Solar Eclipse Trading Webinar

We had a capacity crowd at last night’s webinar on “How To Trade with Eclipses” – the event ran for about an hour and 20 minutes, but just about everyone stayed until the end, and I got some great questions emailed to me afterwards.

I’ve also gotten a lot of requests for access to the replay recording of the session, but the website with that video has been behaving quite strangely this morning (I guess we can blame that on the fact that we still have Mercury retrograde in play).

So, because the big solar eclipse is coming up tomorrow, and since I don’t know how long the main website will be down, I thought I’d get the replay posted here as well:

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2 Responses to Solar Eclipse Trading Webinar

  1. Hal Martin says:

    Thank you very much for posting a replay. I was unable to attend due to emergency.

  2. Marilyn Hughes says:

    thanks for replay post. this eclipse falls at midpoint of my natal neptune and mars in VII. it relates to Oct 25, 1995 per saros cycle, right? i was sandwiched in a five car pileup -1 days after on Nov 5, 1995, very seriously injured, sustained concussion & spinal injuries still unresolved, almost killed. is this same influence up? last year, nov 26, 2013, i was almost mrudered, seriously battered by a deranged stranger who broke my right forearm in 2 places, over a parking spot. chart showed activation of natal neptune mars midpoint 11 days after transiting saturn conjuncted my natal mars, 11 scorpio, cusp of VIII. it appears mercury transit to saturn triggered it. is there any way to prevent personal physical calamity and consequent financial losses such as these events have imposed. i enjoyed your class in miami, appreciate your sharing.

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