First-Trade Vulcanus Brings Big Trading Profits

Like the other transneptunian factors, First-Trade Vulcanus can be worrisome.

But there are times when these so-called “hypothetical” planets give us valuable information as astrologers and astro-traders.

This is true even though they may not have been sighted with telescopes yet.

It’s true even though they may be widely ignored in conventional astrological textbooks.

They clearly define power points and hot zones when we add them to our astrological calculations.

They provide important perspectives when we include them in our horoscope charts.

A Practical Example

For example, consider the transneptunian factor Vulcanus more closely. It takes 663 years to make a complete passage through the zodiac.

It covers about the same amount of celestial territory in a year that Mars covers in a day.

In short, Vulcanus is slow from our earth-bound perspective. But it’s very important for us as astro-traders.

First-Trade Vulcanus As A Sensitive Point

If we look at Vulcanus as a sensitive point in a First-Trade horoscope, and then watch the impact of transiting planets aspecting that sensitive point, we can get critical insights.

We are often likely to see First-Trade Vulcanus lending its enormous power to a profitable move in the markets.

MTSN Uranus & First-Trade Vulcanus

Because we were able to identify the upcoming square between transiting Uranus and First-Trade Vulcanus in advance, we were able to enter the trade early enough to get a more profitable return.

In a recent trade of Mattson Technology, for example, an aspect from transiting Uranus to the MTSN First-Trade Vulcanus opened up a big rally. Prior to that, the stock that had been struggling to come off a trading bottom.

The result was a profit of nearly 10 percent in just 25 trading days.

A return like that makes a big difference. It’s quite clear that it’s worth the extra effort to include all eight transneptunian factors in our charts.

They can turbo-charge the results of our astro-trading.

You can see a 7-minute video describing this Vulcanus effect during this trade, along with a description of the overall trading strategy involved, at:

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