Tides, Cycles and the Next Recession

Is the next recession coming soon?

The news underscores the uncertainty in the markets.

There are huge daily swings in the major market indices.

It means great opportunity for savvy traders who have nerves of steel.

But for most of us it’s very confusing – and maybe a little bit scary, too!

Protecting Your Wealth

Whether your financial goal is a comfortable retirement or a capital legacy, there are challenging times ahead.

The Next Recession

You don’t have to be a genius to see that there’s a high probability of a recession coming up.

But there are questions about the probability of a big downturn in the economy:

What about the next recession?

When is it likely to happen? Are we looking at months, or years?

How long will it last? Will it be just a passing phase that’s soon forgotten, or will we confront stubborn economic resistance¬†for several years or more?

Just how big an impact will it have? Will we suffering badly, or will we eventually shrug it off as a minor inconvenience?

Those are some of the questions I’ve been pondering lately.

And I’ve actually had some quality time to do some pondering, which is incredibly important.

I’m in the middle of some down time on an island off the coast of South Carolina.

I’ve been getting some great rest, some wonderful food, good family company, and a great break from distractions.

So I’ve been looking at big picture concerns from a fresh perspective.

I’ve been watching tides, considering cycles, and contemplating the potential for another economic down turn.

Here’s a brief video that shares what I’ve been thinking about so far:

What do you think?

Does what I’m saying make any sense to you?

Have you got a personal story to tell about your experiences during a pulback in the economy?

Do you have specific ideas that might be helpful to others?

Leave me a comment, or share your own story here.

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