LinkedIn Meets The Planets

Maybe LinkedIn should have seen it coming.

Last week, on Groundhog Day, we had the closest approach to a Uranus/Pluto waxing square since the series of seven such events that ran between 2012 and 2015.

This time, the alignment hit LinkedIn hard.

The Wall Street analysts’ expectations for the quarterly earnings report from LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE – LNKD) were solidly optimistic. On average, they were anticipating fourth quarter revenues of $857 million and earnings of 78 cents per share.

When the company announced its results after the market closed on Thursday, February 4, it beat those expectations.

The quarterly report showed revenues of $862 million and earnings of 94 cents per share.

That performance wasn’t good enough for traders, however.

LNKD gapped lower at the opening bell on Friday, and after a wild day of trading, the stock closed at 108.38 for a loss of $83.90 a share (a 43.63% decline) in a single trading session.

Needless to say, it was the biggest one-day loss the company had ever experienced, and it amounted to a $10 billion plunge in market capitalization.

So what happened?

Beating Estimates Wasn’t Enough For LinkedIn

The market pundits said the sell-off was due to LinkedIn’s cautious guidance that reduced expectations for long-term revenues and raised concerns about uncertain currency exchange rates.

But the astro-traders who had been watching planetary influences and tracking the information on the LinkedIn First-Trade Data Sheet looked past those fundamentals and saw another story.

This week’s close-approach to an eighth Uranus/Pluto waxing square made its powerful presence felt by triggering multiple midpoint structures in the LNKD First-Trade horoscope.

LinkedIn 90-Degree Dial

This 90-degree dial for the LinkedIn First-Trade horoscope has the pointer positioned at the latest approach to the Uranus/Pluto waxing square.


The red arrow on the 90º dial for the LNKD First-Trade chart marks the fourth-harmonic position of the Uranus/Pluto alignment that took place last week.

Extra Trouble from Uranus and Pluto

That alignment activated the midpoints of Sun/Chiron, Poseidon/Node, Venus/Hades, Pluto/Apollon, and Saturn/Ascendant, adding up to a tremendous amount of stress on this stock. It set the stage for trading pressures to come.

LinkedIn Trading Gap

LinkedIn clearly responded to the alignment of Uranus and Pluto in the fourth harmonic, with a single-day plunge that resulted in a $10 billion loss in market capitalization.


Then LNKD made an intraday “correct high” on the Uranus/Pluto combination on Thursday.

It provided a clear confirmation that share prices for LinkedIn were immediately heading south.

After LNKD made that correct intra-day high on the Uranus/Pluto zone on February 4 (point “A” on the trading chart above).

The stock gapped down dramatically in response, taking the biggest dive in its entire trading history.

Note that when the closing bell sounded on Friday, February 5, LNKD had settled at 108.38 (point “B”), right on the next-lowest planetary price line combination tracking the tight alignment of Uranus and Pluto in the fourth harmonic.

Not The End Of The Story

It was a significant astro-trading event, to say the least.

But it’s not the end of the story for LinkedIn.

As the LinkedIn First-Trade Data Sheet reveals, there are other stressful times ahead for this stock during the coming months.

Stay tuned.

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