Total Eclipse Is Just The Start

There was lots of hoopla in the media today, just as we thought there would be.

Watching the BBC was especially fun, with its video footage of amazed eclipse-watchers in northern Europe.

The total solar eclipse earlier today certainly was an amazing event.

Today's total eclipse of the Sun caught everyone's attention!

Today’s total eclipse of the Sun caught everyone’s attention!

It was also noteworthy because it came just hours before the Spring Equinox, adding to its force and significance.

If you were in the U.S., though, you didn’t get to see it live. This total eclipse was visible throughout Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, with especially good viewing in Greenland and Iceland.

But no matter where you happened to be today while the total eclipse was taking place, this was still a very important occasion.

Not just in terms of the total eclipse being an eye-catching celestial event, but from an astrological perspective as well.

In fact, the astrology associated with today’s total eclipse is so significant that Jim Cummins and I have made it the subject of a new 159-page e-book.

The total eclipse of the Sun at the Spring Equinox is a major event for the world.

The total eclipse of the Sun at the Spring Equinox is a major event for the world.

It’s called Global Game Change: Power and Profits at the Equinox Eclipse, and it’s already been getting rave reviews.

In it Jim and I take a look not only at the dynamics of the total eclipse itself, but also its potential impact across the world.

I focus mainly on the historical precedents for this total eclipse, and on the effects we can expect to see in the stock and futures markets, in currency trading, and in core economic structures.

Jim Cummins is an expert mundane astrologer, so his focus is on the geopolitics involved – and wow, does he have some incredible insights! The in-depth research he put into this new book is staggering to say the least – but the bottom line is that you’ll find insights here you simply won’t get anywhere else.

What Really MattersĀ About The Total Eclipse

There’s one thing you don’t want to overlook – the effects of this total eclipse are not over yet!

In fact, we’re just getting started – and this new e-book is packed with dates that you can watch for eclipse effects for many months to come!

You can find out more about the book, and how you can get it as an instant download, by going to:

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3 Responses to Total Eclipse Is Just The Start

  1. Michael Correll says:

    First I saw of the Solar eclipse was the story about Polar Bear attacking man in tent in Arctic region.

    The bear was subsequently shot.

    I hate that. People always killing crocodiles and sharks that attack humans. Just don’t want to share the planet.

  2. Mark Mahoney says:

    Hi Tim, why the discount if it is such a good book? If you are doing it to help people, then why not price it at the lower price to begin with? Just curious – felt a bit like a sales tactic to me to show people a “discount” and get them to purchase?

    Anyway we can read a few pages from the book that we’d find helpful before we buy the book? That might be helpful to see if it is meant for any person. Just a thought.

  3. ragnar crusty says:

    too bad a croc doesn’t chew up bost for keep selling to the delusional his recycled eclipse reports

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