Mars-Saturn Showdown Looms

The Mars-Saturn opposition coming up on May 29 is an event that we’ll be watching closely.

It has market-moving potential.

For that matter, though, all Mars-Saturn alignments are worth keeping an eye on.

These two planets are the Lesser and Greater Melefics of classical astrology.

Traditionally they were the Bringers of Bad Things.

Mars is about aggression. It’s conflict and acts of violence. It’s wounds, cuts, burns and injuries.

When Mars is doing its thing, you’ll want to avoid open flames and sharp objects.

Saturn, on the other hand, is about restriction and separation. It’s lack, poverty, and destitution.

Saturn enforces rules, imposes limits, and shuts things down. It teaches us important lessons. It insists on being taken seriously.

So a Mars-Saturn opposition is not something  to take lightly.

A Mars-Saturn Face-Off In The Markets

What’s interesting, though, is that Mars and Saturn don’t always act like malefics in the markets.

At least Mars-Saturn dynamics are not always extremely bearish.

In fact, they sometimes produce the opposite effect.

If the right supporting planetary dynamics are in play, a Mars-Saturn opposition can trigger an aggressive rally in U.S. equities markets.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for following the May 29 Mars-Saturn face-off.

As we close out May and move into early June, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Dow Jones Industrial Average get back into full-blown rally mode.

The same goes for the S&P 500 Index.

We may even see new all-time highs in both indices.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

There’s an important word of caution, however.

Don’t make assumptions about the impact of Mars and Saturn as they line up in their next opposition.

Mars-Saturn in FinancialCyclesWeekly

As the page 1 article in the current issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter details, our back-testing has shown that we can expect different responses in different markets.

Make sure you’re matching your forecasts and projects to the market you’re trading!


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