Transneptunians in TradersWorld

The latest issue of TradersWorld magazine is out!

Issue 72, which is for February, March and April of 2019, is big. It boasts 162 pages of high-intensity articles on trading tools and techniques.

TradersWorld 72

TradersWorld is definitely the real deal – if you’re at all serious about trading success (whether or not you’re benefiting from the astro-trading advantage), you’ll clearly find a lot to like in the current issue.

There’s Eric Penicka on Harmonics and Periodicity in the Markets.

Dr. Barry Burns on Risk Management.

Lars von Thienen on Predictive Cycles.

Ron Jaenisch on Hidden Geometry.

Peter Goodburn on Elliott Wave Analysis.

Ray Merriman on Planetary Cycles in 2019.

D. K. Burton on W. D. Gann’s Use of Planetary Hours.

Andy Pancholi on Cycle Study Fundamentals.

Rande Howell on Mindfulness in Trading for Emotional Management.

And a whole lot more!

An Interesting Article

One particular article in the new issue of TradersWorld you may find interesting is one that I wrote. (I’m clearly prejudiced about this!)

It’s on “The Transneptunian Paradox and Precision Timing In The Markets”.

In it I explore the use of Transneptunian positions as static fields in First-Trade horoscopes for intra-day market timing.

The results are pretty exciting.

CLICK HERE to get a free copy of Issue 72 of TradersWorld. You can get it as an instant pdf download.

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