eclipse on August 21 will be a high my bias is that it will be.
adding 10 days to the end of mercury retrograde
The market just move lower from Aug 21-22 to Sept 15 15th at a minimum . earlier this year the Feb 11 lunar eclipse gave a bullish bias and the late Feb solar eclipse sent the market lower through most of March .
I expect a similar outcome this time around as well.
I could go on and add in other things yet the solar eclipse combined with mercury retrograde concerns me .I’ll bet many would be interested in your thoughts on that upcoming combination –┬ámars Uranus and a few other planetary pairs included
Thank, Joe!
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