Emotional Resilience Makes A Difference

Emotional resilience.

We know it mainly by its absence.

When it’s not there, we can tell.

emotional resilience

Emotional Resilience Can Help Us Put Critical Pieces Back Together And Keep Ourselves Functioning In A Positive & Balanced Way

Because we may have trouble putting things back together.

We’ve gotten upset by something or someone. And we just can’t let the experience go.

Arguments and Victims

Maybe we’ve gotten swept up in an argument about politics.

We’ve had a confrontation with a friend or a family member.

And so we think we’re totally justified in feeling offended or victimized.

Even if we’re still feeling that way long after the incident is over.

We lack emotional resilience if we can’t forgive and forget.

If we hold a grudge too long.

If we keep feeling the anger.

And if we keep feeling the stress.

Or if we’re down in the dumps. And no matter what we try, we just can’t stop feeling depressed.

In all of those cases, we lack emotional resilience. We can’t bounce back.

We get stuck.

More Than Just Feeling Bad

An absence of emotional resilience can make us feel bad, of course.

Thanks to the mind/body connection, it can also impact our health.

Negative thoughts and feelings can be stressful in small doses, of course.

But when the tensions become a regular occurrence, there are often physical ailments, too.

We can get a headache.

Or an upset stomach.

Or even a full-blown case of the flu.

Because of short-term stress, there can be chronic long-term conditions as well.



Heart disease.

Emotional Resilience and Your Financial Future

And the challenges don’t stop there.

Your emotional state can impact your money, too.

Without emotional resilience your financial outlook can be bleak.

A negative attitude repels money.

That’s why being emotionally stuck keeps it away.

That’s why the ability to bounce back is so vital.

Changing Your Emotional Resilience

But you can change your emotional state.

And on top of that, you can strengthen your emotional resilience, too.

It’s a skill you can learn.

And once you learn it, you can master it.

You’ll find that experience rewarding. Even exhilarating.

But you may want some help along the way.

Because powerful coaching can speed your progress.

That’s why I’ve been reviewing key wealth strategies.

Because I’m here to help.

Check out this new video. Then send me an email or call if you’d like to explore some possibilities.

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