Partnership Wealth Strategies

Partnership is a big concern.

It can have a huge personal impact. It has a critical role globally.

Connections matter.

That’s true whether you’re trying to accumulate wealth and expand your horizons, or whether you’re protecting your wealth and well-being.

When we consider partnership, our perspective is usually too narrow.

We think of intimate committed relationships like marriage.

Or we consider business partnerships, often with the assumption that they’re meant to be permanent, too.

Expanding Partnership Dimensions

partnership handshake

But there’s more to effective partnership than just long-term commitment.

In fact, there are three big considerations that impact the success of our partnerships in significant ways.

We need to pay attention to all three.

How Well Can You Read People?

All partnerships start somewhere. There’s a first meeting.

It may be a chance encounter. It may have been planned and structured.

But it’s a beginning, and it brings one core question: can I trust this person?

You may be good at reading people. In fact, you may know instantly who you should connect with. You may instinctively know when to walk away.

But if you’re not good at reading people, it can be a problem. Your partnership prospects can suffer.

Connecting and Communicating

Once you’re in a partnership, the biggest concern is communication.

You may have good intentions. But you may also have bad habits.

No matter how you’d like things to be, you need to be able to connect and communicate.

That’s ultimately what keep any partnership together.

It’s especially important when there are breakdowns in partnership communication.

Matching vs. Making

Whenever partnership questions arise, the question of compatibility comes up.

That’s often a question that I address with my private coaching clients.

Most frequently, it’s in an astrological context.

“I’m a Pisces, and I’m dating a Sagittarius. Is that a good match?”

But real partnerships require making. Not just matching.

There are many nuances to positive partnership, of course.

That’s one of the things I help my clients with. It always proves to be rewarding.

For more ideas on partnerships wealth strategies, watch this video:

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