Here’s The Solar Eclipse Webinar Recording!

We had an incredible string of technical glitches, broken links, and other snags in getting our Solar Eclipse Webinar up and running today, but at least we did manage to get a reasonably good video recording of the event.

The webinar focused on the April 29 solar eclipse, of course, but we also touched on the S&P 500, Apple Computer (AAPL), Gold, BitCoin, the Yen, the geopolitical situation, successful trades, and a whole lot more, including a specific trading strategy that can be applied to any solar eclipse.

We also highlighted the huge amount of information that’s just been published in the new e-book on “The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets”, and gave away a great free gift– if you watch the recording, you can get the gift, too.

When you check out the recording, be sure to have a pen and paper handy. There’s a lot here that you’ll want to remember!

The entire recording runs about an hour and 10 minutes.

You can watch the video for our webinar on  “Profits in the Shadows – How You Can Prepare for the April 29 Solar Eclipse” right here:


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8 Responses to Here’s The Solar Eclipse Webinar Recording!

  1. Mark says:

    great show as always

    thanks for taking the time to share this vital information

    gold has been rising the past day or so going closer to the date which is unusual

    • timbost says:

      Thanks Mark!

      We’re keeping an eye on Gold as we move into the solar eclipse; the way I see it a move down that tests support at this point could provide a strong buying opportunity if you’re not too risk-adverse.

  2. Michael Correll says:

    Yes MAS seems to have mastered stealth technology with disappeared MH370.

    Other big news down-under are Australia, and I think NZ, winning it’s case against Japan on whaling in the ICJ.

    I don’t think Timor v. Australia for spying has been determined yet by the ICJ.

    Current debates are whether or not Australia, or at least Sydney and Melbourne, have a housing bubble. Harry Dent was out here recently and said we did have a bubble.

    The solar eclipse may have cast a shadow over West Australia where some senate ballots were lost and the WA Supreme Court determined a new state-wide vote had to be held. This gave Greens and mining billionaire Clive Palmer an extra seat each in the senate at the expense of micro-parties.

    • timbost says:

      Thanks for sharing these perspectives, Michael. We definitely need to keep watching that part of the world during the coming weeks!

  3. dan says:

    What !
    Nothing happened because of the eclipse

    • timbost says:

      “Nothing happened” wasn’t exactly true if you were in Australia or Indonesia!
      Take a look at the market impact at:

  4. thor1 says:


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