Uranus Station at the New Moon: Extreme Tides, a Market Turn, and Chilling Violence

For quite some time now I’ve been talking about the impact of the Uranus Direct Station at the new moon.

This powerful combination, I said, is packed with incredible force and it could be enough to bring the markets down, with the selling pressure starting on Wednesday, December 12, and continuing through the Winter Solstice.

And because of the Uranus station I also noted that we could expect times of high tension and increased violence as well, and also an amplification of tidal forces, seismic activity, and storm events.

As it turned out, we’ve seen extreme tides. Record high tides have been reported in some locations, and  the low tides here at the mouth of the Manatee River for the past couple of days have really been extraordinary.

Here’s a picture I shot from my balcony yesterday morning, with the tide so low it exposed wide mud flats and laid bare the roots of the mangroves along the shore line, which are normally under water, even at low tide times.

Low Tide on the Manatee River

In the markets, of course, the downturn started just exactly as I had expected, with the major market indices losing ground to finish up the week in negative territory.

And, I’m sad to report, the Uranus station also brought its share of violence. The elementary school shooting in Connecticut this morning stunned the nation. Tonight many are wondering about what triggered this senseless massacre, without being aware of the powerful effects of the astrological factors at work behind the scenes.

These are treacherous times indeed. The astrology makes that painfully clear.

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