Law of 90 Could Limit Your Trading Success

It’s the Law of 90.

It’s not about a heat wave.

It’s not the new mandatory retirement age.

It’s not even a speed limit – although it can certainly feel like one, especially if you’re trying to trade successfully in the stock or futures markets.

You may not have heard about it before.

In a way, that’s really not too surprising.

Even if it has affected you directly, you may not have fully understood what was going on.

But the fact is, the Law of 90 is pretty important for you to know about, particularly if you plan to change your financial future through active trading.

Watch The Video About The Law of 90

I had been thinking about the Law of 90 – and its potential impact – when I decided to put together a brief series of introductory videos for beginners in astro-trading.

Discovering its reality in the experience of trading – and learning alternative ways of avoiding its negative effects – is critical.

It’s all a part of getting better results in the markets.

That’s why it belongs in this new series of brief training videos.

The post-production work has just been completed on the first video in this new series.

Given its subject matter, I’m especially eager to share it with you.

You can watch it here:

Get The Law of 90 Infographic

While you’re at it, take a moment now to download your personal copy of the Law of 90 Infographic – it’s free!

Law of 90 Infographic

Get your personal copy of the new Law of 90 Infographic.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the infographic now.

What About You?

And be sure to leave me your comments below this post. I’m really eager to her your feedback. AndI know other readers will benefit, too.

What have your individual experiences been?

Have you personally been a victim of the Law of 90?

If so, have you been able to come back since then and trade successfully? If that has happened for you, what made the transformation possible?

Or did the Law of 90 do you in completely?

Have you given up on the markets altogether?

Let me know!

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