About the Market Effects of Solar Eclipses

Today I got an excellent email from Matt, who asked:

“What effect did the Eclipse have on any market?  You are not too accurate in your analysis. What percentage do you think you really are in forecasting any market?”

His question Illustrates one of the biggest misconceptions about eclipses– the notion that we should be able to see their impact as the eclipses take place.

Actually, the key thing to understand about eclipses is that their effects are NOT limited to the date of the eclipse itself; this event sets up a resonant field which persists in it influence for at least 6 months, sometimes longer, and we look for specific triggers during that time frame as keys to market turning points.

Overall, this latest solar eclipse is expected to have an essentially bullish effect, but its impact is currently skewed a bit by the Mercury cycle, so the short-term market trends can be very misleading.

You’ll find more details & specific month-by-month forecasts in the new report on “The Solar Eclipse of November 2011: Its Impact on the Markets” .

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2 Responses to About the Market Effects of Solar Eclipses

  1. Jorge says:

    As I understand it, we long until the 8th.
    I understood well?

  2. Jorge says:

    Hi Tim.

    Raymond Merriman (mmacycles) does not appear to be too optimistic with respect to the future.
    He says: “the last three years (2012-2015) contains the 126-year Uranus-Pluto first quarter cycle”
    “When you look back in history. . . . the longest economic depression in the USA history occurred (1872-1878).”

    Also by the Jewish calendar that I’m not mistaken begin in March the next year by the Kabbalah represents them, “End of illusion.”

    I have to admit that Mr. is an excellent financial astrologer, so I thanked him to explain further in terms of big picture you’d expect for 2012.
    And looking at the Financialcyclesweekly, stand up for your S & P Long-Term for the entire 2012.

    I apologize, but I am an investor who likes to see more in the long term, because the day-trade is not me.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Note: If this is not the place to ask these questions, I apologize and would appreciate you let me know where

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