Where Is Tim?

“Where is Tim?” was the question Larry Pesavento was getting every day.

“You cause me more trouble than any of the guests that I have!” he exclaimed as we began our interview yesterday on his Trade What You See program on TFNN.

I laughed. What else could I do?

I was a little nervous.

But as it turned out, Larry Pesavento’s complaint was actually based on a positive event.

It seems that I had been attracting a lot of attention during my recent appearances on his show.

The Question Was: “Where is Tim?”

Larry explained that he had been getting steady calls and emails from his listeners.

“Every single day, they’re saying ‘Where is Tim? Where is Tim?'” he reported.

Apparently his fans are rapidly getting tuned in to the enormous market power of the astro-trading advantage.

They’re becoming aware of the fact that it offers something different.

And they’re learning that astrology-based forecasting can add incredible accuracy to timing effective trades.

They want more astrology. And they want to know what’s coming up next in the markets.

It all started with a visit I had shared with Larry in an interview on his show near the end of December.

The astro-cycle forecast we discussed then turned out to be spot-on in its accuracy.

Updating The Forecast

During our time together yesterday, we updated the forecast.

Where Is Tim - Alternate Cycles

Alternate Astro-Cycle Projections

We took a look at alternate cycle projections.

I also discussed the roots of our methods in Uranian Astrology and in the work of W. D. Gann.

And we talked about cold soup and wilted salads!

Here’s the complete interview from yesterday’s program:

By the way, we had a really big crowd for the free webinar on What’s Working Now In Astro-Trading.

It was live on Monday, February 18 – and we recorded the entire event!

CLICK HERE to watch the free recording now.



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Hidden Market Stress Point

There’s a hidden market stress point coming up that we need to pay attention to.

As astro-traders, we are continuously looking ahead toward upcoming planetary phenomena that have the potential to impact market behavior, providing us with trading opportunities.

Most of the time those phenomena are ones that we see repeated with some regularity: solar and lunar eclipses, planetary stations and ingresses, and aspect alignments of planetary pairs, especially those involving the outer planets or transneptunian factors.

But there are also times when we see hidden market stress points triggered by planetary configurations outside the realm of our “standard” expectations.

Mars, Neptune & Vulcanus Create A Hidden Market Stress Point

That’s what’s going on with the hidden market stress point this week.

During a recent scan of the 45º graphic ephemeris for the first few months of 2019, we spotted a planetary cluster on February 14. It included Mars, Neptune, and Vulcanus all coming together in an eighth-harmonic alignment.

Mars-Neputne-Vulcanus Hidden Market Stress Point

With a closer examination of the transiting planetary dynamics we found that the closest alignment of these three planetary bodies will be at 19:56 Eastern Standard Time on that date.

As shown on the 90º dial, this configuration appears with Mars and Vulcanus combined at the large red pointer, and Neptune in an eighth-harmonic position at the opposite side of the wheel.

This alignment triggers the midpoints for Moon/Mercury (emotionally charged communications) and Cupido/Admetos (destruction of alliances and associations).

The Mars/Vulcanus combination activated by Neptune is an indication of enormous amounts of effort being expended to create little or no results in a colossal waste of energy, with work coming to a standstill in an atmosphere of lies, paranoid thinking and delusional behavior.

We’re certainly likely to see circumstances like this play out in international affairs and domestic politics. We can also expect some reverberation in the markets as well, thanks to this hidden market stress point.

Mars Vulcanus Eighth Harmonic

Our back-testing chart shows just how disruptive waxing Mars/Neptune semi-squares can be on price trends in the S&P. This kind of action can create a very challenging trading environment, to say the least.

It’s also important that even though the planetary action will be in focus on February 14 and 15, the U.S. markets will be closed on Monday, February 18.

So it may be Tuesday, February 19 before we comprehend the full impact of this unusual alignment.

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Bitcoin Trading Channels

When I connected with Larry Pesavento yesterday for an interview on his Trade What You See program on the Tiger Financial News Network, we talked about bitcoin trading channels.

bitcoin trading channels

Mercury and Vulcanus were in alignment at the all-time high for bitcoin in December, 2017, and they still work to define bitcoin trading channels today.

We also talked about upcoming trends in the S&P 500 Index, SuperMoons, astro-meteorology, and a whole lot more.

Why Bitcoin Trading Channels Are Important

But the bitcoin trading channels were a key point in our discussion. They’re a favorite topic on TFNN.  especially since there’s so much continuing interest in cryptocurrencies.

That’s even more true among traders who are looking for quick profits from their market activity.

Many traders would prefer to see a return to the kind of speculative bubble we saw in late 2017. But paying attention to the trading channels can reveal equally strong opportunities.

All you have to do is be willing to trade along within the boundaries of the current trading channels. Then watch for breakouts, shifts and divergences.

Here’s a video recording of the complete interview with Larry Pesavento on February 1, 2019:

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Transneptunians in TradersWorld

The latest issue of TradersWorld magazine is out!

Issue 72, which is for February, March and April of 2019, is big. It boasts 162 pages of high-intensity articles on trading tools and techniques.

TradersWorld 72

TradersWorld is definitely the real deal – if you’re at all serious about trading success (whether or not you’re benefiting from the astro-trading advantage), you’ll clearly find a lot to like in the current issue.

There’s Eric Penicka on Harmonics and Periodicity in the Markets.

Dr. Barry Burns on Risk Management.

Lars von Thienen on Predictive Cycles.

Ron Jaenisch on Hidden Geometry.

Peter Goodburn on Elliott Wave Analysis.

Ray Merriman on Planetary Cycles in 2019.

D. K. Burton on W. D. Gann’s Use of Planetary Hours.

Andy Pancholi on Cycle Study Fundamentals.

Rande Howell on Mindfulness in Trading for Emotional Management.

And a whole lot more!

An Interesting Article

One particular article in the new issue of TradersWorld you may find interesting is one that I wrote. (I’m clearly prejudiced about this!)

It’s on “The Transneptunian Paradox and Precision Timing In The Markets”.

In it I explore the use of Transneptunian positions as static fields in First-Trade horoscopes for intra-day market timing.

The results are pretty exciting.

CLICK HERE to get a free copy of Issue 72 of TradersWorld. You can get it as an instant pdf download.

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2019 Strategies For Business Success

What are the best 2019 strategies for success in your business?

You want to bring in more money, of course. If you’re in business, you’re always looking to boost sales and revenue.

But what if you want more than that?

What if your business has a higher purpose, beyond the bottom line?

What if you’re trying to support a cause or serve a need?

Express your creativity or save the planet?

What 2019 strategies should you be looking for then?

And what’s the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter?

It’s not unusual for some entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out in business, to get so embroiled in one specific problem that they become overwhelmed.

They suffer from a kind of tunnel vision.

It short-circuits real insights and solutions while breeding obsessive behavior as the struggle to regain control spirals into a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat.

Not good, to say the least.

But creating and managing a business doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. All businesses confront problems from time to time, but those problems can be overcome.

With sufficient data and a broad enough perspective, you can spot the big opportunities that come disguised as obstacles and challenges!

Anticipating Cycle Shifts

For more than 30 years, my work at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com has focused on business cycles and market trends. During that time, we’ve done a huge amount of research.

As a result, we’ve learned how to anticipate the big stresses and challenges that periodically confront all businesses, both big and small.

You and your business are no exception. And 2019 will inevitably bring you a lot of stress.

Whether you’re a brand manager at a Fortune 500 company, the CEO of a fast-paced smaller enterprise pushing to hit the $100 million-a-year revenue mark, or a soloprenuer who’s just getting started, the big challenges facing you in 2019 are remarkably similar.

And in every case, no matter what the size of your business is, you’ll have to determine exactly what your 2019 strategies are going to be.

2019 Strategies for Enlightened Entrepreneurs & Purpose-Driven Businesses

Needless to say, now is the time to figure that out.

The New Year is just days away.

And as I’ve been pointing out recently, we can expect big changes.

That’s why I made this quick video for you:

Enjoy! Then start getting your 2019 strategies together today.

Free Report Reviews 2019 Strategies for Susccess

You can download the free guide HERE.

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Market’s Best Day Ever

Today was the market’s best day ever.

For the bulls, it was a welcome relief from the relentless sell-off that has brought the major market indices to the brink of bear territory.

By the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had boomed forward by 4.98%, adding a whopping 1086.25 to finish the trading day at 22,878.41.

The S&P 500 followed suite. It gained 116.60 to end the session at 2467.70. That was a gain of 4.96% for the day.

The Russell 2000 Index matched that 4.96% bounce. It added 62.89 points to close at 1329.81.

And the market’s best day treated the NASDAQ especially well. The tech-heavy index was up 361.44 points. That represented a gain of 5.84% and a closing price of 6554.55.

The Market’s Best Day Matched Our Forecast Perfectly

Some traders, weary of the ongoing price decline of the past couple of months, may have been surprised by the rebound.

We weren’t.

In our members-only conference call with Financial Cycles Weekly Gold-Plus Elite members on Sunday, December 16, we specifically flagged this date.

According to  our cycle studies and astrological analysis, we had determined that December 26 has a 75% likelihood of bringing a higher close in stock prices.

Almost a slam dunk.

(I have to admit that I hadn’t actually anticipated that today would be the market’s best day ever. But with that 75% probability I felt quite certain that we would be seeing a rebound in stocks.)

Sharing The Forecast With Larry

When Larry Pesavento interviewed me on Monday, December 24, we talked about today as well.

I had pointed out we had just come to the end of a rare double retrograde cycle. The Venus retrograde which helped trigger the market sell-off had been followed by Mercury retrograde.

That dynamic ended Monday with Mercury’s retrograde return.

Larry  said that it was remarkable to hear a bullish voice. But he also noted that the astrological charts I shared confirmed his own analysis.

You can see the entire interview replay HERE.

So there was much to celebrate today.

Not just the market’s best day ever – but a great confirmation for financial astrology, too!

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Double Retrograde Discussion with Larry Pesavento

When Larry Pesavento interviewed me this morning, we had a chance to talk about the impact of the recent double retrograde phenomenon.

We also took a look at the upcoming trends in the equities markets.

We even got in a bird’s eye view of the cryptocurrency markets.

Interview Recording

Here’s the entire interview, featuring the double retrograde impact and a whole lot more. It was broadcast earlier today on tfnn.com internet TV:

Double Retrograde Effect

The first of the trading charts that we shared with Larry during our conversation this morning dealt specifically with the double retrograde alignment. That’s what has coincided so sharply with the market action overall.

Solstice Energies

As we’ve noted repeatedly during the past few weeks, the Winter Solstice has the potential for triggering a short-term rally in stock prices.

Astro-Cycle Projection Dates

We found further confirmation for short-term swing action to the upside when we looked at this astro-cycle trading chart.

Solar Eclipse Webinar

We think that the solar eclipse coming up on January 5 is going to have an unexpectedly strong effect on the globe as a whole. That’s why I’m doing a special free webinar on the eclipse on December 28.

CLICK HERE to register for this free event:


Come join the fun!

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Solstice Spirituality

Today is the Winter Solstice, with the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn for important market signals – and a source of solstice spirituality.

Solstice Spirituality In Chart

The Capricorn Ingress at the Winter Solstice as shown on the 90-degree horoscope dial.

The solstices and the equinoxes were extremely important to the pioneering astro-trader W. D. Gann, who focused on them as potential turning points in market activity.

They’re still worth tracking today as important market indicators.

And, with the U.S. equities markets currently in a dizzying downturn, we have every right to focus on the solar Capricorn ingress at this solstice as a potential setup for a trading bottom.

Back-testing the S&P 500 Index at the Winter Solstce.

Based on our back-testing of the S&P Index performance at previous solar ingresses into Capricorn, we actually anticipated a trend reversal at the end of last week. We were looking for the pre-solstice energy kicking off an early start to a Santa Claus rally.

No such luck.

What we’ve seen instead is a week of persistent bearishness. Stock trading this month is shaping up to be the worst December since the Great Depression.

High-End Rainmaker Clients

As is normal for this time of the year, I’ve been spending extra time with my high-end clients.

These are the rainmaker clients who rely on regular coaching and consulting sessions to draw on my years of experience as they work to create more profitable and rewarding businesses. We develop unique strategies based on their specific goals and visions, so they get an enormous pay-off from our regular times together.

Around the end of the year, we naturally focus on the upcoming year ahead. We explore the actions that have the greatest probability of bringing them outstanding business results.

By the way, it was just that kind of engagement that led me to put together a brief report on Three Key Strategies For Business Success in 2019. The approaches it explores are especially appropriate for purpose-driven business and enlightened entrepreneurs, especially in the light of solstice spirituality. It’s available as a free download HERE.

My connection with my personal clients is tremendously rewarding for us both.

We get to share important insights. I provide major decision-making support services. We also typically have a lot of fun together as we toward more profitability and higher consciousness in their businesses.

And that’s not all.

A Link To Solstice Spirituality

For example, I got a WhatsApp message earlier today.

As a seasonal observation, one of those high-end rainmaker clients sent me a special greeting and a link to a recording of Manly Palmer Hall.  It got me focused on solstice spirituality.

As it turned out, that was exactly where my head needed to go today in the midst of market trepidation and geopolitical turbulence. So I want to give a special shout-out and word of thanks to Mikel for sharing that today.

Manly P. Hall, by the way, has long been a source of major inspiration for me both personally and professionally.

As the founder of the Philosophical Research Society, he contributed many amazing books and monographs  during his lifetime (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) that explored classical philosophy, ancient civilizations, world religions, and esoteric traditions ancient and modern. He was perhaps best known for his mammoth volume on The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

The recording, appropriately enough, is of a lecture that Manly P. Hall gave more than 30 years ago on the Winter Solstice.

It shares a lot of esoteric and astrological wisdom. As a source of solstice spirituality, it’s well worth listening to.

Check it out here:

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Bitcoin Buy Signal – Solar Cycle Swing Trade

When is a big bitcoin sell-off actually a bitcoin buy signal?

The plunge in bitcoin during the past few days has really been something to behold!

bitcoin buy signal chart

After three and a half months in a narrow trading range (which included a couple of failed rally attempts), the cryptocurrency has seen a quick series of serious price plunges.

Is This The End For Bitcoin?

Crypto skeptics have been quick to jump aboard the doom-saying bandwagon.

Nouriel Roubini tweeted: “With BTC down almost 80% from peak (from 20K to ~4K) & all other cryptocurrencies down 80% to 99% I rest my case that this crypto bubble went bust for good. I feel vindicated.”

Others attributed the bitcoin sell-off to the fallout from the contentious hard fork and the current hash power battle between Bitcoin Cash SV and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  On November 15, the price of BCH suffered a massive plunge, dropping from $450 to $270, with BCHABC also suffering significantly from the conflict.

As Roger Ver, a renowned cryptocurrency investor and Bitcoin.com CEO, said, “no one wins a war. Some just lose less than others.”

Why This May Be A Bitcoin Buy Signal

But even so, does this selling frenzy really mean the ultimate end for bitcoin?

Isn’t it just as likely that we’re seeing an important bitcoin buy signal instead?

A lot depends, of course, on exactly how we choose to interpret the current bitcoin price action.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Is this potentially a clear Bitcoin Buy Signal for Dedicated HODLers?

If you’re a HODLer, a dedicated fan of the cryptocurrency who’s committed to holding on for dear life in the midst of market chaos, it’s still important to understand the ways that cycle dynamics can impact bitcoin price action.

It’s not about buy-and-hold as a general principle and long-term strategy. It’s also about increasing your potential returns from the markets based on a clear set of ego-driven needs.

In other words, the need to be right ranks pretty high on the list of HODLer priorities. But if that’s your alignment in the cryptocurrency market, this is definitely a time to buy.

Solar Cycles Create Bitcoin Buy Signal

But that’s not all.

Tim Bost with New Book showing bitcoin buy signal

When we were doing the research for our book on Bitcoin Astrology earlier this year, we paid particular attention to the planetary phenomena that can help set up potentially profitable bitcoin trades.

Because they have had more iterations than some other phenomena, we found that some solar cycles are particularly significant.

One of them is described on page 113 of the Bitcoin Astrology book: the Sun transiting from 29 degrees Scorpio to 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Based on the six previous examples of this transit during the trading history of bitcoin, we found that it has coincided with rising bitcoin prices 100 percent of the time.

In other words,  this is an extremely strong bitcoin buy signal.

Even more importantly, it’s a signal that applies right now.

At about 4:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time this morning (November 21) the Sun hit 29 degrees Scorpio, creating this bullish bitcoin buy signal.

The bullish transit will conclude at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

So, with bitcoin currently trading at about 4441.81 per US dollar, we’re entering a long position for a short-term swing trade, in spite of the big selloff that’s been underway for the past few days.

We’ll exit the trade late on Monday – and see how well this particular bitcoin buy signal performs this time around!





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Number Day Demonstrated Amazing Timing Techniques

We had our Number Day workshop last Friday.

It was truly a remarkable experience!

I was personally very glad that we were able to pull off the event at all. Just a couple of days earlier, Florida had been hit by Hurricane Michael.

That storm brought unexpectedly high levels of devastation in many parts of the state, but here in Palmetto we were spared a direct hit.

Even so, the hurricane provided some major disruptions to travel plans. Some folks who had planned to join us for Number Day weren’t able to make the necessary connections.

As a result, we had a fairly small group in attendance – but that wasn’t a bad thing at all.

It meant that we could spend some extra time providing individual attention, making sure that everybody was on track with the concepts and techniques we were discussing.

In-Depth Number Day Discussions

Those discussions that we shared on Number Day were what made the day so deeply rewarding.

Our focus for the day was Market Timing With Numerology and the Law of Vibration.

We were able to do a deep-dive into the esoteric meanings of numbers.

We talked about ancient Greek philosophers and about the breakthrough mathematical thinking of R. Buckminster Fuller.

Square of Nine

The W. D. Gann Square of Nine Wheel

We took a look at the Universal Clock and at W. D. Gann’s Square of Nine. They’re both great tools for examining number connections in the markets.

We got a richer understanding of cycles in the markets and cycles in the lives of individual traders, too. That was particularly valuable knowledge for anyone who wanted to activate the complete Trading Triad.

We even explored the work of Sydney Omarr and Carl Payne Tobey in developing the mysterious Thought Dial, and took a leap into intuitive number applications.

Practical Timing For Traders

Most of all, though, Number Day was about the specific application of numbers and number theory to market timing.

We used current market examples for a real-time, seat-of-the-pants demonstration of Gann methods and Power Number techniques.

The results were really exciting!

Number Day On Video

What really pleases me the most, though, is that we were able to capture the entire Number Day event on video.

All the lectures and presentations, all the discussions. The entire power-packed day!

Our plan is to release the video from the day on a set of DVDs, to make it easy for those who were unable to attend to get the full range of insights and information that we shared on Friday.

The DVDs on Market Timing with Numerology and the Law of Vibration should be ready for release in about 5 or 6 weeks.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you get the DVDs once they’re available:

Getting To Know Numbers: Key Tools & Techniques

  • Numbers: Ordinary, Practical & Mystical
  • Cultural Implications of Numbers
  • An Insane Endeavor
  • Defining Mathematics
  • W. D. Gann’s Arcane Work
  • Conversions and Correlations
  • Reduction To A Single Digit
  • The Essential Nature of Numbers
  • Number Quantity and Quality
  • Number Abstraction
  • Reduction By Decimalization
  • Numerical Macrocosms and Microcosms
  • Alphabetic Number Correspondences
  • Chaldean Numerology
  • Gematria and Conspiracy Theories
  • The Trading Triad
  • Understanding Yourself As A Trader
  • Name Expression Numbers
  • Life Cycle Numbers
  • Master Numbers
  • Gann’s Name Numerology
  • Fibonacci Ratios and Gann
  • The Numerology of Apple Computer
  • Mysteries of the Pythagoreans
  • Philosophical Meanings of Numbers
  • Practical Application of Pythagorean Practices

Vibrations, Cycles, and Harmonic Structures

  • Professional Basketball Players
  • Eratosthenes and Prime Numbers
  • The Law of Vibration
  • Going Beyond Astrology
  • W. D. Gann As An Astrologer
  • Getting In Sync with Market Cycles
  • Vibrational Fundamentals
  • Matching The Trader To The Cycles
  • Apple In depth
  • Establishing Resonance With The Markets
  • Mathematics and Numerology
  • The Answer To All Questions
  • Omarr and Tobey – Mysteries of the Thought Dial
  • Number Days in the Markets
  • The Real Importance of the Circle
  • Bucky Fuller’s Remarkable Insights
  • Making Your Own Abacus
  • The Prime Number 3 as a Special Case
  • Understanding Harmonic Structures

Power Numbers and Vibrational Dynamics

  • Understanding Gann
  • Pattern, Price and Time
  • Vibrational Patterns In Trading Ranges
  • Prime Numbers and Vibrations
  • When Stock Prices Take A Rest
  • Determining Support and Resistance
  • How Congestion Adds To Trading Power
  • The 50% Retracement Rule
  • Filling Trading Gaps
  • Vibrational Energies From Lows To Highs
  • The Zodiac As A Measuring Tool
  • Spheres and Great Circles
  • Decimalization of Zodiac Positions
  • Using A Pocket Calculator for Degree Conversion
  • Finding Market Prices In A Horoscope Chart
  • Planetary Movements That Drive Price Action
  • Applying Planetary Price Line Analysis
  • The Power Number Concept
  • Midpoints and Angular Relationships
  • Knowing Where To Look For Planetary Prices
  • Reviewing The Deductive Process

Gann Integrations, Advanced Power Numbers and Personal Cycles

  • Why Don’t We Follow The Rules?
  • The Dual Purpose of Back-Testing
  • The Biggest Trading Trap
  • Gann’s Rule For Losing Trades
  • Why Stops Are Vital In Trading
  • Internalizing Core Gann Concepts
  • Planetary Aspects and Market Power Numbers
  • Mirror Images of Power Numbers
  • Zodiac Equivalents For Degree Prices
  • Discovering Solstice Points
  • The Book That’s Impossible To Read
  • Astrological Analysis of Prices and Market Events
  • Sorting Stocks By Closing Prices
  • Finding Correct Highs and Lows In The Market
  • Your Personal Four-Month Cycles
  • Power and Clarity By Dividing The Year Into Thirds

The Universal Clock and The Square of Nine

  • Fibonacci Trader – Galactic Trader Software
  • The Universal Clock
  • Time and Price On The Clock
  • Calibrating Prices On The Wheel
  • Applying Calendar Dates To The Universal Clock
  • Discovering The Hours of the Day
  • Coordinating Compass Directions wit the Clock
  • Finding Trading Ranges on the Universal Clock
  • Planetary Confirmations of Current Trading Prices
  • The 0 Degree Aries Point In Price Calibration
  • Exploring Gann’s Square of 9
  • Harmonics on the Plastic Overlay
  • Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Rotation
  • Precision Printing For Gann Wheels
  • The Square of 12 versus the Square of 9
  • Running Down Rabbit Trails
  • Comparing the Square of 9 to the Universal Clock
  • The Squares of Numbers and Magic Squares
  • Gann’s Emphasis on 144
  • Price Limitations on the Square of 9
  • The Gann Wheel Triangle and Four-Month Cycles
  • The Grand Trine in U.S. History
  • The Deep End of the Swimming Pool
  • A Sacred Endeavor and a Sense of Wonder
  • Intraday Highs and Lows
  • The Square of 9 on Timing Solution
  • Applying Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence to the Markets
  • The Square of 9 in Galactic Trader and Other Software Programs
  • The Next Stage In The Adventure
  • Planetary Harmonics and Power Numbers at a Key Support Level
  • Using Planetary Price Lines with Factors and Harmonics
  • Trading Validation from Vibrational Patterns

UPDATE – November 21, 2018

The DVDs from this event are now available!

The first shipments will go out on Friday, November 23.

If you order before then, you can get a a pre-publicaiton discount.

But even if you miss that deadline, this set of 5 DVDs is really an incredible value. And it’s packed with information you won’t find anywhere else!

CLICK HERE for more details and ordering llinks.

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