Making Decisions Is Essential

Making decisions – especially good decisions – is essential if you want to expand and preserve your wealth.

It’s amazing how hard that can be sometimes.

But courage and clarity in making decisions is one of the things that identifies successful people. Because making decisions gets results.

If you’re not good at it, there may be cause for concern. Especially if your reaction to big decisions is a frozen, deer-in-the-headlights response.

Fortunately, though, decision making is a skill you can learn. But there are some potential challenges along the way.

What Can Get In The Way Of Making Decisions

Not understanding the problem accurately. Sometimes problems are obvious. But they can also be hard to figure out. Because reaching a decision is complicated if you aren’t sure where the main issue lies.

Not having enough information. If you don’t have all the facts, it can be tough to real a good decision.

Information Overload. Sometimes the challenge is not a lack of information. It’s having too much. How are you going to sort it all out?

Becoming over-confident. If you’re sure you know exactly what the results of your decision will be, you’re probably wrong. Getting locked into an expected outcome prematurely can have a devastating effect on the effectiveness of making decisions.

So What’s The Best Strategy?

A systematic approach often helps.

First, identify the problem or the decision that needs to be made.

Second, take some time to gather information. Do some research. Get second opinions. Be sure to diversify your information sources.

Third, identify the alternative choices that you can make. This is a good point to think outside of the box. Consider fresh possibilities.

Fourth, evaluate the alternatives. How feasible is each one? How easy will it be to implement? Will it be met with resistance or disapproval? How desirable is the potential outcome? Pay extra attention here if Mercury is retrograde. Allow yourself the time to think things through.

Fifth, make a choice. If one particular alternative stands out, go with it. But also be open to creative combinations of the alternatives you’ve already defined.

Sixth, figure out your action plan. Because just making a choice won’t do much for you if you don’t follow through with concrete action. Begin your action when there’s not a void-of-course Moon in effect.

Seventh, evaluate the outcome. How did the decision and action work out? What could you have done better?

Learning The Skill Of Making Decisions

By repeating the step-by-step process, your skill at making decisions will gradually get better.

As this video explains, learning to make decisions is essential in protecting and expanding your wealth:

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