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My Dad’s Passing

My Dad died Sunday night.

He had taken a turn for the worse over the past couple of days. He was having trouble swallowing and his naps were getting longer and deeper.

He had been under hospice care for the past 22 months. They came to visit him in his assisted living apartment regularly, supervising medications and making sure he was comfortable.

But even though hospice had informed us that his condition was terminal, his last couple of years were so leisurely spent that his death was actually a bit of a shock.

I guess I thought he could go on forever, not having a miraculous turn-around, but not getting any worse, either.

And even though he had diabetes and COPD, and had pretty much lost his mobility, he was always calm, cheerful and optimistic. He enjoyed connection with the staff at the assisted living facility, and he was deeply appreciative of frequent visits from my sister and my younger brother, who live nearby.

No matter how much we observed his gradual physical and mental deterioration, he was always effusive in expressing his gratitude for the wonderful health he enjoyed.

Missing My Mom

The biggest challenge for my Dad was getting used to the fact that my Mom had died six months earlier.

They had spent a lifetime together, until she passed away in January. Next month they would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

When I visited with him about a month ago, we had a great conversation. But in the midst of it he suddenly looked confused. He looked at me earnestly.

“Have you seen your mother?” he asked. “I haven’t seen her here today.”

With the onset of dementia, it was too easy for my Dad to forget that she was gone. So he had the opportunity to miss her repeatedly, and to recognize the loss again and again in fresh moments of grieving and distress.

That may have contributed to his decision to let go himself, just a few weeks shy of his 92nd birthday.

I’m already missing him terribly….

Knowledge You Need For Astro-Trading Success

There’s a certain amount of knowledge you need to have if you’re going to be successful in the markets.

That’s especially true of astro-trading.

If you’re going to get involved in the markets, and actually make money, you need to know how the markets work.

That’s true no matter what kind of trading techniques you use.

In astro-trading, though, there’s also knowledge you need to have about astrology.

And that’s more than just sun-sign astrology.

Like whether you’re a Scorpio or a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Real astrology goes a lot deeper than that.

The astrology knowledge you need for success in the markets is deeper, too.

But you have to start somewhere.

Getting The Knowledge You Need

Let’s be honest.

Astrology is a huge subject.

There’s really no end to all the stuff you can learn about it.

And getting the knowledge you need for success is a lot like eating an elephant.

You do it one bite at a time.

If you keep biting, and keep chewing, you’ll eventually digest it.

And that’s when you’ll really start to see the payoff!

But the fact is, it’s always been hard to get reliable information about astro-trading.

There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions.

For many years, if you wanted to master astrological trading you really had to work at it.

It was the same whether you wanted to trade stocks, commodities, or futures.

You had to gather information from a lot of different sources.

You had to study hard.

And in many cases, you could waste a lot of time and energy. You could burn yourself out, running down rabbit trails that led to nowhere.

I Decided To Make A Change

When I was learning, I faced the same kind of challenges.

Mastering financial astrology took me years and years of hard work.

But when I got it figured out, I decided to direct my energies toward helping others learn what I had learned.

I wanted to make it easier for you to get the knowledge you need to succeed.

So 18 years ago I started putting together a Basic Stock Market Astrology Course.

It began as a live classroom experience.

The recordings from that class became a home-study program.

Hundreds of people around the world used it get an introduction to market astrology.

And during the years since it was first released, that course has gone through a lot of improvements.

The most recent version, which sold for $2,395, included 31 CDs, a bonus DVD, and a 250-workbook.

As production costs increased, that edition eventually became too expensive to distribute. It went out of print a few years ago.

A Big Announcement

But now, I’m pleased to announce, there’s a brand-new version of this powerful astro-trading training program available at last!

It’s Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0.

It features a huge amount of information. After all, its goal is to go the extra mile in making sure you get the knowledge you need for astro-trading success.

For more details on the course, take a look at this video:


As you may have gathered, there’s a lot to this over-the-top Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0 course.

knowledge you need in this course outline

That’s why I want to encourage you to get your free copy of the complete course outline.

It’s available right now as a pdf download. Go ahead and get your copy now by CLICKING HERE.



Getting Started with Astro-Trading

Getting Started with the Checklist

So you’re thinking about getting started with astro-trading.

That’s great!

But exactly what do you need?

It would be nice if it was absolutely nothing at all.

No money.

And no time. No effort, either, of course.

But that’s simply not the case.

You do require a few things for getting started successfully.

They’re worth learning about.

The Truth About Getting Started

The fact is, astro-trading offers you huge advantages.

The benefits are truly exciting!

But I don’t want you to have the wrong expectations.

It’s important to be totally honest about what you need.

At least that’s true if you’re serious. If you want to do more than just satisfy your curiosity.

If you actually want to make money with astro-trading.

You need to be informed.

That’s why I made this video.

It’s about side-stepping the Law of 90.

It applies no matter what kind of beginner you are.

It helps remove confusion about getting started.

Watch it here:


Did You Take Lots of Notes?

I know this is not a long video.

Even so, I tried to pack a lot into it.

My goal was not to pull any punches.

So I didn’t try to sugar-coat it at all.

I wanted to cover a lot in just a few minutes.

That’s why I hope you took notes.

They can come in handy later.

They’ll help you put your plans in place.

But if you didn’t take notes, don’t worry.

I’ve got you covered!

Getting Started with the Checklist

Just CLICK HERE to get your free copy of the Astro-Trader’s Checklist.

In it you’ll find all the key points from the video.

Take a few minutes and review your progress with the checklist.

Then see if you’re lacking in any of the four key areas it covers.

If so, add them to your action plan.

You’ll find that getting started is easier than you think!

Beginner’s Luck vs. Beginner’s Benefits

Maybe you’re one of those rare individuals who has had beginner’s luck in the markets.

You’ve put on a few trades.

You risked some of your hard-earned money.

You took a chance.

And, amazingly enough, that chance paid off!

You actually took more money out of the trade than you put in to start with.

But at the same time, you basically didn’t know hat you were doing.

So what happened was a classic case of beginner’s luck.

The Downside of Beginner’s Luck

But the truth is, beginner’s luck isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, it can actually be pretty treacherous.

Here’s what happens.

You have a big win in the markets, and maybe back it up with a couple more modest gains.

And then you convince yourself that you’re invincible.

You’re bullet-proof. You can do no wrong.

And so you start taking even bigger risks.

You trade more boldly. You take bigger positions in the hope of scoring bigger profits.

And that’s when the Law of 90 kicks in.

Before you know it, you’ve lost a lot of money.

Maybe not all of your trading capital, but enough to make a significant difference.

Enough to really hurt.

Your head is spinning.

So you pull back. You decide to take a break.

Maybe you stop trading altogether.

But in any case, you’ve not so sure that you’re really lucky after all.

Better Than Beginner’s Luck

Fortunately, though, there’s an alternative to relying on beginner’s luck.

It’s getting clear about really being a beginner – and understanding exactly what kind of beginner you are.

That process is an essential part to getting a solid start in astro-trading.

It’s all about being willing to have a beginner’s mind.

And the fact is, it’s even easier when you decide to go for the astro-trading advantage.

You can still be a beginner, even if you’ve already had years of experience in the markets.

For more information on how this works, take a look at this quick video:

What Kind of a Beginner Are You?

To help clarify this process of becoming an astro-trading beginner, and to tune into the beginner’s benefits you can take advantage of, be sure to get our new infographic.

Beginner's Luck Alternative

You can get it as a free pdf at:

Download your copy right away.

And then decide what kind of a beginner you really are, so you can start to move ahead toward enjoying all the benefits of the astro-trading advantage!


Ominous Solstice Signals Challenges

Solstice 06212017 90-Degree Dial

Today marks a particularly ominous solstice.

In and of itself, of course, a solstice isn’t especially threatening. It’s not even very rare.

The summer solstice is one of two dates in the annual solar cycle when the Sun seems to stand still.

In the Northern Hemisphere it marks the first day of Summer.

As the “longest day of the year” it provides the greatest amount of daylight compared to the hours of darkness in this 24-hour period.

It’s a time for ritual and celebration, including a gathering at Stonehenge.

But in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the beginning of Winter.

Gann Watched The Solstice Carefully

For traders, especially for those who follow in the footsteps of W. D. Gann, the solstice marks a critical turning point in the annual progress of the markets.

It’s a time when there’s a high likelihood of trend reversals.

That means it can bring big trading opportunities.

And, as I’ve noted in a previous blog post, W. D. Gann gave it special attention each year.

An Ominous Solstice Event

From an astrological perspective, however, not all solstices are created equal.

They are all important turning points, of course. But in each case, we can examine the planetary impact of the solar alignment at the time of the solstice.

And that’s where we start to find challenges associated with this current solstice.

It does appear to be an ominous solstice, indeed.

Consider the position of the solstice itself.

By definition, it’s on the cardinal axis, at 0 degrees Aries and its fourth-harmonic equivalents.

But today’s solstice does more than that.

It also activates Venus in the eighth harmonic.

And even more importantly, it’s exactly aligned with the transiting Saturn/Hades midpoint.

Ominous Solstice 06212017 90-Degree Dial

The ominous Solstice for June 2017 on the 90-degree dial shows the activation of Venus and the Saturn/Hades midpoint.

That alignment alone is enough to make this an ominous solstice.

Just note what Alfred Witte had to say about the Saturn/Hades combination in his classic book on Rules for Planetary Pictures. He said it indicated:

“Poverty. Hard luck. To be separated through accidents, or unemployment. Melancholy. Trouble. Sadness. The alien. Refugees. Serious obstacles. Severe sickness or unemployment of long duration. Enemies. Enmity. Serious loss. Prison. Epidemics. Illness restrictions. Ugly habits. Matters that are either put off or never finished. To be impoverished by sickness. Isolation through sickness. Damages to the crops.”

There’s certainly not much cause for optimism in that description!

But we can refine our understanding of what we can expect in the aftermath of this ominous solstice if we consider each of the activations of that Saturn/Hades midpoint.

Venus Implications

The eighth-harmonic Venus trigger of the Saturn/Hades midpoint at the time of the solstice is an indication of poverty, filth, illicit unions, and dirty alliances. It’s associated with premature births, miscarriages, and serious abdominal diseases. Personal interactions connected with this planetary picture can range from ineffective service to extremely unpleasant associations with vulgar or unscrupulous people.

The Aries Point Trigger

With the alignment of the Saturn/Hades midpoint along the cardinal axis of the zodiac, there’s an emphasis on the likelihood of plagues, epidemics and famine in the months following the solstice. The resulting loss of life can be so devastating that it could become difficult to identify the dead. Strangers, fugitives and refugees are in the spotlight. There’s a big potential for massive job layoffs and an increase in unemployment.

The Role of the Sun

The solar activation of the Saturn/Hades midpoint signals the potential for physical frailty and illness for prominent men in key positions. There’s also the possibility for grief and losses through rejection, a sudden loss of position, or arrest and imprisonment.

In the aggregate, then, this ominous solstice represents the potential for a major challenge to established political structures, to community consciousness, and to the general welfare of the world’s populations.

If we want to cling to high-minded ideas and lofty ideals in an effort to articulate a new state of consciousness in social structures and geopolitical opportunities, we need to prepare ourselves.

This ominous solstice is stern reminder of the serious work that lies ahead.



Law of 90 Could Limit Your Trading Success

Law of 90 Infographic

It’s the Law of 90.

It’s not about a heat wave.

It’s not the new mandatory retirement age.

It’s not even a speed limit – although it can certainly feel like one, especially if you’re trying to trade successfully in the stock or futures markets.

You may not have heard about it before.

In a way, that’s really not too surprising.

Even if it has affected you directly, you may not have fully understood what was going on.

But the fact is, the Law of 90 is pretty important for you to know about, particularly if you plan to change your financial future through active trading.

Watch The Video About The Law of 90

I had been thinking about the Law of 90 – and its potential impact – when I decided to put together a brief series of introductory videos for beginners in astro-trading.

Discovering its reality in the experience of trading – and learning alternative ways of avoiding its negative effects – is critical.

It’s all a part of getting better results in the markets.

That’s why it belongs in this new series of brief training videos.

The post-production work has just been completed on the first video in this new series.

Given its subject matter, I’m especially eager to share it with you.

You can watch it here:

Get The Law of 90 Infographic

While you’re at it, take a moment now to download your personal copy of the Law of 90 Infographic – it’s free!

Law of 90 Infographic

Get your personal copy of the new Law of 90 Infographic.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the infographic now.

What About You?

And be sure to leave me your comments below this post. I’m really eager to her your feedback. AndI know other readers will benefit, too.

What have your individual experiences been?

Have you personally been a victim of the Law of 90?

If so, have you been able to come back since then and trade successfully? If that has happened for you, what made the transformation possible?

Or did the Law of 90 do you in completely?

Have you given up on the markets altogether?

Let me know!

Mars-Saturn Showdown Looms

The Mars-Saturn opposition coming up on May 29 is an event that we’ll be watching closely.

It has market-moving potential.

For that matter, though, all Mars-Saturn alignments are worth keeping an eye on.

These two planets are the Lesser and Greater Melefics of classical astrology.

Traditionally they were the Bringers of Bad Things.

Mars is about aggression. It’s conflict and acts of violence. It’s wounds, cuts, burns and injuries.

When Mars is doing its thing, you’ll want to avoid open flames and sharp objects.

Saturn, on the other hand, is about restriction and separation. It’s lack, poverty, and destitution.

Saturn enforces rules, imposes limits, and shuts things down. It teaches us important lessons. It insists on being taken seriously.

So a Mars-Saturn opposition is not something  to take lightly.

A Mars-Saturn Face-Off In The Markets

What’s interesting, though, is that Mars and Saturn don’t always act like malefics in the markets.

At least Mars-Saturn dynamics are not always extremely bearish.

In fact, they sometimes produce the opposite effect.

If the right supporting planetary dynamics are in play, a Mars-Saturn opposition can trigger an aggressive rally in U.S. equities markets.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for following the May 29 Mars-Saturn face-off.

As we close out May and move into early June, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Dow Jones Industrial Average get back into full-blown rally mode.

The same goes for the S&P 500 Index.

We may even see new all-time highs in both indices.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

There’s an important word of caution, however.

Don’t make assumptions about the impact of Mars and Saturn as they line up in their next opposition.

Mars-Saturn in FinancialCyclesWeekly

As the page 1 article in the current issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter details, our back-testing has shown that we can expect different responses in different markets.

Make sure you’re matching your forecasts and projects to the market you’re trading!


Trump Transits Trigger Market Plunge

The Trump Transits giveth, and the Trump Transits taketh away.

They brought us a huge rally after the election.

But now they’ve changed their tune. Is an unprecedented crash in the works next?

Trump Transits Spell Trouble

The Current Trump Transits Spell Trouble for the Markets

As I highlighted last week in a special webinar session, we can expect to see ever-more extreme market reactions.

Those reactions, I suggested, are due to U.S. President Donald J. Trump and his bizarre behavior.

The session focused specifically on What’s Behind The Huge Horoscope Threat To Donald Trump.

Let’s face it.

The influence of Trump can’t be ignored.

And today, with the Trump Transits in full swing, it was awesome.

We saw surging political instability trigger wild selling in the markets.

It was a blood bath.

The Dow Jones Industrials were down 372.82 points, for a net decline of 1.78%

The S&P 500 Index took a 43.64-point nose dive, giving up 1.82% in a single trading session.

The NASDAQ Composite got clobbered with a spectacular loss 158.63 points, dropping by 2.57%.

And the Russell 2000 took the booby prize with a loss of 38.79 points, for a net plunge of 2.78% for the day. That drop was big enough to put the Russell into negative territory for the year to date.

Trump Transits In Full Swing

Not a good day, any way you look at it.

But what’s chilling here is Donald Trump’s horoscope.

It’s really being whacked right now.

And there’s more.

Looking at the chart for the Justice Department is amazing, too!

Did you know the Justice Department is going through a Saturn Return?

That’s a stressful thing for individuals, of course. And it isn’t very pleasant for governmental organizations, either.

We got into all that, and a lot more, during the webinar.

I’ve just been reviewing the recording of that event. And as is so often the case, it leaves me in awe of the true power of astrology!


Mother Of All Bombs Brings Vulcanus To Afghanistan

It’s the Mother Of All Bombs.

That’s the military slang for the enormous MOAB.

Aside from nuclear weapons, i’s the biggest, most destructive attack device in the possession of the U.S. armed forces.

Mother Of All Bombs

MOAB – The Mother of All Bombs

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, commonly known as the Mother of All Bombs, is a large-yield conventional (non-nuclear) bomb, developed for the United States military by Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

At the time of development, the government touted it as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed.

And yesterday, on April 13, with President Donald Trump’s escalation of the conflict in Afghanistan, the need for a big public relations move resulted in the first-ever use of this enormous weapon in a combat situation.

Politics aside, the gigantic explosion was a huge media success. They love being able to talk about this dramatic use of the Mother of All Bombs.

Nowhere To Go But Nuclear

In terms of military strategy, it may have been effective in removing some key cave hideouts used by ISIS in its ongoing guerrilla operations. Initial reports from Afghanistan indicate that between 35 and 82 Islamic State fighters were killed by the bomb blast. There have been no definitive reports of the damage to facilities and equipment.

But one key question remains. So what happens next?

Isis is unlikely to get scared and run away, no matter how much damage was done by the Mother of All Bombs.

And if the U.S. military wants to use something even more powerful in a future escalation, there’s another problem. They have nowhere to go but nuclear.

How Much Is The Mother of All Bombs?

This massive explosive device doesn’t come cheap. According to The Fiscal Times, the “Mother of All Bombs, is a 20,000-pound monster. It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million.” So it only takes a few of them to justify big increases in the U.S. military budget.

The big explosion didn’t help Wall Street, though. Prices continued to move lower after the event. Stocks closed at their lowest levels since mid-February.

It’s now clear that geopolitical events – and the astrological dynamics behind them – are once again a big factor in the markets.

What was most interesting astrologically, though, was the timing of the event.

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, yesterday was a direct station by the transneptunian Vulcanus.

Vulcanus On Display

I described it as expressing “an offer you can’t refuse” in that post.

I pointed out that Vulcanus represents “dynamic energy at the extreme” and “coercion by the highest authority, in the most emphatic way.”

If the Mother of All Bombs doesn’t show those traits, what does?

Mother Of All Bombs Horoscope

The horoscope for the dropping of the Mother Of All Bombs in Afghanistan.

And to underscore the Vulcanus connection, the timing was important, too.

The Mother of All Bombs was dropped at 7:32 p.m. Afghanistan Time.

That was exactly 4 hours and 15 minutes after the Vulcanus station.

Transneptunians, anybody?

A Vulcanus Offer You Can’t Refuse

Too many astro-traders forget about Vulcanus.

In fact, they don’t even think about it at all.

That’s true of all the transneptunian factors, of course.

And most of the time the snubs aren’t really meant to be insulting.

They’re just an act of ignorance.

Who Cares About Vulcanus?

After all, who’s paying attention to Vulcanus in the first place?

And what the heck does it have to do with the markets?

So who really cares?

For most astro-traders (and for most astrologers, too) transneptunian factors feel like they are entirely optional.

Take ’em or leave ’em.

Do as you choose.

But with Vulcanus it’s especially treacherous to look the other way.

It doesn’t like to be ignored.

It’s an authoritative planet. It’s associated with dynamic energy at the extreme.

It represents coercion by the highest authority, in the most emphatic way.

In short, Vulcanus is truly a power planet.

Moving Very Slowly

Except for Poseidon, it is the outermost of the transneptunians.

It has an orbital period of 663 years.

That means Vulcanus moves forward through the zodiac at the excruciating rate of just 32.5 minutes a year.

It’s currently in the final degree of the sign of Cancer. It’s been hanging around that zone for the past three years.

But prior to now, the last time Vulcanus visited that part of the zodiac was in 1353-1355.

That was more than 500 years before the American Civil War.

For that matter, it was before America itself. It was before Columbus or the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.

It was before Shakespeare. Geoffrey Chaucer was only ten years old.

In 1354 Giovanni Boccaccio had just published The Decameron.  The English were resuming the Hundred Years’ War after taking a brief break because of the decimation caused by the Black Death.

So it was a very long time ago.

Vulcanus Today

So why is Vulcanus important to us today?

To start with, it’s emblematic of over-the-top extremes of power and forcefulness.

That’s a theme currently on full display in domestic affairs, cultural discourse, and geopolitics. Power struggles are the order of the day,

In that sense, Vulcanus is Marlon Brando.

Not The Wild One Brando, or the Brando in On The Waterfront or A Streetcar Named Desire.

Brando Vulcanus Godfather

Marlon Brando expresses the epitome of Vulcanus energy in The Godfather.

It’s Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film The Godfather.

The genteel one who talked about making “an offer you can’t refuse.”

Since Vito Corleone was a mafia don, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what that generous offer was really all about.

And so it is with Vulcanus.

Times of Special Emphasis

Let’s face it.

We all have to deal with Vulcanus every day.

It’s there in our natal horoscopes and our First-Trade charts. It’s in the horoscopes of countries, market indices, and NGOs.

But there are a couple of times each year when Vulcanus takes on extra strength.

Those are its planetary stations. The times when it goes retrograde, and the times when it returns to direct motion.

And while it typically exerts a lot of power in moving the markets, at stations it really throws its weight around.

With a Vulcanus direct station on April 13, that’s worth looking at.

Vulcanus Direct Dial

Vulcanus Direct Station – April 13, 2017

Its direct stations tend to be slightly bearish for the S&P 500. They bring lower prices about 46% of the time, and fall within 3 daily bars of an isolated high 59% of the time.

That’s also characteristic of the direct stations and the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong. They bring lower prices about 47% of the time, and fall within 3 daily bars of an isolated high 60% of the time.

For the Dow Jones Industrial Average, however, the direct stations tend to be fairly bullish. They signal price reversals to the upside about 41% of the time, and fall within 3 daily bars of an isolated low 70% of the time.

But no matter what market we’re trading, we need to watch this Vulcanus direct station.

After all, i’s making us an offer we can’t refuse.