Up To My Neck in Techie Stuff

I’ve been working pretty intensely with the technical people today, trying to get everything up to speed for tomorrow’s launch of the new training program on Astro-Trading Innovations 2013.

We’re trying to add live streaming video capabilities and some other enhancements to our webinar format, which involves lots of moving parts to be coordinated between our production computers here in Florida, the online video streaming service, the webinar hosting service, several websites, the auto-responder service, and a bunch of other stuff.

While I’m actually quite fascinated by the intricate way of it fits together (or at least by the way it’s SUPPOSED to fit together), I have to admit that I’m on the brink of overwhelm right now.

I’d like everything running smoothly by the time we have our first training session tomorrow evening, because this is going to be a very high-powered program, and I don’t really want any technical problems getting in the way. But even if we do encounter some glitches, the information in this new training is important enough that I’m sure we’ll be able to get past any snags we encounter.

We’ll see how it all works out….

By the way, if you haven’t signed up to join us for Astro-Trading Innovations 2013, there’s still time to get registered if you act fast. When I last checked, we still had 2 spaces left for participants (we’re strictly limiting the class size to allow for better interaction).

You can get the details at http://bit.ly/2013ATI

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