New Book Arrival

Our new book has arrived!

Bitcoin Astrology is now officially in print.

The first copies have just arrived from the printing company, and I must say I’m impressed with the way the new book looks.

And it feels good to have a physical copy in my hands!

A New Book With New Ideas

Of course, the new book is also packed with great information. You’ll find plenty of great new ideas, too!

I’m particularly grateful for the contributions made by my co-authors – Bill Meridian, Goncalo Moreira, Christeen Skinner and Wendy Stacey.

Bill takes a look at a key transneptunian factor in bitcoin price trends. He’s also shared some his sunspot cycle perspectives on this blog in the past.

Goncalo is an expert at technical analysis. He uses Elliott Wave analysis and point-and-figure charting to add some keen forecasting perspectives.

Christeen brings her considerable expertise as a mundane astrologer to bear in looking at outer planet cycles and development of this new cryptocurrency.

And Wendy adds a long-term perspective with specific dates she’s looking for as critical points in future bitcoin trading action.

Trading Strategies and Key Horoscope Charts

You’ll also find tips on five astrological strategies for trading bitcoin. On top of that, you’ll get the facts on key solar cycles and planetary signals for bitcoin highs and lows.

This new book also features more than fifty horoscope charts for key events in the history and development of bitcoin.

You’ll find the charts for major events within the blockchain itself, of course.

But you’ll also find records of arrests and court decisions, magazine articles and bankruptcies, and a whole lot more.

You’ll get an important sense of the historical flow of bitcoin when you look at these remarkable horoscopes.

I think you’ll really be surprised at some of them!

In short, Bitcoin Astrology is truly an incredible value. You’ll want to have it handy if you’re looking at trading bitcoin

You’ll also want a copy if you just want to explore alternative economic realities in the 21st century.

You can get your copy now on – or you can go directly to the publisher and order there.

When you read it, be sure to post a review on Amazon. Then leave your comments here!

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Larry Pesavento Talks Astrology

Larry Pesavento is a remarkable guy.

He’s a top-performing commodities trader and market analyst.

He’s also a trainer of traders.

And a few decades ago, Larry Pesavento wrote a couple of extraordinary books detailing his explorations into the application of astrology in trading.

But even though he’s incredibly knowledgeable in astro-trading, he doesn’t claim to be an astrologer.

In fact, he emphatically denies it!

Larry Pesavento On The Radio

So I was particularly delighted when Larry Pesavento invited me too be his guest on his syndicated radio program, Trade What You See.

I joined him there last Monday, on April 9.

And thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve been able to get a copy of that interview – along with the video feed that accompanied it.

Here’s the segment of Larry’s show that includes the interview:

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Twitter Attack On Amazon

Amazon has been in Trump’s tweeting cross hairs.

When U.S. President Donald J. Trump gets on Twitter, he’s typically quick to make bold statements and outrageous claims.

This week was no exception.

All-Out Attack On Amazon

Trump launched an all-out attack on, Inc. (NASDAQ-AMZN), erroneously accusing the online giant of paying “little or no taxes to state & local governments” and of abusing the U.S. Postal Service, thus “causing tremendous loss to the U.S.”

Amazon (AMZN)

In response to the Tweet Storm, the company’s share prices tumbled.

But what does all this brouhaha ultimately mean?

The AMZN First-Trade chart, shown here on the 90º dial, faced a big Saturn transit when Trump tweeted. Saturn activated Mars/Neptune (rejection and denial), and Cupido/Admetos (an attempt to ostracize someone from a community).

But Hades/Poseidon was also in play (a person in a state of mental disorder reveals deficiencies in education), and even though Saturn/Zeus heightens oppression and anxiety, it also signals persistence in the face of obstacles, and stressful events without lasting consequences.

This horoscope not only shows the president’s confused state, but also Amazon’s resilience when confronting obstacles. In short, it’s certain that Amazon will survive all the bluster from the White House.

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AstroCrypto Training Highlights Bitcoin

It’s bitcoin tme!

It’s official. Our new AstroCrypto Connection training program is now underway!

It’s not just about achieving success in the cryptocurrency space. It’s also focused on how to stay safe along the way.

AstroCrypto Connection Bitcoin Training

The students enrolled in this pilot program are participating in live webinars. We get together every Saturday.

And they’re not just guinea pigs!

Lots of questions are getting asked and answered. And we’re having lots of fun, too!

We’re recording the webinar sessions. Those recordings – along with the accompanying presentation slides and course hand-outs – will become the final version of this special training program.

Astrological Bitcoin Connections

I’m finding it fascinating to explore the ins and outs of bitcoin with this group. Our discussions have taken us in a lot of directions.

Some of the students and complete crypto newbies.

Others have had a lot more experience.

The combination is creating plenty of positibe synergy.

We’re breaking new ground, and the insights just keep coming.

But what makes it really rewarding is discovering all the astrological connections!

They’ll pay off over and over again in the future, both in understanding cryptocurrency dynamics and in identifying big trading opportunities for bitcoin.

I really think it’s the Next Big Thing!

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Warren Buffett’s Sensible Long-Term Strategy

While my personal approach to the markets is primarily focused on cycles analysis and transaction timing, i.e. “trading”, I also recognize the importance of longer-term market perspectives (“investing”) in reaching specific financial objectives. And when it comes to investing, no one can match the experience and acumen of Warren Buffett, the Chairman of the Board at Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

For the past half-century, Buffett has issued an annual letter to the company’s shareholders, reviewing the year’s financial results and sharing his homespun wisdom. Releases of Buffett’s letters are much-anticipated events.

Here are a few excerpts from Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire shareholders, which was released yesterday, on February 24, 2018:

Brains and Capital

“This is a business in which there are no trade secrets, patents, or locational advantages. What counts are brains and capital.”

“Charlie and I view the marketable common stocks that Berkshire owns as interests in businesses, not as ticker symbols to be bought or sold based on their ‘chart’ patterns, the ‘target’ prices of analysts or the opinions of media pundits. Instead, we simply believe that if the businesses of the investees are successful (as we believe most will be) our investments will be successful as well. Sometimes the payoffs to us will be modest; occasionally the cash register will ring loudly. And sometimes I will make expensive mistakes. Overall – and over time – we should get decent results. In America, equity investors have the wind at their back.”

Mob Fears and Enthusiasms

“Though markets are generally rational, they occasionally do crazy things. Seizing the opportunities then offered does not require great intelligence, a degree in economics or a familiarity with Wall Street jargon such as alpha and beta. What investors then need instead is an ability to both disregard mob fears or enthusiasms and to focus on a few simple fundamentals. A willingness to look unimaginative for a sustained period – or even to look foolish – is also essential.”

Understanding Risk

“Investing is an activity in which consumption today is foregone in an attempt to allow greater consumption at a later date. ‘Risk’ is the possibility that this objective won’t be attained.”

“It is a terrible mistake for investors with long-term horizons – among them, pension funds, college endowments and savings-minded individuals – to measure their investment ‘risk’ by their portfolio’s ratio of bonds to stocks. Often, high-grade bonds in an investment portfolio increase its risk.”

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Getting Ready For The Solar Eclipse

It’s almost time for the next big solar eclipse.

As usual, I’ve been working on an in-depth analysis of its potential – both for the markets and for the broader arena of geopolitical concerns.

The results are now in print!

Our new book, Surprising Alliances: Eclipse Effects In Markets & Geopolitics, is now in print.

You can order copies directly at

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Timer of the Year for 2017

It’s always nice to know when you’re doing something right.

At we get a lot of confirmation about that – mainly through the astro-trading results we get on a regular basis.

We’re consistently profitable, and we regularly out-perform the major market averages.

But it’s also cool when our forecasts are right.

I just got confirmation of that when I learned that Timer Digest has just named the 2017 Market Timer of Year.

That publication did a cover story on our service a couple of years ago.

Since then we’ve regularly been ranked in the Top 10 long-term market timers.

So I was eager to find out the results for 2017.

A Tie For Timer of the Year

This year’s award is a little unusual.

Several of the market timers the publication tracks were in an exact tie for first place.

Including us!

Naturally, I’m proud of this accomplishment.

And even though it was a tie, based on the results last year, it looks like we’re as good as it gets!

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Our 2017 Astro-Trading Track Record

Our 2017 astro-trading track record is in.

It was definitely a good year, especially compared to the major market indices!

Of course, it was also certainly a positive year for the equities markets as a whole.

The blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average was up by 25.08% for the year, and the Standard and Poors 500 Index rose 19.42%. It was the best year for both indices since the start of President Obama’s second term in 2013.

The tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite gained a huge 28.24% in 2017, and even the broad-based Russell 2000 Index posted a significant gain of 13.14%.

The Trading Track Record at Financial Cycles Weekly

All of that positive action paled in comparison, however, to the performance of our astrologically-based Model Portfolio at FinancialCyclesWeekly.

The astro-trading advantage brought us a solid return of 33.40% for the year.

While this wasn’t our best year ever, it offered us a reminder that if you really want to be successful in trading, you’ll add astrology to your market timing!

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Add Your Bitcoin Astrology Comments

Bitcoin Astrology Is Heating Up!

It’s no surprise to see bitcoin in the news, especially considering the absolutely amazing price run-up the cryptocurrency has seen during the past couple of months.

But what does it mean for us as astro-traders?

Share Your Bitcoin Astrology Views & Experiences

If you’ve got some background in astrology, and if you’re interested in bitcoin, please take a couple of minutes to share your views on bitcoin astrology.

CLICK HERE to take a quick bitcoin astrology survey.



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SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde

As you may have heard, it’s a SuperMoon Mercury retrograde.

We go through three Mercury retrograde periods each year, with each one lasting about three weeks.

So dealing with Mercury retrograde is not a rare event.

Based on years of practical experience, if we’ve astrologically savvy at all, we’ve learned how to accommodate those times when Mercury is retrograde.

We expect a little more confusion and misunderstanding in our personal communications. So we try to be more forgiving of others and of ourselves as well.

We allow a little extra time to get to appointments.

We double-check the math in important transactions and proofread written documents more carefully.

As astro-traders, we learn to take the Mercury retrograde experience in stride. We stay alert by adding some extra caution to our trade execution and money management, and double-checking our market analysis along the way.

S&P SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde

The SuperMoon Mercury retrograde station produced a dramatic trading day in the S&P 500 index. We’ll be watching the planetary price lines for Mercury and the Sun during the coming weeks.

But the current Mercury retrograde is strikingly different. In fact, it represents a fairly rare occurrence from an astrological perspective, thanks in large part to a specific lunar factor.

The First SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde In Nine Years

For the first time since January 2009, Mercury has made a retrograde station on exactly the same day as a SuperMoon Full Moon, with the lunar perigee pumping up the power of the syzygy and adding to the overall tension of the Mercury station.

SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde Kronos-Admetos

The SuperMoon Mercury Retrograde station midpoint is made even more powerful because it triggers the powerful Kronos/Admetos midpoint.

As the 90-degree dial shown here reveals, the midpoint between the SuperMoon and the Mercury station is also a hot spot.

It activates the Kronos/Admetos midpoint, so this is a time when leadership will be challenged. We could see the collapse of governments, the removal of national leaders, and a shuffling of leadership in market sectors as well.

In other words, while any Mercury retrograde period can skew the markets, this particular one may prove to be particularly important!

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