Timing The Market

“I’ve heard you should never try timing the market.”

“What really matters is not timing the market, but the time you’re in the market!”

Those “words of wisdom” have been repeated many times by many would-be pundits, often without much clear understanding of what they really mean.

“Don’t try timing the market” is essentially a warning to avoid trading. It assumes that a Buy-And-Hold approach is the only way to make money.

But that’s not always true.

Buying and holding may work fine. At least that’s true if you’re willing to tie up your money for years or even decades, hoping for long-term growth.

But there’s money to be made from trading, too.

And trading doesn’t have to be stressful.

There are alternatives to the high-pressure grind of staying glued to a computer screen all day every day, watching for fleeting opportunities that require hair-trigger action if you’re going to survive.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Here’s what really works.

With the astro-trading advantage, we’ve discovered that we can have the best of both worlds.

Time in the market?

With our system we’re in the market all the time.

But that’s definitely not a buy-and-hold approach.

And we’re not exactly trying to time the market, either.

We’re much more concerned with timing specific trades for maximum potential returns.

An Alternative To Timing The Market

With the astro-trading advantage, we consistently rotate trades with market exposure of about 7 or 8 trading days.

That means we’re always in the market.

After all, if your goal is to make money in the market, you need to be in the market.

These swing trades of 7 or 8 days average duration give us consistently rewarding results. That’s been true each year for the past 17 years in a row. We’ve never had an annual loss from our trading.

We’ve put a tremendous amount of time, money and effort into perfecting this unique approach to making money in the market.

We rely on it every week to select the best trading opportunities.

We use it to manage our active trades by reducing risks and optimizing profits.

And we depend on it to move systematically toward the creation and preservation of long-term wealth.

Consistent Results

Our astro-trading results consistently out-perform the major market indices. In fact, our Model Portfolio has beaten the Dow Jones Industrials by an average of 559% per year, for the last decade and a half.

Those are the kind of results you can be getting too. All it takes is a solid start in the astro-trading techniques that really work.

By the way, that’s exactly why we’ve just released our brand-new Astro-Trading Intensive training program. It guides you step by step toward astro-trading success you can count on.

For a limited time, the Astro-Trading Intensive is available at an introductory discount price – and it comes with over $3,200 worth of great bonus materials, too!

CLICK HERE to connect with the Astro-Trading Intensive now.

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Tides, Cycles and the Next Recession

Is the next recession coming soon?

The news underscores the uncertainty in the markets.

There are huge daily swings in the major market indices.

It means great opportunity for savvy traders who have nerves of steel.

But for most of us it’s very confusing – and maybe a little bit scary, too!

Protecting Your Wealth

Whether your financial goal is a comfortable retirement or a capital legacy, there are challenging times ahead.

The Next Recession

You don’t have to be a genius to see that there’s a high probability of a recession coming up.

But there are questions about the probability of a big downturn in the economy:

What about the next recession?

When is it likely to happen? Are we looking at months, or years?

How long will it last? Will it be just a passing phase that’s soon forgotten, or will we confront stubborn economic resistance for several years or more?

Just how big an impact will it have? Will we suffering badly, or will we eventually shrug it off as a minor inconvenience?

Those are some of the questions I’ve been pondering lately.

And I’ve actually had some quality time to do some pondering, which is incredibly important.

I’m in the middle of some down time on an island off the coast of South Carolina.

I’ve been getting some great rest, some wonderful food, good family company, and a great break from distractions.

So I’ve been looking at big picture concerns from a fresh perspective.

I’ve been watching tides, considering cycles, and contemplating the potential for another economic down turn.

Here’s a brief video that shares what I’ve been thinking about so far:

What do you think?

Does what I’m saying make any sense to you?

Have you got a personal story to tell about your experiences during a pulback in the economy?

Do you have specific ideas that might be helpful to others?

Leave me a comment, or share your own story here.

Other Videos In This Series:

Wealth Strategies: Partnerships

Wealth Strategies: Decision Making

Wealth Strategies: Health

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Sample Gold Membership For Just $9

Thanks to recent articles and interviews there’s been a big upsurge of interest in astro-trading lately. So we’ve decided to provide a way to sample Gold Membership at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

Gold Membership is our plan for beginning astro-traders.

It’s a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet with astro-trading.

It’s also a good choice if you’re curious about how astrology can improve your trading.

But that’s not all.

It includes access to members-only website resources, including videos, articles, downloads and much, much more.

Get The Weekly Newsletter When You Sample Gold Membership

It also features our widely-acclaimed newsletter, which is delivered weekly to our Gold Members in their email in-boxes.

The newsletter provides overviews of market trends, as well as specific long-term trading strategies for Gold and for the S&P.

It also reviews the current track record for the Financial Cycles Weekly Model Portfolio. It has consistently out-performed the major market averages year after year for the past 17 years.

Most importantly, though, the weekly newsletter also includes key information on upcoming stock trades. You get complete details about what we’re considering trading, when we plan to enter those trades, and the kind of position we’re looking at.

You also get a pre-calculated price level for each anticipated trade.  It lets you know where to place an initial stop-loss order to protect your trading capital.

Take note. This membership plan is not as extensive as our popular Gold-Plus Elite Membership for active astro-traders.

But Gold Membership provides all the essentials you need to explore the potential of astro-trading. As a Gold Member, you’ll be able to put together the basics of a trading program. That can increase your trading rewards with the astro-trading advantage.

Here’s How You Can Sample Gold Membership

Our Gold Members regularly pay $99 a month for this service. But with this special offer that we’ve just introduced, you can now sample Gold Membership for just $9.

You’ll get 21 full days of the complete Gold Membership service.

We’ll send you a password and username, so you can connect with the Gold Members areas on our website. And each Sunday night you’ll get a new issue of the Financial Cycles Weekly newsletter in your email.

You’ll be fully prepared for the trading week ahead!

After the 21 days, if you decide to continue with your Gold Membership, do nothing. We’ll welcome your participation at our regular subscription rate. You won’t need to take any special action to keep this remarkable astro-trading service coming.

But if you decide Gold Membership is not for you, no problem.

Just use the link on our website to cancel. You won’t be billed for future services.

It’s as easy as that. No hard feelings.

CLICK HERE NOW to get started with your 21-day Gold Membership. I’m looking forward to having you join us!


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Admetos Spotlight Highlights Gold

All markets will be in the Admetos spotlight when the transneptunian factor makes its retrograde station at the end of August.

Admetos will begin its annual period of retrograde motion on August 31. That provides a potential pivot point for the markets.

In fact, Admetos retrograde stations are frequently followed by an upward trend in stock market prices.

That was a key topic I discussed with Larry Pesavento earlier today. I’m always glad to be his guest.

Today I focused on the Admetos Spotlight during his broadcast of the Trade What You See program on TFNN.

Gold In The Admetos Spotlight

In particular, I shared my research on the impact of Admetos stations on the price of Gold.

When the yellow metal is in the Admetos spotlight at the time of the retrograde station, there’s a distinct buying opportunity.

That’s what’s happening now.

Here’s the video of my interview with Larry, including details on the reasons behind this Admetos spotlight trade in Gold.

Not all transneptunian stations have the same kind of impact, of course.

But in this case I think it’s worth paying attention to Gold in the Admetos spotlight!

The Astro-Trading Intensive

By the way, during the interview Larry Pesavento also asked me about our new Astro-Trading Intensive training program.

This brand-new training program has just been released in its online version, and it’s getting rave reviews.

The Astro-Trading Intensive is designed to help you get the most from your astro-trading experience. It removes confusion and uncertainty.

It gets you past the sense of overwhelm that sometimes sets in when you try to learn something new.

Most of all it moves youtoward profitable trading. It takes you by the hand and guides you step by step toward real astro-trading results.

It’s a great way to get up to speed with the astro-trading advantage in a short period of time.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Astro-Trading Intensive.



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Poseidon Power?

“What’s Poseidon got to do with the markets?”

That was one of the questions that came up on Thursday when I joined Larry Pesavento for an interview on his Trade What You See program on TFNN.

We were discussing the potential impact of the transneptunian factor Poseidon.

I suggested that the July 29 direct station by Poseidon could usher in a shift in market direction.

That’s especially likely with the Poseidon station coming just a couple of days before the end of the Mercury retrograde period on July 31.

And sure enough, with today’s Poseidon station the S&P closed down 0.16% for the day.

The shift in the markets was not the only thing that Larry and I talked about on Thursday.

We also got into bitcoin, birthdays, and a whole lot more.

Here’s the entire interview segment:

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Mike Trout Struts His Stuff

Mike Trout, the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, had a great day in the ball park on Tuesday.

The Angels were facing off against the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium.

When Mike Trout came to bat, he did what he is becoming increasingly famous for. He hit a home run.

It was the eleventh homer he had blasted in the last 13 games he’s played in. I guess you could say he’s on a roll.

I could say more about that – but Yogi Berra said it better.

But this home run was a little special.

When Mike Trout connected with the ball, he hammered it 454 feet into the loge level above left field in Dodger Stadium.

That’s the kind of shot that happens only about twice a year in that ball park. It was quite a feat.

Mike Trout Also Has An Amazing Arm

But the big game for Mike Trout didn’t stop there.

After fielding a ball deep in center field, he let loose a perfect 98.6 mph throw with laser accuracy to home plate.

That missile traveled 261 feet to bring an abrupt end to Max Muncy’s trip around the bases.

Muncy was charging in from third base when Trout’s stupendous throw cut him off at the plate.

More Than Just Muscle

What’s interesting about Trout is not just his physical prowess.

That’s substantial, to be sure.

His horoscope shows that he’s an individual capable of high-powered mental focus.

That clearly pays off in his athlete performance. When the mind and the body come together, amazing things can happen.

His mental power also serves him well in his ability to make connections and get good deals.

Like the contract he signed a couple of months ago for $432 million.

It was the largest contract ever signed in the history of sports (so far at least).

Now that’s really knowing how to find the money in your horoscope!

Here’s a quick video that reviews some of the horoscope highlights I’m talking about. If you’re a sports fan, pay attention!

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Powell’s Horoscope Spells Uncertainty

Jerome Powell’s horoscope may be an essential part of making sense of Fed policy.

Transiting Neptune is currently in a long, slow conjunction with the True Lunar Node in the 1913 inception horoscope for the Federal Reserve Bank, so it’s not surprising to see lots of confusion about the Fed’s policies and intended actions.

The stock market rallied recently when the expectation spread that the Fed would be cutting interest rates by 50 basis points; then a string of new record highs was abandoned when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell showed some uncertainty.

powell's horoscope

The upcoming Poseidon station will be in opposition to Powell’s natal Jupiter, so he could rethink rates at least one more time.

And Jerome Powell’s horoscope also shows great potential for financial success as well. Check out this video for some comments:

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Tom O’Brien Show Interview

I got an invitation a few days ago to connect with the Tom O’Brien Show on TFNN.

I accepted, of course.

Actually the invitation came from Larry Pesavento. He was filling in for Tom O’Brien as the guest host on his syndicated program.

When we connected on the air on July 10, Larry and I had a chance to chat about the effects of Mercury retrograde.

It was an appropriate topic, since we had experienced some glitches in our connection as we set up for the interview that day.

We also took a look at the big rally in bitcoin, and joked about the rapid rise in the cryptocurrency.

“It’s not behaving like a bubble,” Larry commented.

Recording From The Tom O’Brien Show

Our chat was a brief one, but we did touch on some significant points about astro-trading, and discussed the Bitcoin Astrology book as well.

Here’s the video clip from the program:


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July 6 – Mark Your Calendar

We’ve got a big event coming up on July 6!

It’s our first-ever Astro-Trading Intensive.

This special program is designed to get you up to speed with the essentials of astro-trading FAST.

It’s going to be a remarkable experience.

We’re packing an incredible amount of information and hands-on training into a full days online event.

Check out this video for a quick review:

CLICK HERE to stay connected with all the details on this July 6 upcoming event.

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Arch Crawford Talks War

Arch Crawford was the first thing Larry Pesavento mentioned when I joined him on his show yesterday.

Arch Crawford

Arch Crawford

“Tim,” he said, “we had one of your biggest fans on yesterday – Arch Crawford!”

I told Larry that I indeed consider Arch Crawford a dear friend.

He’s also one of the best-know financial astrologers.

But, Larry said, Arch told his audience that current astrological alignments point to to the possibility of war before the end of the month.

His latest forecast has been stirring up some very concerns.

That’s why Larry Pesavento had brought him on his Trade What You See program on TFNN the previous day. Arch had had an opportunity then to fill in some the details about what he’s seeing for the weeks ahead.

What Arch Crawford Had To Say

When Arch had been on Larry’s show on Wednesday, he warned of “hostility, terrorism and outright war” just ahead.

“This is a world condition,” he explained, “and as such it’s hard to determine who will and who will not be affected.

“It does touch our president’s horoscope chart, which increases the likelihood of US involvement.

“Neptune is highlighted, and there may be religious elements to certain areas of this turbulence, and perhaps drug connections as well to others.”

“These effects will likely take hold in the latter half of this month.

“This is not a joke!”

Do I Agree With This Forecast?

Quite naturally, Larry wanted to know if I agreed.

Does my own assessment match the view of Arch Crawford?

What’s really going on?

It was a great springboard for a very engaging conversation.

We not only talked about Arch and his forecasts.

We also discussed Y2K, bitcoin, and the current Mars alignments.

And we talked about current conditions in the stock market.

Here’s the entire interview segment:


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